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Money for Health Care Companies, what do they do for us?

Posted by Lou

Health for profit

for-profit health insurance

The top 3 Health Insurance Companies, United Health Care, Aetna and Wellpoint, have a Gross Profit of about 48 Billion dollars per year. Dividing that number by the cost of the typical hospital "stay" of 4.6 days, $ 26,120, produces about 1,840,000 or in other words, the top 3 health insurance companies reduce Americans' hospital visits of 1.8 million hospital "stays' per year.

This translates into a whopping 8.5 million annual hospital days. What do these health insurance companies do for America other than administer health care or act as expensive secretaries?

Even though the administrative costs of Medicare and Private Companies continue to be debated, one can only wonder why the CEO United Health Care, Stephen Hemsley, could be allowed to amass close to one billion dollars from his efforts to administer health care and guide UNH to great profits? Does this occur in France, Germany or Sweden? No. Can anyone believe personal wealth created by administrating health care is ethical? Health care administration around the world is not a means of getting richer but a means of providing care and comfort to the most people as possible. Capitalism can be wonderful but health care and health care delivery must not be considered a business but a necessary service of government.


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