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We are safe! And so are the polar bears!

Global warming and NC law

No worries!

Message to polar bears - you are safe!

The North Carolina Legislature accomplished what a bunch of liberal scientist could not.

The state Legislature passed a law that limited the rise in ocean level by 2100 to one foot.

(Instead of 1 meter as these liberal scientists predicted.)

That is what I call unorthodox innovative decision!

Climate change is illigal.

Go ahead. Make my day.

You, liberals, should learn from these brave people. Instead of moaning and predicting the end of the world NC legislators took action! And they succeeded!

Currently the NC legislators are working on an even bolder proposal to outlaw any meteorites that are planning to fall on their state. They already put those unruly rocks on notice.

But here is a problem. People from around the world started to flood NC as the only Global Warming -Proof place on our planet. 

So my suggestion to the NC legislators is  amend the allowed-sea-level law stating that this law  applies to legal North Carolina citizens only! Amen!

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