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Back Seat Drivers

Posted by Nate

Response to Charles Krathammer article "Obama doctrine: lead from behind

Chicago Tribune, May 2 2011

Charles Krauthammer.

Planet Krauthammer

""Doctrines involve ideas, but since there are no discernible ones that make sense of Obama foreign policy — Lizza's painstaking two-year chronicle shows it to be as ad hoc, erratic and confused as it appears — this will have to do."

Obama's "doctrine" is, thankfully,  to use his brain and have his advisers analyze each situation and then act accordingly.

Not to charge blindly swinging the ax as did his predecessor.

“It's been a foreign policy of hesitation, delay and indecision, marked by plaintive appeals to the (fictional) "international community" to do what only America can.”

There is an upheaval in at least 10 countries at the moment. What exactly do you propose to do Mr. Back Seat Driver?

Giving advise

back seat drivers

“What does China's rising GDP have to do with American buck-passing on Libya, misjudging Iran, appeasing Syria?”

Everything Mr BSD. We are using borrowed money from China to fight senseless wars which damage America in every way while strengthening China.

“We must lead from behind because we are reviled.”

Sadly true and much of it thanks to W.  However, things are improving thanks to the current more thoughtful foreign policy.  One of the cornerstones of that policy is that long term sustainable positive changes in any country can only be accomplished by the people of that country when they, the people, decide to do it. Not by intervention from abroad.

“Moreover, for a country so deeply reviled, why during the massive unrest in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and Syria have anti-American demonstrations been such a rarity?”

Mr. BSD. The situation would change rather quickly if we would intervene. Good examples are Iraq and Afghanistan. And, yes, Vietnam.

“The world that Obama lived in and shaped him intellectually: the elite universities; his Hyde Park milieu (including his not-to-be-mentioned friends, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn); the church he attended for two decades, ringing with sermons more virulently anti-American than anything heard in today's full-throated uprising of the Arab Street.

So you do hear some anti-American “sermons” in Arab Street?"

Is this you Mr. BSD sorry Krauthammer? Why do I hear Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh?

“believing — as do most Americans — in the rightness of our cause and the nobility of our intentions.”

No they are not!  The majority of Americans disagree with the decision to invade Iraq! As far as the nobility of our intentions - It was about oil and profits for likes of Halliburton, Mr. BSD

“I would suggest that "leading from behind" is a verdict on Obama's fitness for leadership.”

It is all about results Mr. Krauthammer. And what are yours? Besides letting all of us know that you hate the man?

“a sympathetic journalist, channeling an Obama adviser, elevates it to a doctrine. The president is no doubt flattered.”

Here is my advise to the President: Don't pay any attention to the back seat drivers. Let them bark


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