Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Daily wisdom

Daily Wisdom

The only reason Democrats are for firearms so that they can shoot themselves in the foot.



Honorable Age.

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privatized medicare

Paul Ryan's Medicare

On April 15, 2011 The House voted on a new Medicare which eliminates Medicare as we know it and substitutes it with a privatized form of health care for seniors.

Right away couple things came to my mind:

First – how does a person 65 and over find and understand the appropriate health insurance? I am not 65 yet. My husband and I own a business. There are just two of us in the business. We have to find and buy health insurance ourselves. When we switch from one provider to another one (which we have to do pretty often – every 2 years), it takes us 4-6 months to understand the major (major, not all) differences, we have to meet with brokers and negotiate. How can our elders shop for the medical insurance, understand it, negotiate?

Second - Who will give our seniors health insurance?

If you ever had to buy health insurance, you know how many questions you have to answer. I would guess that 90% of people over 65 have some kind of preexisting condition. If insurance companies will have to provide insurance to people 65 and over, how expensive will it be? What if the Government voucher will not be enough? What if the insurance coverage will not be enough? Are we going to see people 65 and over getting into a hospital with one condition and getting heart attack right there when they will find out that they do not have enough coverage?

Third – If we are the most advanced, richest country in the world why are we going backwards? Aren’t we the best country in the world? What kind of society are we if we are not able to take care of our parents and grandparents?

There is a great place for the older generation in our society. Their wisdom, their kindness, their knowledge are here to assist us, to help us, to guide us, to remind us, to help us raise the next generation. President L. Johnson signed Medicare program into law in 1965 so that seniors would have their health care covered without big headaches, so that seniors will not die in their homes because they do not have medical insurance. We decided as a nation to be right for our seniors, to reduce the poverty of people over 65, to allow them to have happy retirement.

I understand that we have a big financial problem in our country. I am sure that we as a nation are smart enough to solve this puzzle. If we found money to finance 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, if we found a way to give tax break at the end of 2010, we should be able to find a way to support our seniors.


Motley Amalgam

Posted by 00tj8jh3

What do the following born in the USA, over the age of 35, U.S. citizens have in common:

The party on uninformed and greedy.


A New York billionaire with an incredible comb over, who is a TV personality and casino owner
An ordained Southern Baptist preacher who was a former Arkansas governor
An Alaskan former beauty queen, a present day hunter and formerly was a short-time governor
A Mormon former Massachusetts Governor, the son of an auto industry CEO, now having a net worth of over a quarter billion dollars, who has shifted to conservative positions on abortion, gay rights, and gun ownership
A Minnesota Congresswoman, owner of a Minnesota Christian Counseling Service and Tea Party leader with a law degree from Oral Roberts University, who seemingly believes the founding fathers ended slavery.
A Minnesota Governor who opposes abortion, same sex marriages and would work toward reinstating Don't Ask Don't Tell

Of course, you all know the answer; these people are considered  possible 2012 Republican nominees for President of the United States.  And not surprisingly, they have all been interviewed on FOX News.

Several friends of mine were strong Republicans in their younger years.  They are good people.  They are honest people.  They are universally flabbergasted by what their party has become.  For them, the Republican Party represented a party where people, through hard work, could better themselves and following core ethical principles, would take care of the less fortunate.  This was a land of opportunity, and good people succeeded.

So how did the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower evolve (sorry for the use of that ungodly word) to what it is now?  Answer: Blame it on Lyndon Baines Johnson.
In 1960 with John Kennedy's election, the Republican Party was a party on the decline.  America was becoming youth orientated.  Eisenhower had warned of the danger of the "Military Industrial Complex" and big business was no longer a great sell with the American electorate.

And then it changed.  Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Shortly thereafter LBJ took the helm, initiating his "Great Society for America" plan calling for an end to poverty and racial injustice, culminating in his signing of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965.

That signature ended the bigot support for the Democratic Party.  Big city liberals and intellectuals no longer shared the same party with Klu Klux Klanners and Darwin demonizers.  The Party of Lincoln seized the moment and efficiently merged the party of big business with those bitter, racist, fundamentalist elements of our country seemingly disenfranchised by the Dems.

The Big Business community amalgamating with the under-educated, anti-intellectual, fundamentalist, protect my gun and my fetus population was the perfect symbiotic relationship.   Big Business could provide the bucks, and this fearful, malleable citizenry could provide the votes.  The industrial complex knew how to stoke that fear, witness FOX.

Hence we have billionaires like Trump trumpeting birther nonsense and Sarah Palin raising millions from Oil Companies so she can revel in her anti-intellectualism.  Thanks Lyndon for making it possible for Pastor Huckabee to be a serious contender jeopardizing "Separation of Church and State."

It strains ones imagination to think that up until a few days ago when he withdrew name, Haley Barbour, the Mississippi Governor known for his past racist comments, and a former partner of one of the biggest lobbyist firms in Washington representing big oil and tobacco seemed intent on running and was considered a viable candidate to  run to for President against a man of color in this 21st Century.  Could one imagine a Michelle Bachman as President without this motley amalgam?   Mitt Romney and a Tim Pawlenty, you both owe a debt of gratitude to LBJ for enticing you to play to the homophobic, right-to- life base.

President Johnson, you did the right thing, now if only the Party of Lincoln could do the right thing.


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Daily wisdom

Daily Wisdom

Go Donald! Go!

Comedians are running out of material! They need you!



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Daily wisdom

Daily Wisdom




Would Donald Trump insist as President that the Bald Eagle have a comb over?



How to quickly create jobs in America, a common sense approach.

Posted by Lou

Crumbling cities

Life after people

No one would disagree that some of our major cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Syracuse, parts of Chicago and Buffalo are rusting and turning into dust. Should I name more? Trenton, Newark, Toledo...had enough? These cities at one time were great metropolis centers and they could become great once again. Our Federal Government rebuilt the "Countries" of Japan and Germany, why can't we rebuild our own cities? My plan for creating literally millions of jobs in America is to establish the Home Grown Marshall Plan to rebuild our cities.

How would this work? For example, a

Dead cities

Dying cities.

panel would identify the swaths of land and buildings in Detroit and level them. This leveled ground would be rebuilt with new factories, schools and apartment houses and other necessary buildings. Our companies would receive tax breaks so that they will occupy the new factories with the proviso that as long as they employ American workers, they will enjoy huge tax advantages. This plan could be copied because so many of our cities require rebuilding. This country has poured literally TRILLIONS down the Iraq War toilet according to Professor Joseph Stiglizt who maintains that the Iraq War will cost 4 Trillion dollars.

We need to spend our money at home because the dollars will continue to circulate at home, isn't that the goal of economics, to circulate money? Basically, my plan is to Level, Rebuild, Manufacture and Hire. From day one, architects and planners would be needed in the above plan. Construction workers would be required very soon afterwards. Then factory workers, teachers and maintenance workers. The list is endless. The benefits are also high. America needs a bold plan to restore our economy, but, we have already done this overseas. All we need to do is copy what we have already done.


Who Rules America

Posted by Nate

Military Industrial Complex.

Eisenhower warning about Military Industrial Complex

The warning

Who rules America
April 22, 2011|By E.J. Dionne Jr

"The American ruling class is failing us — and itself. At other moments in our history, the informal networks of the wealthy and powerful who often wield at least as much influence as our elected politicians accepted that their good fortune imposed an obligation: to reform and thus preserve the system that allowed them to do so well. They advocated social decency out of self-interest (reasonably fair societies are more stable) but also from an old-fashioned sense of civic duty. "Noblesse oblige" sounds bad until it doesn't exist anymore.
Listen to David Cay Johnston, the author of "Free Lunch" and a columnist for Tax Notes. "The effective rate for the top 400 taxpayers has gone from 30 cents on the dollar in 1993 to 22 cents at the end of the Clinton years to 16.6 cents under Bush," he said in a telephone interview. "So their effective rate has gone down more than 40 percent."
If the ruling class were as worried about the deficit as it claims to be, it would accept that the wealthiest people in society have a duty to pony up more for the very government whose police power and military protect them, their property and their wealth.
"A blind and ignorant resistance to every effort for the reform of abuses and for the readjustment of society to modern industrial conditions represents not true conservatism, but an incitement to the wildest radicalism." With those words in 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt showed he understood what a responsible ruling class needed to do. Where are those who would now take up his banner?

Military industrial complex

Blood money

Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Don’t get us wrong. It is an American dream after all – to get rich. And as an American, don’t you want to keep this dream alive for all of us? We just do not want this country to become a Third World country, because that’s what happens when the middle class is gone; because then you will have to hide behind walls with barbed wire. So please try to overcome your selfishness and your greed and be an America citizen. Please show America that you care. Please tell your servants – the Republicans - that you want to help, that you are ready for a sacrifice. My fellow rich Americans. It is not bad to be rich; it is bad to loose basic human attributes such as conscience, compassion and the great feeling that you are an American.


Trickle Down

Posted by 00tj8jh3

On April 20th  I was listening to Wisconsin Public  Radio  (Governor Walker has not yet gotten around to scrambling both  its signal and funding). WPR reported  that the Governor was in Pulaski, WI awarding a potential $2,000,000 grant to Marquis Yachts, a luxury boat builder.

Toys for the rich

Trickle down

If the plant hires a minimum of 379 workers, it would fulfill the requirement and qualify to receive the maximum grant.    After listening to that news blurb I thought:  Good thing to hire workers who will make over $16 per hour.  Wait a minute, this company makes YACHTS.  

Googling "Marquis Yachts Prices"  I soon learned that these playthings start around $600,000,  and the really nice ones go for a little under $2,000,000, equaling the amount of the maximum grant.  What a wacko world we live in.  We are fighting unemployment by funding $16.00 an hour jobs to produce super gas guzzling toys for the super rich.  What a perfect example of trickledown economics!  Needless to say, this liberal was a bit frustrated.

Then I went to:

I learned this grant would not be used for building luxury yachts.  Evidently, due to the soaring  price of gas, or  the release of Wii yachting simulations the demand for 72 foot yachts has somewhat diminished.  No, this grant would be used for "small portable offices."  Now, that sounded more reasonable.  But as I read on, I was again thrown into a moral morass when I discovered the portable offices were to be used as portable recruiting stations for the National Guard.  I have nothing against the National Guard.  Until Bush's war in Iraq, the National Guard was mainly used to help victims during natural disasters and sometimes quell civilian unrest.   Then I thought of the union protests in Madison.  Nah, even Governor Walker couldn't be that conspiratorial. Could he?

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