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President Obama had an incredibly efficient and productive email fund-raising campaign for his 2008 election. As a contributor and supporter of Barak Obama in that election, I am now on the campaign's 2012 email lists. I receive almost daily requests for dollars, requests to host or attend campaign events in my neighborhood. I imagine a sizeable proportion of my readership gets similar emails. I suggest that if you get an email solicitation, you do one of the following:

If you believe President Obama is doing a grand job, hit "Reply" and enter "I am delighted to support your campaign. You are the President I hoped for. You are the pragmatist and conciliator that you promised to be. I know you haven't accomplished all you and I would have liked, but those Republicans are real obstructionists, and I know you are a good person and working hard.


 If you believe President Obama is partially doing what you expected, Hit "reply" and say something like, "Mr. Obama," I am sending in 50% (or whatever) of my normal pledge as I feel you are doing 50% of the job I expected you to do. You have raised our international image, tried to reach across the aisle, kept the auto industry in business, but continue an unending war in Afghanistan, fail to prosecute torturers and continue to maintain Guantanamo, and won't strongly support same-sex marriage. I'll contribute the balance when I see some more gumption and leadership on your part.

If you believe the man you supported in 2007 has truly let you down, hit "Reply " and type something like, "President Obama I wish I could support you in your campaign for President, but until you have the courage to fulfill the promises you made that encouraged me to support your campaign for your first term, I cannot in good conscience send you any funds, host any events, or work for your campaign. When I see you act like the progressive and courageous President you promised to be, when I see you repeal those tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, when I see you go after those Wall Street crooks, when I see you keep your word about off shore oil drilling and you enforce tough environmental standards,  then, and only then, will I send in the bucks and personally work to help in your campaign. (If you are in the third category… the list of wants may be a lot longer)

As for me, I will let my readers guess what I type, when I hit, "Reply."

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