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Political correctness caught up with fairy tales.

Posted by Horse

Relax people! Not everything is politically correct.

Political correctness in fairy tales.

From the horse's mouth

On November 7, I stumbled on this article in the Tribune: “Why are fairy tales so white?” By Amina Lugman.

“Besides "Frozen", there's "Brave", "How to Train Your Dragon", "The Lord of the Rings", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" — the list goes on. Why couldn't the main characters in these films have been a panoply of diversity? The beauty and ease of diversity in fantasy is that it requires no explanation. It's fantasy, after all. Just as you don't have to provide a metaphysical explanation for the existence of a talking snowman, neither would you need to explain why one sister in "Frozen" was Latina, the other white and their dead mother Asian...a fantasy world just is. The strength of the story is all that matters.

Well, Amina Lugman, if it really does not matter for kids who is black and who is white, why does that matter in your case?

“As a black parent, it saddens me that my son is faced with these tired racial confines. I also worry about his willingness to so readily accept the injustice of white cultural privilege. As an adult, I know things can be different. I know that somewhere there's another adult sitting in a boardroom right now, deciding that the next big fantasy heroes, the next "Frozen" sisters will be white, as if it's some set rule of the universe.”

“Just The Facts"

  1. Disney would now have to make classic fairy tales politically correct and informative to children of the 21st century.
  2. Snow 'White' would have a hell of a time shacking up with the seven vertically-challenged men. Maybe Snow White could be played by Miley Cyrus, her pops are open-minded.
  3. Snow White would be liable to charge the prince with sexual assault for waking her from her beauty sleep, in a glass box at that, by kissing her.”

Read more:

Political correctness madness

How do I know if this story is fair to minorities?

So I think that the “Frozen” characters should be changed according to politically correct standards.

The King is a gay and the Queen is a lesbian. They adopted two daughters. Anna is a black transgender and Elsa is an Asian paraplegic.

Kristoff is an environmentalist, deaf mute and communicates with his reindeer, Sven, using sign language.

Sven grew up in an abusive family and is on an endangered species list.

Hans, instead of the “Prince”, should be a community organizer that fights local oil drilling.

And snowman, Olaf, is a white straight guy whose nose is an organic, locally-grown carrot.

According to Mrs. Lugman the racial representation in fairy tales should reflect the actual population in the country where it is written.

So the brothers Grimm tales are not acceptable anymore considering today's racial diversity in Germany; and in the US because American kids are reading these tales. Where are African Germans? Asian Germans? How about sexual orientation?

Have you read about any Muslims characters in these fairy tales? apologies! In the “Arabian nights” they are all Arabs! Even the genie is an Arab! My wild guess is because the tales were written by Arabs in an Arab country.

I would like to ask the author of the Tribune article to do research to determine if all fairy tales are reflecting all diversity in the world. And please don't forget Native Americans and gender neutral people.

And on more suggestion to Mrs. Lugman: Why don't you write politically-correct fairy tales? Lead by example so to speak? You are a writer, Mrs. Lugman. Why don't you write a story with all the diversity you can imagine? After all it will be a fairy tale. Kids wouldn't be asking questions like why are there two mommies? And where is daddy? And of course the children would take it as a given that in your story these mommies have black and Asian and maybe even white kids.

While I was writing this, a disturbing thought crossed my mind. I am Jewish. I remembered all these fairy tales like "Frozen" and "How to Train Your Dragon" and I do not recall seeing any Jewish heroes. Not even a reindeer! No one wearing a kippah!

Would kids be questioning if Kristoff or even Olaf wears a yarmulke? After all it is not any stranger than a black or Asian Norwegian princess.


I am not a scientist (and proud of it).

Posted by Nate

Well folks the election is over and we can breathe easier now knowing that our great country is in good hands...the best money can buy. Unfortunately these hands that are for sale are just that - hands. No heads attached. None needed.

Our wise voters, guided by the enlightened 1% who have more money than the rest of us, elected the “I am not a scientist” Congress to show the world that even these dimwits can manage this great country of ours. With the gentle guidance of money of course.

Ignorance is bliss my friends. Just ask these wise, good-hearted people with last names like Corporations or Rich.

I am not a religious man but God help us all! The country where the dumb rule and the dumber are reelecting the dumbest and where our representatives wear ignorance as a badge of honor does not have a chance to prosper.

The Flat Earth Society members are becoming more influential with every election cycle and are sitting comfortably on Olympus that we call the United States Congress. And the rest of the world looks in awe wondering how it is that the greatest country in the world elects imbeciles to rule.

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Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot. As usual.

Posted by Nate

Democrats are running away from success.

From horse's mouth

Democrats are running from the President.

Why? Just being spineless cowards whose only goal is to win the election. 

Below is the list of some of Obama's accomplishments:

1. Passed Health Care Reform

2. Passed the Stimulus

3. Passed Wall Street Reform

4. Ended the War in Iraq

Democrats running from Obama

Democrats, again shooting themselves in the foot.

5. Began Draw down of War in Afghanistan

6. Eliminated Osama bin Laden

7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry

8. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Spending

9. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards

10. Cut the deficit in half.

So with this conclusion that Democrats are being stupid by running away from this successful President I predict that the Democrats will loose the midterm elections.

And they should – because people without convictions and without a backbone to stand for their convictions do not deserve to represent us, the people in Congress.


Elections and Pat Quinn.

Posted by ed

Elections and money

The author.

From my perspective, this election ought to be easy for Pat Quinn, but the polls indicate otherwise. It appears that an awful lot of people are disillusioned with Illinois politics and have bought the argument that Springfield needs a fresh face--that somehow this new guy, Bruce Rauner, whom we don't know much about, ought to be given an opportunity to reform state government.

Opponents of Pat Quinn have painted him as an ineffective governor.  Nothing could be further from the truth, in my opinion.

I have known Pat since the 70s, when he worked in the governor's office and I covered Springfield for the Tribune. When he decided to seek public office in 1982, running for the Cook County Board of Tax Appeals, he came to me for advice because I had been involved in uncovering a bribery scandal there. He won the election, later served as state treasurer, and eventually became lieutenant governor.

He has managed to accomplish much in his six years as governor, despite working with a legislature that leaves a lot to be desired. He stood up to Madigan and was able to finally push through a comprehensive pension reform law. He got same-sex marriage enacted and he made Illinois the 16th state in the country to abolish the death penalty. He cut wasteful spending by a billion dollars, and he responded to the recession with the largest construction program in Illinois history, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Pat wants to leave the income tax rate alone because cutting it at this time would be catastrophic to education, human services and other essential programs. Mr. Rauner wants to cut taxes, but at the same time he proposes to increase education funding by half a billion dollars. How? Mr. Rauner refuses to support a ban on assault weapons.  On an issue close to my heart, Mr. Rauner opposes Quinn's plan to shut down state institutions for thousands of people with disabilities and to give those people a chance to live in a real home in a real neighborhood.

Aside from the issues, where there can be honest differences of opinion, it bothers me that a candidate can try to buy an election. Mr. Rauner has donated $23 million to the campaign! I don't have anything against rich guys who want to run for office, but a rich guy who bankrolls his own campaign is pretty darn offensive. I have watched wealthy Democrats try to do the same thing--Blair Hull and Al Hofeld come to mind.  Fortunately, they weren't successful. Hopefully, Mr. Rauner won't be either.


Who is Training ISIS?

Posted by Horse

Inept Iraqi army

Daily Wisdom

The US could not build an Iraqi army

Iraqi "Army" leftovers.

How come The US been training Iraqi “army” for years, spent Billions of dollars.

And the Iraqi “army” is useless.

Who is training ISIS soldiers?

Whoever it is maybe we need their help to train the Iraqis?


The Enemy of My Enemy

Posted by Nate

Erdogan is a Wiesel.


Ankara (AFP) - Turkish jets have bombed Kurdish rebel targets in the southeast of the country in the first such strikes against the separatists since an increasingly fragile 2013 ceasefire, officials said Tuesday.;_ylt=A0LEV2Awaz1U5kUAY_VXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzOTFkY2w0BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDUzMF8x?.tsrc=bell

Ankara refuses to allow Kurdish fighters to cross into Syria to relieve the neighboring city. As Turkish troops and tanks stand guard at the border, many Kurds are desperate and angry, assaulted by Turkish teargas, water cannon, and police violence.

ISIS Intensifies Siege of Kurdish Enclave in Syria.

Turkey as a friend?

Words of wisdom

  1. Turkish forces bomb Kurds. Turkey is enemy with Kurds
  2. ISIS fights Kurds. ISIS is enemy with Kurds
  3. U.S. bombs ISIS. US if enemy with ISIS
  4. Turkey and ISIS are friends.
  5. US and Kurds are friends
  6. US and Turkey are enemies.Can anybody disprove this logical conclusion?

D.O.J. Criminal Enterprise.

Posted by Horse

"Police Nabbing $5 Billion A Year From Legal Racketeering Called "Civil Forfeiture " -  See more at:

Criminal enterprise by police.

Daily Wisdom


To serve and protect

“Hey, here’s a great crime-fighting idea: Let’s give local police and prosecutors the authority to seize cash, cars, homes and other property from private citizens - without a court convicting those citizens of any crime. Without, in fact, even charging those citizens with any crime. Then let the authorities sell the goods and keep the proceeds for themselves.”

Takings: Few Americans are probably aware that law enforcement authorities are free to seize their property even when they've done nothing wrong. But it's a growing racket that needs to be shut down now.”

In recent years, policing for profit - which looks a lot like a criminal enterprise -has raked in the spoils. The Justice Department's forfeiture fund has gone from $94 million in 1986 to more than $1 billion today. State and local authorities also benefit richly, but it's hard to know to what extent, as not all report their 'profits'. We do know Philadelphia alone takes in about $6 million a year.”
Read More At Investor's Business Daily: 

So my friends please be safe and don't take money with you if you are on the road. Just in case you might be robbed or stopped by the police. If I would have to choose the lesser of two evils, I would prefer to be robbed. At least you can call 911!

Legally criminal

Legal bandits.


Windows from the Train

Posted by Nate

Windows from the train

What is there?

I like to fantasize about windows

Windows in the night

Large and small

Brightly lit and barely visible

Especially small and barely visible

Windows, the gateways into other lives

What secrets, what mysteries are they trying to hide in the depth of these openings?

These lights that are teasing, promising the unknown

Mysteries of imagination

Who is there?

Maybe scary and secret tales about the other side?

I don't want to look for too long

Just a glance

A glance of something.

A shade, a movement

A seed for imagination to build on

I keep searching, looking

While riding on the train at night

The windows of the big city

What is behind?

Just a glimpse

A perfect place to hide

City windows are surrounded by darkness

Just hinting without showing

And I love it

These windows

They give permission to dream, to wonder.

Dream about secrets and mysteries

Wonder about something strange, scary, exciting

Secret societies

Witchcraft behind the dark walls and locked doors

Aliens hiding among us and unmasking in there

Behind half-opened doors in the other room

What human dramas are hiding there that these half-lit windows cover up?

Who are the actors?

The actors in the mystery of existence

city windows at night

The night train

Do they feel that somebody is thinking about them?

Riding on the train

Just a glimpse into the strange mysterious world of my imagination

Just a fleeting moment of eye contact with a window passing by

And it is gone and the other one appears and is also left behind

The train is noisily chugging along

And I keep looking, waiting, hoping to see something

A hint, a shade of a secret life inside, behind these holes in the dark walls

Something scary and wonderful – the unknown

I see some silhouette through the dirty glass and I want it to be unusual, unfamiliar

I am drawn to these windows

To possible mystery, to the unknown

I fantasize about secret and wonderfully scary events over there

So close and yet in another universe

Maybe imaginary but real to me

The universe of my imagination glancing at me through half-lit yellow windows.

The eyes of a city

What is really out there?

I will never know

And I love it

Not knowing

Imagining, creating my own stories

Strange worlds and mysterious stories

I don't read in the night trains

I am writing stories in my mind

About the windows passing by

Gateways to other universes.

Witch hour.

Full moon magic.

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