Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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A few comments about American leftists and liberals condemnation. Whenever did we ever remain “stuck together”? I remember anti-war (the Vietnam one) being beaten up by “my country, right or wrong” thugs. We are separate peoples, those who have humanity in mind, not just our country.

The writer does not like “redisitributive” taxes. If so, then let the rich give back the 52% of the Bush tax cuts, they were an unneeded gift of the 1.7 trillion dollar tax cuts. The left does not hate guns and war, does the writer remember Harry Truman? He was credited with ending the war in the Pacific and he did it with a big gun.

But the left does hate that 30,000 Americans being killed by guns each year. Some of those killing themselves are depressed country folk who lost their jobs and would love to have some of the 4 trillion dollars President Bush wasted on the Iraq war.

Does the writer believe in positive correlations such as homicide and murder running together with poverty?

The writer also suffers from a black-white thinking problem: gas and diesel vs wind and solar? Has he or she ever considered that America could utilize both energy industries? Both provide energy and jobs.

Funny that the writer wants to keep the Judeo-Christian values except for turning the other cheek. If I remember correctly, all bibles advocate killing now and then. Does the writer remember reading about the religious Crusades? And doesn’t Humanism believe in rational thought, what’s wrong with that?

And lastly, trickle down economics does not work when American companies profit lots of dollars and the money trickles down to employees making slave labor wages in foreign lands. Ronald Reagan was wrong. This country began with taking advantage of people like the American Indian. It still is run by those who believe it’s great for CEO’s to make hundreds of millions and for workers to line up for unemployment.

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  1. Nice response… I thought we gave up dividing this country during our civil war…how can the writer be a loyal citizen of the the United States of America when he/she favors disunion?

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