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To Senator Kirk from Illinois

Senator Kirk,
Our country is in a very difficult situation right now. We are in two wars and dealing with the situation in Libya. We are in a time of economic distress - too many are unemployed and under-employed. The majority of Americans are experiencing these difficulties. I supported the government bailout of banks and automobile companies; I supported the stimulus package as a means of temporary support for working Americans until the economy improved; I support government investments in education and re-training in order for us, as a nation, to achieve new technical goals and to, again, be the leader in science and technology.
While the middle class is shrinking and income is going down for the majority of Americans, the rich are getting richer and corporations are collecting record profits. I am not seeing big corporations create jobs, even though they have record cash on-hand (why do they need additional tax breaks if they already have more than enough cash?).
I do support cutting spending; I do support getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan; I do support cutting military spending (we are becoming a military-industrial complex). But since the Federal revenue is at its lowest and the tax rates are at their lowest (compared with good economic times), I support the 1 trillion dollar tax hike in the next 10 years.
I urge you to be reasonable and realistic, and support President Obama in the debt debate.
I know you signed The Taxpayer Protection Pledge. As a representative of the Illinois population, that was very irresponsible on your part. But President Obama offers 3 trillion dollars in cuts which satisfies the "dollar-for-dollar" portion of the Pledge. Please reconsider and do the right thing.
Anna Kagan

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  1. I hope you directly contacted his office as well… I sent him and our Republican Congressman Dold an email this morning, but my guess is they listen to Grover Norquist before the listen to their constituency

  2. I did send it to Senator Kirk’s office. I hope that a lot of people will follow President Obama’s call to contact their representatives.

  3. I do think that as bad as it may be people should get what they voted for.
    To take a crush course in finances and economy.

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