Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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If it sounds reasonable and good, the GOP will be against it.

Compassion and kindness.

I watch news channels and Sunday political talk shows.  I listen to political discussions.  I have observed and concluded that when a proposal's goal seems generally reasonable and good for people and/or for the environment, pundits predict that Republicans will oppose these policies This prediction applies to a laundry list of polices including: healthcare for all, affordable education, environment protection, renewable energy and ending the tax cuts for the rich.  You name it, if it sounds reasonable and good, the GOP will be against it.

I continually question why the opposition to reasonable legislation.  The reasons and supposed rational explanations proffered by Republicans leaders do little to end my bewilderment. Their reasons do not seem sincere or logical. So now, I am attempting understand their rationalizations using a different approach.Republicans are human beings with families, parents and kids. I am sure they want the best for their families. Many of them say that they believe in God.  They must have the natural and normal human traits of compassion, kindness and understanding.  I am positive that many Republicans leaders enjoy nature. All of them have parents. So why do so many of them act in ways that makes them appear oblivious to their fellow human's pain? How can they not see the growing inequality in America?  Why don't they care about clean environment?  They eat, drink and breathe just like the rest of us.  Their kids and grand kids need clean air and drinkable water.  What do Republican feel watching people being evicted from their homes?  Do they feel sad knowing that people who are sick and suffer cannot afford decent healthcare?

What do Republicans like Dick Cheney feel, knowing that they lied to American people in order to send America kids to die in a distant land?  What do people like Paul Ryan feel as he works to take Medicare away from other people's parents?  Do people like that know the meaning of compassion?  Does not their religion teach them to help thy neighbor?

Conservatives claim they believe in God and creationism.   They fight the teaching of Darwinian evolution.   But do they secretly believe in the survival of the fittest?  Does money determine survivability? Will those of us with wealth be the only humans to deserve health, education, food and happiness?  Will they be the only ones to survive?

Society, human culture is not just based on wealth.  Where would humanity be without art and science?  Where would civilization be without teachers, philosophers, farmers and bricklayers?  We, the people, cannot be chosen for positions of power just by our ability to make money.  Remember the Spartans.  Can anybody name a great Spartan philosopher or scientist or artist? Our strength is in our diversity and our dedication to opportunity for all.

To have a soul

Survival of the fittest?

In order to have feelings for other, to feel compassion and desire to help others, people must believe in something greater that themselves.  One may call it God, or spirituality, to have a soul, believe that money and wealth is not everything.  Life is often complicated yet simple at the same time. The quality that makes humans special is our species ability to understand that the health of the human society depends on the human condition of each and every one of us. Healthy and happy people make a healthy and happy society. Wise people have throughout human history understood that giving is more important than receiving; that the richest rewards go to those of us who are generous and compassionate.

Today's conservatives seem to lack the special indescribable something, spirituality  that makes us human, that which makes us complete. That specialness makes us want to help others and in doing so, brings fulfillment, brings happiness and completeness

Money and wealth is not everything.But, after all, the super rich and their servants Republicans do support the laws of natural selection, and hopefully those same laws will continue to select humans with compassion, and that human spirit.  Those lacking those qualities will join the ranks of the dinosaurs.

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