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Bad Dream

The author


Suffocating, scary, disturbing reality.

I want it to be a bad dream.

I want it to be just a  dream.

The world

Just a dream

Just a bad dream.

Sometimes when I am dreaming I am aware of it.

I know I can open my eyes and the dream will vanish like fog in the sunlight.

I am trying to open my eyes, to end the dream.

And I cannot.

I realize it is not a dream.

Disappointment and sadness settle in.

I see ignorance, greed, hatred and indifference.

Violence, bigotry and stupidity enveloping the land.

And people like zombies going through the motions oblivious to reality.

Oblivious to a coming crisis.

And I want to wake up.

Wake up to see that it is just a bad dream.

That people don't see the poisonous entropy eating at our society, at our souls.

I am trying to open my eyes.

Again and again

Because it is not real.

And I am trying to open my eyes.

To end the dream.

I am trying to open my eyes.

Again and again.

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