Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Why I don’t call myself a liberal.

The Middle East, the region of our world composed of unstable  Arab tribal societies ruled by kings and warlords and artificially created by British colonial powers, is  universally up in arms against the only democracy in that part of the world.

Israel- Palestinian conflict.

World against Israel

7 Billion people. 6 million people in Israel

According to liberals the world supports the idea of Israel going back to 1967 borders in order to achieve peace in the region.  The only problem with that position is that if Israel would implement that strategy, there would be NO Israel.

The world did nothing during the Holocaust.  The world has never been supportive of Jews or a Jewish State.  Presently the world is more sympathetic to violent backward oppressive Arab regimes than to tiny Israel, the only Jewish country on the planet. So when liberal speak of world opinion and accuse Israel of genocide, I feel anger and sadness, anger at an unfair and hateful world and sadness for the fate of the Jewish people.What could be more evident than the fact that one cannot negotiate with an enemy who does not acknowledge your right to exist?What follows are some readily verifiable statistics of UN activities pertaining to the  Arab-Israeli conflict over that  past several years.  I ask you to be especially aware of the percentages presented.

Security Council:

Total Resolutions -175 Neutral  - 74 Against the perceived interests of an Arab state or body - 4Against Israel -97\The Council held 1,517 meetings. Of these 459 (30%) were devoted to the Arab-Israeli conflict. 402 resolutions were passed.  Of these, 131 (33%) concerned the Arab-Israeli conflict.Requests:The Council "called upon," "demanded," "ordered" etc. Israel to "comply," "desist," "refrain" 83 times. The Council "called upon," "requested" etc. an Arab state 29 times, 65% less.  The Council never "demanded," "ordered" etc. the PLO to do or stop doing anything.

General Assembly:

Cumulative Number of Votes cast with for Israel: 7,938.Cumulative Number of Votes cast against Israel: 55,642.Balance or Tilt of U.N. resolutions:Total resolutions: 131, 43 were neutral (33%). Of the remaining 88, all (100%) criticized or opposed the actions, or were counter to the interests of Israel. Not a single resolution criticized or opposed the actions, or was judged to be against the perceived interests of an Arab state, body, or the PLO (founded by the Arab League in 1964).


The Council "called upon," "demanded," "ordered" etc. Israel to "comply," "desist," "refrain" 83 times. The Council "called upon," "requested" etc. an Arab state 29 times, 65% less. The Council never "demanded," "ordered" etc. the PLO to do or stop doing anything.

Balance or Tilt of U.N. resolutions:

Neutral, Of these 131, 43 (33%) were neutral. Of the remaining 88, all (100%) criticized or opposed the actions, or judged against the interests of Israel. 0 resolutions criticized or opposed the actions, or judged against the perceived interests of an Arab state or body, or the PLO (founded by the Arab League in 1964).

Regarding US foreign policy.

Hamas is a terrorist organisation.

Partner for peace?

Arab regimes need this conflict to keep their own population in check by redirecting the anger and the frustrations of their own ignorant population away from their regime and towards Israel.

“Just as a robust economic system is one that encourages early failures (the concepts of "fail small" and "fail fast"), the U.S. government should stop supporting dictatorial regimes for the sake of pseudostability and instead allow political noise to rise to the surface.” Nassim Taleb

I’m not sure why liberals hate Israel so much. I think that they would love Jews who are oppressed and slaughtered, Jews who are the victims. But liberals hate a strong Israel. They hate Israel because the Jewish state is finally fighting back. They hate the Jewish state because finally Jews have said to the hostile world, “Never again.” They hate Israel, a the free and successful country that defends itself and refuses to compromise its right to exist and the lives of its people.Never again

Israel refuses to be a victim

Never again

Liberals hate Israel for Israeli refusal to be a victim. For being strong and decisive. I call myself a progressive and I feel pride for the small and wonderful miracle that is the state of Israel. Pride for it’s accomplishments. I’m proud and honored to be a Jew and I’m proud for my people that are surviving against all odds. I’m proud for the disproportionately big contribution to the world that Israel has brought.

I don't know why the original design was to put Israel in the middle of the infected area. I do know that the only reason Israel still exist is the Arab’s pathological hatred towards the Jewish state. If in another reality Palestinians would live in peace with Israel, they would become the majority within 10 years and Israel would become another Lebanon.

So what can be done?

In January 2008 I wrote:The Middle East is a problem because of oil. The enormous wealth of the ruling cast coexists with the absolute ignorance of the rest of the population. This huge mass perceives oil consuming countries as the cause of their problem and as "infidels".  And the ruling class, in order to stay in power, needs to have an outside enemy to channel the anger and frustration of the population. But again, it is just a matter of time before the "Islamic revolution" will change the regimes to Theocracies and establish the Sharia Law.But maybe I was wrong. I underestimated the power of the younger generation.Nassim Taleb - about the dictatorial regimes:"Complex systems that have artificially suppressed volatility tend to become extremely fragile, while at the same time exhibiting no visible risks."In my opinion, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be resolved without changing the regimes in the Middle East.  This means only Arabs can resolve the conflict. And the rest of the world should support their citizenry's popular revolt.

My Dear Liberals, instead of bashing Israel, why don't you channel your energy to help the young  Arab generation in the Middle East to succeed in its fight for freedom?  Make yourselves useful. Just like the rest of the people on this planet, Jews have the right to live and to have their country. After all, we contributed to this civilization as much as any other people. But we should not count on the world’s gratitude. There are things Israel can and should do to protect its citizens.

Remember: Never Again!

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  1. Okay, my good partner…for the first time, I take great exception withyour posting, not for how Israel is dealt with by the UN or some on the Left in this country.

    I often feel there is a double standard toward this nation representing my historical roots and culture. HOWEVER, I am a Liberal, I am proud of it. In this country when you label Liberals as anti-Israel you push more progressive Jews into the kneejerk reaction of supporting the Conservative movement in this country. So Jews who know better vote for right-wing ideologues on the basis of one focal point, Israel, and the mistaken impression that Liberals are anti-Israel . some are some are not… as Bill Maher often says Republicans are not always racist, but racists vote Republican… and in my book racist and anti-semitic are co-partners.

    As for the 67 borders…I suggest people listen to Obama’s speech and then listen to Netanyahu’s speech.. Listen not to commentators, from FOX nor MSNBC.. listen for yourself… I think that people will see great agreement in the words, but that is for them to decide.

    As for Israel … the problem is difficult and may never be solved… yet when a Jew. criticizes Israel … he is so often labeled a self-hating Jew… a traitor. Well, Jews have been holding themselves up to a higher standards for many years… standards that are the basis for the Liberal movement in this country

    Unfair critics of Israel are simply unfair critics of Israel….It saddens me that you feed into the bull pushed by the right that Liberals are Israel haters…

    It makes no sense … Liberals are on the correct side for most Jews on individual freedom, the care of the environment, women’s rights, public health care etc…. yet Jews will vote against all these interests because of a spurious lie that Liberals hate Israel

    You owe me and most of my fellow liberals an apology! You hate me … why?

  2. I don’t hate Liberals.
    My Dear Liberals, instead of bashing Israel, why don’t you channel your energy to help the young Arab generation in the Middle East to succeed in its fight for freedom? Make yourselves useful.
    See? I am very nice to them.
    OK. Not all liberals. MANY LIBERALS.

  3. Nate,

    I thought you would naturally hate people who want to destroy Israel….I am glad you don’t think all Liberals are evil.. just some of them…. I find it truly odd that a man of your intellect who supports basically all Liberal causes would deny his own identity. So i will just call you a progressive…. (Of course, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Beck would say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…. it’s a Liberal)

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