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Posted by Nate

How one word in a Chicago Tribune article changed the whole meaning of said article that was published first in the L.A. Times.  According to the Tribune the World is concerned not as much about the bloodshed but that not enough Israelis died in this conflict.  They just changed the position of one sentence and added one word.

LA Times, July 13.

Despite the concentrated attack, militants continued to fire rockets at a broad swath of Israel, setting off warning sirens in Tel Aviv and the coastal city of Haifa.  A teenager became the second Israeli civilian to be severely wounded in six days of fighting when two rockets landed in the city of Ashkelon.  No Israelis have been killed by the rocket strikes.

In Gaza, the death toll rose to at least 167, fueling international alarm over the casualty count.  The U.N. says the majority of the victims have been civilians. Seventeen members of one extended family were killed late Saturday when a home and nearby mosque were hit.  More than 1,000 people have been injured.

Chicago Tribune, July 14, Nation and World (page 11, Section 1).

I could not find this article online.  Maybe you will have better luck.

Israel Unleashes Strike on Gaza

Despite the concentrated attack, militants continued to fire rockets at a broad swath of Israel, setting off warning sirens in Tel Aviv and the coastal city of Haifa.  A teenager became the second Israeli civilian to be severely wounded in six days of fighting when two rockets landed in the city of Ashkelon.

No Israelis have been killed by the rocket strikes.  In Gaza, the death toll rose to at least 167, fueling international alarm over the lopsided casualty count.  The U.N. says the majority of the victims have been civilians.  Seventeen members of one extended family were killed late Saturday when a home and nearby mosque were hit.  More than 1,000 people have been injured.”

So in the opinion of the Chicago Tribune, the Israelis should turn off the Iron Dome defense system and let the Hamas rockets fall on the Israeli the satisfaction of the world and the editors of the Chicago Tribune.


Stick it to Obama!

Posted by Nate

Self defeating GOP politics.

Take this Obama!

The redneck "pledge of allegiance" to the Ignorant Stupid Idiots Society (ISIS)

Ignorance and racism

Yes! Keep medicare private!

We refuse Obamacare, this social Muslim medicine, even if our life depends upon it.  It is better to be fat, sick and free than to be a thin healthy socialist.  And take your Government's dirty hands off our Medicaid and Medicare!

Eat junk food only to show this black Muslim communist bitch, Michelle Obama, that you love freedom and you will not be enslaved by this “healthy” food because Obama adds stuff in this food that makes us slaves.

Polluting on purpouse

Freedom fighters

Follow the Constitution that says you can pollute with your truck as much as you want.

“Rednecks are now modifying their trucks to destroy the environment as much as they can all because they don't like Obama. You know, because somehow wanting to breath clean air is a liberal attack on freedom.

Don't believe a word these liberals are saying about the Climate.  They are just trying to scare us and take our trucks from us.  There is no “climate change” - the Constitution says that freedom-loving true Americans are exceptional and should not be afraid of any Climate.  That is why we have guns.

Gun crazy nation

Who needs science?

Science is a trick by liberals and socialist Marxists to enslave freedom-loving Americans.  These liberals want to put chips in our brains (good luck finding it) to control us, real patriots.  Science is for these sissy liberals.  We have our guns.

We real Americans will not allow any foreign immigrants to come to America and take over and destroy our way of life and take our jobs that we don't want because Mexicans should do it, not exceptional Americans like us.

We the ISIS, the Christians will fight for freedom for Christians from this oppressive socialist government.  And if you are not a Christian, too bad.  You not Christians -  you better get out of America.  Go to socialist Europe and watch them play this stupid game where they kick the ball with their feet all the time and for some stupid reason, call it football!

Freedom for stupid is dangerous.

Let Freedom Ring!


The Boys

Posted by Nate

This sinking feeling.

It is happening again.

My heart is heavy and mine age is weak; grief would have tears, and sorrow bids me speak."  Shakespeare.

Palestinians and peace.

Murdered foe being Jewish.

The children of Israel

Young boys

Gone.  Murdered.

So tragic, so familiar.

They are somebody's sons



A small sliver of Jewish history

The unending saga of an ancient tribe.

These boys, Jewish boys, are murdered for one reason.

Jewish fate

An ancient tribe

The eternal reason

They are Jews

These kids belong to a small, ancient tribe

A tribe that stands alone in the world.

Apart from the rest of humanity.

The Jews

We are a nation.

But much more than that

A religion

Jew contributed enormously to humanity

Albert Einstein

But much more than that

All major religions are based on ours.

But we are much more than that.

Jews changed humanity in many ways.

Their contribution to all aspects of civilization is vastly greater than their numbers.

Proud and brilliant people.

Jews survived, persevered.

They have seen it all.

A mighty Empire rising and falling to dust

Brutal oppressors come and gone.


Jews are killed for being Jews

Anne Frank

Concentration camps

And yet every time the Evil rises unnoticed by humanity

Every time Evil is trying to crush the Jewish tribe

While passive humanity is pretending not to see

The Jews survive and Evil is retreating.

But it is still there

Waiting patiently

Gathering strength, again

Feeding on human hatred, ignorance and greed.

In an unending cycle Evil rises again

Now in the Middle East

Three young boys

ISIS in the Middle east

Evil rises again

Their future taken from them

Brutally murdered for only one reason – being Jewish.

Israel is in mortal danger


Surrounded by evil that feeds on hate and ignorance

Another chapter in the long history of these unordinary people.

I am proud to be a Jew

And I know that the page will turn

Jews are resilient people.

Evil will go in hiding again

Waiting for the opportune time to rise again

And we the Jews will face it again

But as always envied and disliked by the world.

The Jewish fate.

Sad knowledge and optimism.


Pandora’s Box that “W” Opened.

Posted by Nate

America was lied into the Iraq war.

Some are evil. Some are stupid.

To begin with let me state the following:  I am convinced that Bush's administration committed an act of treason by pushing the United States into the criminal war and occupation of Iraq.

Greed and arrogant ignorance motivated these people who now have the nerve to blame the Obama administration for Iraq being torn apart by sectarian violence.

Balance of power in the Middle East.

There was a fragile balance of power for a while.  Iraq and Iran were at each other's throats.

With the reckless invasion and occupation of Iraq, the US broke the power balance and allowed the destabilization of the region.

And now the mess in the Middle East.

The mess that the British started by creating countries and borders without taking the nationalistic and religious differences into consideration.

Iraq with a 60% Shiite majority and Kurds as a semi-independent region but ruled by the Sunni minority .

Syria is an ethnic and religious patchwork.  Three quarters of the around 22 million Syrians are Sunni Muslims.  Alawites and Christians each represent 10 percent of the population.  On top of that, several hundred thousand Druze, Shiites and Yazidi also live in the country.

The reckless actions of the Bush administration invading Iraq and breaking the fragile standoff between the Sunnis and Shiites in the region created a vacuum of power and an opportunity for different groups to advance their agenda. 
Once the strongman, Saddam Hussein, was removed and the governmental structure dissolved, the long simmering religious animosity took over.  And currently the Sunni militias supported by Saudi Arabia advancing to Baghdad are establishing the Sunni region that includes part of Iraq and part of Syria.

So what now?  Restore the balance.

Shiites in Iraq are supported by Iran.  Sunnis are supported by Saudi Arabia and the rich Golf states.

Should the US use it's military?  To do what?  To support whom?

Who do we support?  And how?  Both sides!  The U.S. and it's allies should work with both sides making sure that neither side gets a clear advantage...but not direct military support.  Do it behind the scenes.  Use proxies.  Use diplomacy or whatever means possible. Quietly!  And don't let these chihuahuas like McCain and Graham change your course.  They will yap no matter what you do.

Iraq and Syria are not real countries and will break apart sooner or later.  The ISIS - - the so-called Islamic Republic is dangerous and should be controlled and defeated.  Iran and Iraqi Shiites will take care of this.

The goal is to push both sides toward some kind of agreement that will stop the violence but will keep them busy watching each other. 

Keep Sunnis and Shiites busy fighting each other.

The unending fight


Ten Commandments on Foreign Policy

Posted by Nate

Foreign policy basics.

Read them W. Don't just hold them!

Here I propose 10 Foreign Policy Commandments:

1.  Not every country is ready for a Western-type democracy.

2.  One cannot export democracy into another country or install it by force.

3.  You do not overstay your welcome.  Nobody likes foreign occupation.

4.  Do not be in a hurry to dismantle the existing governmental structure.  It is easy to break but very difficult to build.  You break it, you own it.  So you'd better plan how to fix it.

5.  Be careful who you give weapons to.  These same weapons may be turned against you in the future.

One example:  mujaheddin

6.  Do not install your puppet in charge of other countries.  People of that country will overthrow the puppet and you will be the one to blame.

7.  Maintain a strong military but use it as a last resort.  Be a leader, not a bully.

8.  Generals do not decide foreign policy – politicians do.

9.  Don't rush with declarations on whether a foreign leader should go or stay – your words may turn against you.

10.  Do not intervene unilaterally.  You and only you will be blamed for the problems and nobody will thank you even if you succeed.

In conclusion, I just want to suggest that world leaders try to understand human behavior and the development of societies.  So when there is a need to interfere, it will be done by following the natural flow of societal development and not against it.  This will help to achieve an acceptable outcome with maximum efficiency.



Posted by Horse


Putin's lies

Daily Wisdom

Just in the news: Going out of business sale!  Two for the price of one!  Ammo, guns, armored vehicles, even tanks!  Everything must go!  Cash only please.  Russian credit cards are not accepted.

MOSCOW—Ukraine’s interior minister says that three tanks have crossed into Ukrainian territory from Russia and were attacked by its country’s forces.

The Interfax news agency quoted Arsen Avakov as saying that a “column” with armored vehicles crossed from Russia through border control points controlled by pro-Russia separatists near the Dyakove village in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian side continues to insist that it's not delivering weapons to separatists - that separatists are buying their weapons at local businesses.

Yes, my friends.  The “sale of the century”.  By the way, in honor of Father's day, I have a small island called Manhattan for sale.  Cheap.


Ignorance is Trendy?

Posted by Nate


Downfall of knowledge.

American crossroads.

More proof that the human brain is shrinking.

“A quarter of Americans surveyed could not correctly answer that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around, according to a report out Friday from the National Science Foundation.”

The notion that the Earth revolves around the Sun had been proposed as early as the 3rd century BC by Aristarchus of Samos.

Nicolaus Copernicus published his theory in 1543.  It positioned the Sun near the center of the Universe, motionless, with Earth and the other planets rotating around it in circular paths modified by epicycles and at uniform speeds.

Meanwhile 5 centuries later there is a “Flat Earth Society” :

“Welcome to the Flat Earth Wiki, otherwise known as The FEW.  This website is dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that the Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax.”

So my friends welcome to the new Earth that is flat with the sun rotating around this pancake-shaped Earth.

After reading all this I just want to get to the edge of the Earth and jump from it.  For one reason to kill myself but, while I am falling from our flat Earth, I want to see the fool that holds up this stupid planet.

Flat earth society

Wow! I had no idea!


Neighborhood Watch

Posted by Nate

How to end the world's dependence on America.
Some are arguing that the US should get more involved in world affairs and be more active in keeping the peace around the world.  And I totally agree.  To a point.
US should not be the policemen of the world. That creates an unhealthy dependency. 
This US dependence should be reduced and eventually phased out.
The world population is growing and getting richer and should and can assume the cost and responsibility for international affairs. 
There is a difference between being a leader and being an enforcer.
Europe statistics.
GDP (current US$) - $16.66 trillion 2012
Population (Total) - $505.6 million 2012
It is very convenient for the EU to rely on the US.  It saves money and lives...less headaches and if something goes wrong you can blame America.
Here is an indicator of a totally inept European response:
“On May 8, Russia's only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, passed through the Netherlands' exclusive economic zone.  Although the Dutch Navy had spotted the Kuznetsov days earlier, it was unable to provide an escort for the Russian warship as it passed through their territorial waters.“
This failure of the Dutch to escort a Russian ship through its own territory underscores a wider failing within Europe to maintain a state of military readiness.  NATO members are meant to budget at least 2% of their GDP every year on defense spending, although only four member states reached that goal in 2013. 
The average defense spending of European NATO members fell from 2.5% of GDP between 1990 to 1994 to only 1.6% of GDP by 2013.  In comparison, the U.S.' defense spending remains over the NATO minimum at 4.1% of GDP.
Short-term profit over long-term security.
The recent crisis in Ukraine is a good example.  European businesses do not want a confrontation with Russia because it may affect the bottom line. 
So the Europeans let Putin do whatever he pleases right under their noses.
“The head of one of the biggest German engineering companies, Siemens, went to Moscow the week after the annexation of Crimea and met with Putin assuring him that they would continue a long term relationship with Russia.  And that was a signal to me that the German business community is clearly concerned about maintaining its investments and even broadening them in the future.”
Time to share the responsibility.
 “The former Solidarity leader(Lech Walesa) said that when he meets Obama in Warsaw, he wants to tell him that the U.S. should inspire and encourage the world into positive action.
 "The point is not in having the States fix problems for us or fight somewhere, no," Walesa said. "The States should organize us, encourage us and offer programs, while we, the world, should do the rest.  This kind of leadership is needed."
The U.S. military alliance with Japan no longer serves the best interests of either country.  Washington subsidizes Japan's defense at the expense of the American taxpayers.  That subsidy, which has amounted to approximately $900 billion (in 1995 dollars) since the early 1950s, is a powerful incentive for the Japanese to continue their free ride on this U.S. security guarantee.  And Japan's much-touted host-nation support of $5 billion a year actually pays only a small fraction of the total cost of the U.S. security commitment.
There is another consideration.  USA superiority on the seas is based in large part on the aircraft carriers.  Only a few countries in the world can afford this type of vessel.  But there is a high probability of the air carriers becoming obsolete.
So smaller faster ships with advanced weapons will be much more effective and much cheaper so America's allies will be able to afford them.
I am not advocating a new arms race.  But countries do need their own defense capabilities that will serve as a deterrent and more responsible relations between neighbors.
The US will remain the preeminent military force for now, but it is getting increasingly difficult and costly for the US to bear responsibility for the world.
Diplomacy in close cooperation with it's allies and rapidly coordinated military deployment and action capability should replace dependence on the only superpower.
Besides, a smaller US defense budget will improve the economical situation in the country.  That will free resources for a peaceful influence around the globe. 
It is kind of hard to apply pressure on China when we owe China a trillion dollars.
Speak softly and carry a big stick?  Well it is true.  But as a team, not a lone giant.

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