Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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I just watched the documentary “Waiting for Superman”, and "Sixty Minutes" about inner city schools and our homeless citizens.I tried to analyze my feelings during and after watching this documentary and the "60 Minutes."

Homeless in America

Homeless in America

I basically felt  sadness and shame...sadness for the people falling on hard times and shame that this is happening here in America - the richest and the most powerful country in the world.Some of my readers claim I am too emotional and not analytical enough.  They say that I need to tone it down and be less emotional when I write about issues and people - use more facts,  less feelings.

But there are times that I do not want to be calm, logical, and polite.  I feel shame, sadness and anger.Anyone who has seen the "Waiting for Superman"  and the segment on "60 Minutes" should listen to their feelings, attend to their emotions - they should feel something.

People are motivated to take action and to work toward change, not by logic or rational thought, but by their guts, their emotional reactions, their feelings.

Homeless children

American children

We should all feel shame and anger when good, decent people become homeless; that innocent children, American children, do not have a chance in this country, cannot go to a decent school because their number isn't picked in a lottery.

Reaction to Sixty Minutes: "People just can't believe it would happen here, in this country. But it is happening. And one of the children that Scott spoke with said, and this I'm sure you deal with a lot, she said she kind of feels like it's her fault that her parents are going through this and the family is struggling with it."

Yes it is happenning in our country.

We are playing lottery with our childrens lives.

A lottery!

A lottery decides if a child shall have a future and or not.

A lottery decides who will be able to succeed in  American society and who is destined to fail.

A lottery decides the fate of these children.

A lottery decides the fate of the American future.

I try to imagine how these kids feel when their number is not picked.

What do these kids feel toward a country that treats them as a prize in a raffle?

What did they do wrong?

Charter School lottery

Lottery of life

I could see tears in their eyes when their numbers were not called.

It was as if the door opened and, for a brief second, they could glance at a different world, a happier and brighter world .

And then the door slams shut!

And the light is gone.

And the hope is gone.

And the hope for our country is gone.

A country that shuts the door of hope on its children does not have a future.

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