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To our President

Posted by Nate

Traits of a leader.


Mr. President.

I voted for you.
There was a special energy then. The hopes were high.
I realize that the situation you inherited was grave and nothing could be fixed overnight.
But there was hope.
Hope made you the President.
Hope that you would end the devastating wars.
Hope that you would stand by your principals
Hope that you would be less of a politician and more of a leader,
Hope that you would fight for what you had told us you believed in.
Hope that you would understand that when the future of our country was at stake there could be no compromise.
Hope accomplishes great things, Mr. President.
We were with you Mr. President; ready to support you in that good fight.
We did not elect you to be just another politician.
We elected a Leader.
There are limits to compromise Mr. President.
There can be no compromise with people without morals; whose only goal is unlimited power.
There can be no compromise when what you believe in is at stake.
Great things are accomplished against all odds Mr. President.
There can be no compromise when the results are half measures that make things worse, such as  healthcare reform, where the insurance companies gained even more power because you abandoned the public option.
There can be no compromise allowing tax cuts for the rich to continue while the rest of the country sacrifices.
There can be no compromise with big banks conducting business as usual after almost destroying our economy.
Hope, Mr. President is a powerful force.
Do not compromise your principles.
Do not let hope abandon you.
Because Mr President when we lose hope you lose votes.
And one of these votes is mine.

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