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Benedict Arnold Responds

I have had it!  My liberal friends accuse me of  being a turncoat.  I am passionately warned that if I continue to criticize this President, I could  put his re-election in jeopardy. Hell, I  might even be responsible for causing our country to elect  a Rick Perry, or a Michelle Bachmann, people  who don't believe evolution occured  (in their case, this actually may be true) .  Rick and Michelle proudly reject climate change as an intellectual anti-business hoax.   Wouldn't if be fun  to set them  adrift on a shrinking ice flow?

Maximum - I doubt it?

Well folks,  I accept NO responsibility.   If Obama gets whompped, and we get real change; change we can't live with, it ain't my fault.   Blame someone else.  I am innocent. Why should I be less demanding than the Koch Brothers, the United States Chamber of Commerce or Philip Morris?  These guys don't pussy foot around when they send their bucks to a candidate.   They want a return on their investment.  " RETURN ON INVESTMENT" - what a beautiful phrase!  It is the American capitalist mantra.  It is at the heart of all those cost-benefit analyses corporate and government economists are always doing.  If the Koch Brothers support a candidate, unless he or she yearns to be cast to the winds,  that candidate will not be casting  his or her votes  to protect spotted owls or unionized humans.  Koch and Company want results; they demand results; they get results.   Republican legislators demonstrate that they  understand these simple quid pro quo  rules, and they produce.  If  not, they go the way of the spotted owl.

Many of us, contributed worked, and voted for a President that promised Change.  He was so good at promising that the Nobel Committee awarded him the Peace Prize on the come.  No one really thought that Barak was going to bring peace to the world  in four years.   Most of my fellow disgruntled progessives did not think Obama would turn our country green, solve the health care problem, end growing economic inequality, fix the bridges and turn around our educational system.   But we did think he would consistently and steadfastly act as a leader.  Leaders inspire us;  they pull at our heart strings, and when they reach across the table, it is sometimes to reach compromise, but at other times it is to ring the neck of the opposition.So maybe I was stupid and expected something other than what I got.  I keep witnessing my critics puff up and say with pride, " I voted for the man, and I expected what I got."  Well goodie for you!  Ya see, I think there are lots of us who expected something different, and yes, we may have been  naive, but Obama played on that naivety.  Shame on him, shame on us.

I have been told and have read in print  that as a man of color, President Obama is impeded in being aggressive and assertive.  And to those people I say, Mr. Obama got elected by the majority of American voters; he overcame the hurdles of bigotry.   If my critics  have  lower expectations of what can be accomplished due to the pigment of his skin, I don't call you a racist because  the vast majority of you are not, but  if  this is your hypothesis, I wish you did not vote for Mr. Obama in the primaries.  The world is just too dangerous to have a limited President.

Now the question will be, whether I have the courage and conviction of the The US Chamber of Commerce, or whether I will whimp out and vote for a man who does not do what I expect a good President to do.   As to my friends who say my expectations are too high: I respond,  "No yours are too low; stop making excuses for this man, and do what you can to drag him to excellence.

One two three - Drag

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  1. Amen to that! I voted for Obama to change things, I did not vote for him to get reelected in 2012. I will probably vote for the Green Party candidate this time around. The country will get what it deserves.

  2. I agree. As for people who excuse Obama lack of leadership because he is black.
    These people in effect saying that this country is not ready for a black President.
    And they may be right. And Obama proved this notion.

  3. Dear Benedict,
    I never thought of you as treasonous. You’re no Bernanke!

    So much to respond to. I can understand your disappointment. I’m glad you have looked in the mirror and you realize that you were naive, and you are willing to admit it. You allowed yourself to believe a politician’s campaign promises and he let you down. I would have liked to see him do those things, too, but this is a real world we live in.

    I’m sorry to see you citing the Koch Brothers and the Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce as role models.

    You have suggested that we do what we can to drag him to excellence. I am all for that, and that is why I write letters to the White House and sign petitions urging the President to come through for us.

    I know you are angry, because you worked hard for him and donated to him, and I believe you have a right to be angry. I can accept that you are unmotivated to work or donate again. What troubles me is that you are bragging to the whole world about it and encouraging people who respect you–and there are many, including me–to follow your lead and sit it out. I believe you are making a grave mistake by doing that, and I WILL blame you if he loses. Instead, you should be working your tail off to encourage people to communicate with Obama and demand that he shape up.

    • Well I am glad you agree with me when I point out my flaws…of course m,y innocent belief that what the man promised meant something, was equalled by the Nobel Committee so I am in good company…

      As for the Koch Bros… they are pigs, but stridency and demanding action and lack of compromise on ethical issues is nothing I am ashamed of.

      I have never said I would sit out the election, and I believe progressives sitting out the election won’t cause him to lose, it will be that he did not energize his less active base., the young ones. andwhen I write letters to the President, I can say, “well if you do what I hope, I will contribute my time and money to your campaign (that didn’t work so why repeat it), or I can say, “I and people like me are considering not casting a vote for you unless you do something”..perhaps that will work on this man…. I know you and you are more open to unconditonal love ( a trait many people admire) I like my allegiance to be earned

  4. One more small observation…. if Gallup polls you, what do you say, “I will vote for President Obama,” or do you choose”Undecided” Pols watch polls and which has a more likely chance of spurring change in the man who promised change…. My personal and hearfelt belief is that this man needs to feel his re-election is in peril before he does anything of consequence for the progressive cause…..

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