Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Another View From Mark Levine

Posted by Mark

Inside Scoop
Mark Levine

Mark Levine is an American broadcast journalist who frequently appears as a pundit on FOX News, Fox Business News, MSNBC, and CNN Headline News, He often debates radio host Mike Gallagher on America Live with Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham on the O'Reilly Factor. Levine is the host of the nationally syndicated radio/television show Mark Levine's Inside Scoop on Washington

I rarely agree with Krauthammer, I usually support Obama, and I think his description of liberals as "It is the liberal elites who revile the American colossus and devoutly wish to see it cut down to size" as disgusting. That message probably does apply to a very few on the Far Far Left but no one in the Democratic Party.


Back Seat Drivers Part 2

Posted by Nate

There are two categories of stupidity:

  1. A person realizes that he or she is not the brightest bulb in the room, and hides this weakness by talking too much;
  2. People who lack any self assessment due to a shortage of gray matter.
Making money

Hot Air Buffoon.

So basically we have  dumb and dumber.

Life experience has taught me to judge a  person by that  person's actions and accomplishments, not by his or her words.  I also learned the following:

Those who can – do, those who cannot – criticize.

Childhood Memories.

I remember when I was a child I was watching a women chopping wood with an ax. I thought that I could do better than her.  I can do better than you, I was telling her, with one blow I can split this wood. To my surprise, she gave me an ax.  I could hardly pick it up.  That was a valuable lesson.

Back to Politics.

The Republicans has been given an ax. They had it for 10 years. They almost killed themselves and everybody else around them swinging wildly unable to hit the target. Adults took the ax from their hands. But, unfortunately, Republicans did not learn the lesson. While the adults are trying to clean up their mass, Republicans are loudly criticizing every move the adults make, bragging that they would do better.

I have been following current events, very important events, and very exciting events. The end of Bin Laden being the latest. The operation was a great success, well planned and executed. It was not a joy ride, it was gruesome and bloody. But we needed to do that, we remember 9/11.

What is important is not the severity of the punishment, not how long it took, but a certainty of justice.  That  justice was done, and we felt somber pride,  pride for our nation, pride for our soldiers, pride for our leaders.  But not the backseat drivers, not the dumb and dumber.

The critics are all over loudly offering their “expert” opinions on what has been done wrong and how it should be done. So, what is their expertize?

Here are some of the members of the D&D club.

Donald Trump

Real me

One is the buffoon with the stupid comb-over, whose only expertize is getting in and out of bankruptcies and changing wives. The other one is a fat, mean, narrow-minded loud mouth, whose only expertize is how to make money from an audience that is even more narrow-minded than him (dumb and dumber). The third example is a half governor of the state with no people, whose only expertize is to make money.

There is a long list, but you got a point.

Half Governor.


So, here is the question – do these people really want the ax back, or are they doing the only thing they know how – make money?

The premise for this blog is an honest discussion based on facts. It is however totally pointless to argue with the backseat drivers I mentioned above. They do not care, they don't let facts to get in their way, they are making money.

So the only thing I will say to them: shut the F@ up!


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