The Makers Takers and Fakers

I am continually amazed at the hatred expressed towards President Obama by so many Americans. Before you get on my case, yes, I have frequently expressed my disappointment and frustration with this President, but frustration and disappointment just is not hate.

I am continually amazed at the hatred expressed towards President Obama by so many Americans.  Before you get on my case, yes, I have frequently expressed my disappointment and frustration with this President, but frustration and disappointment just is not hate.

You Damn Taker

Every week my Inbox contains nasty jokes, vulgar cartoons and ridiculous rumors claiming Obama is a traitor, a liar, or the Anti-Christ.  This is hate. What spurs this vitriol?

The cast of clowns masquerading as qualified politicians seeking the Republican Nomination agree on almost nothing, but they universally appear disrespectful when they mouth the word, “Obama.”  Seldom do they have the class to even refer to our elected leader as “President Obama.” And the crowds cheer the derision.

Why do they hate this man? What the hell has he done or threatened to do to them?  Please note:  The US Chamber of Commerce,  Koch Industries , Health Insurance CEO’s, the Walton Family, billionaire hedge fund manipulators, and some CEO’s may have some reason to hate Barack. He is a threat to their unbridled power and greed.  But why does the real Joe the Plumber hate the man?

Some of my closest friends answer, with one word,” race.” While I concur that the melanin content of Barack’s skin may serve to inflame and exacerbate the malevolence of Obama haters, it is not the whole truth. It is just another spice to add to the hate soup.

I believe the answer lies in two words, “makers” and” takers.”  And more importantly how fakers  used these concepts to spread fear to the naïve of this nation.   Google that couplet and see what pops up.  I’ll make it easier for you.  The following popped up from the conservative American Spectator:

Occupy Piracy
The Teixeira/Halpin/Obama/Democrat strategy of organizing the takers against the makers is reflected in the Occupy Wall Street movement as well. That movement reflects a pirate mentality, as they feel perfectly free to help themselves to the earnings, savings, and property produced by others. Wake up America, this is what Americanized Marxist revolutionaries look like. But their creepy French Revolution play acting with its implied threat of runaway violence is not in the American tradition, and consequently won’t work with the American people. But it is in the tradition of Barack Obama, whose previous career was precisely as a Marxist street agitator.

Americans living a relatively good life are scared; they are insecure; they are terrified. They have been taught that they have a good life because they deserved it, they are makers.   But, lying out there is Obama and his henchmen, conspiring to grab that hard earned wealth, that right to own a weapon of choice, that right to hate, even the right to pray. Worse, Obama plans to redistribute their wealth to the dirty scum, the TAKERS.

The United States Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiary, the Republican Party aren’t worried about redistributing the wealth of the little guy.  They are only worried about the distribution of THEIR WEALTH.  And so these fakers spread the fable that there are two kinds of people in this world:  the makers and the takers.  If you have a home, a job, an education, a few bucks in the bank you are one of the people, the real people, a good American. Americans are makers..

Lurking out there are the takers: the evil ones on welfare, gangbangers, drug pushers, disgusting beggars, people living under viaducts, the unemployed riff-raff.  Those lazy people, some named Juan and Jose’,  who are washing dishes, picking fruit and mowing Romney’s lawn are the ones to be afraid of.   These people want your stuff.  While you are terrified, add to that list of low life, those lazy good-for-nothing government employees. They contribute zilch, but make life miserable, make us pay taxes, and regulate stuff. (I kind of think that the US Chamber is worried about their tax breaks and  regulation of their right to treat workers, customers, and the environment any way they damn well please)  And to top it off, those government workers still get ridiculous perks like health insurance and pensions.

The makers our GOP leaders never talk about are those who make billions.  Never mentioned is how these  billion dollar makers make hidden contributions to political campaigns in order to make politicians behave in ways to make them even richer. Never discussed are the corporate makers who, left to their own devices will make this world a cesspool, will make fair wages and good benefits things of the past. Heaven help people who stand in the way of the real makers, they are powerful and they are relentless.. Perhaps Obama is starting to make their lives a bit miserable.

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3 thoughts on “The Makers Takers and Fakers”

  1. Matt:

    As long as there are people who lack the basics, or are fearful that they will lose the basics, others will be able to manipulate them into distrusting/blaming/hating others. Combine that with the attitude that has strengthened over the last 20 years that disrespectful and hateful speech is good sport, and it seems that as a country we have gravitated more toward cynicism and negativity.

    I remain hopefully mindful, however, that almost every person has the capacity to choose to act as a person of goodwill, to act ambivalently, or to act as a monster. I believe that we each have the obligation to choose to act as a person of goodwill and to provide that example to others. The alternative is to accept the societal consequences about which you wrote today. You can’t ignore the conservative blah-blah-blah but you won’t get them to change their tune by seeking to logically analyze and challenge it. You can only work effectively to create the greater force of opinion and action.

  2. Matt,

    I agree with the maker/taker issue. It clearly is a viable explanation for a significant amount of the hate out there. Don’t discount the race issue. It’s easy to hate someone whose success, education, and power threatens you because of your own insecurities.

    But I don’t hate the these makers for being hateful. I hate Palin, Santorum, Bachman, and Cheney. And I don’t feel the least bit shameful for it. How can I not hate people who feel so little compassion for the unfortunate? I’m not the f…g Pope . . . I am capable of hating someone! I just hate the reasons these people hate Obama.


  3. I have been out of town, thus the delay in responding to AntiPro and GH.l.. I am not sure we can praise anyone or cast blame on anyone . I doubt we have very much free will, but rather we act as a consequence of our genetics and all the events that have impinged upon our being… given that, if we are so fortunate to be compassionate , perhaps we can somewhat change the decision makers whose past puts them on the cusp . As for the extremists occassionally stuff even changes them … for example there have been more than a few homophobic zealots who radically have adjusted their views when their kid comes out of the closet… view the movie For the Bible Tells Me So…

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