Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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The Sanctity of Life–and Hypocrisy

Posted by Lou


A packed cruise ship that left Florida and made its way to the Bahamas made news this month. And it wasn’t because of the great weather in the Caribbean. On board were two strangers, a 15-year-old girl and a 31-year-old man whose lives collided in a cabin with four younger boys--strong boys, boys well into puberty.

It seems the girl was somehow convinced to walk to a cabin with a young teen boy who himself became a victim of crime. Once inside the cabin, the girl--who was plied with alcohol, the most common date-rape drug--was held down and savagely raped by five males while her young friend was locked in the bathroom of the cabin. I suppose the older man thought he was immune from arrest and prosecution because this alleged felony did not occur in American waters. Probably unbeknownst to him, if an American national is a victim of a crime on a ship that leaves an American port, the FBI has exclusive jurisdiction to investigate and charge persons with crimes.

Now the man is in custody in Sanford, FL, awaiting federal rape and other charges. Could he be charged with involuntary restraint, kidnapping, aggravated criminal sexual assault of a minor and aggravated battery of a minor? I pray he is charged to the max. 

Now, let’s speculate that this girl, just a few years past childhood, has become pregnant. Should she be able to abort the unwanted embryo inside her? Republicans would say NO, NO, NO, she must not be allowed to swallow two pills that would abort the few hundred cells in her uterus. Because her life is not in danger, the Religious Right Political Party would demand that she carry the fetus for nine grueling months and deliver a baby into her now decimated world.

This is the dual-personality world Republicans want for America. It is saying to Americans that there is some kind of honor in suffering, just like Christ who suffered for all of us before he died. The basic double-speak message Republicans want us to hear is: There is nothing more sacred than life--except for those who happened to have lived in Vietnam (there was no attack on our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin) or Iraq (there were no weapons of mass destruction). 


Wast conspiracy

Posted by Horse

Daily widom

Americans don’t celebrate stupidity - we glorify ignorance. Robert Herold

I got it! I think that the Muslim Brotherhood did infiltrate the U.S. government. And the Congress. The sneaky bastards are smart. They did not try to get government jobs. No! These bad people used American Democracy to do harm to America.

The system is ingenious!

Ignorance is encouraged in America

You qualify!

They would just identify an ambitious, power-hungry ignoramus (an easy task) and help him/her to get elected (easy, considering a bigoted and angry electorate that celebrates ignorance). Done! These democratically elected buffoons are doing the rest. To be clear, no malicious intent involved. Stupidity comes naturally to these true Americans.

Due to their ignorance, the elected fools manage to inflict more damage to our country than any terrorist would.

Ingenious, simple, easy and risk-free. You want examples?  Certainly! But I don't have to name names. You hear them often on radio and TV. So there, I did it. You are welcome.


Voting with our stomachs.

Posted by Annakagan

Why social issues are more important than economic issues: According to the Gallup Poll from August 9-12, 2012, 65% of voters believe that economic problems are the main problems facing this country. 

Our freedoms and religion,

Religious right

So, I ask myself, is this right?

Are we going to be happy with our stomachs full, but with our rights substantially diminished by a political party, heavily influenced by money?  

Does it mean that money won?

Does it mean that extreme religion won?

When I lived in the Soviet Union, the government provided everything for the people:  Free education, free medical services, jobs for everybody, subsidized bread, subsidized housing.  Everybody had basic food, everybody had a job and everybody had an income.  Very few had a good income, very few had power.  And those few dictated everything for the country, decided everything for the people of the country.  But those in power made sure that the stomachs of the people were full.  Because when the stomach is full, people do not complain.

So, when the Republican candidate and those who support him tell me that the main issue of this campaign is the economy, and, by the way, we will reduce women’s freedom of choice, we will not recognize basic rights of all people, we will reduce government programs to support science, research and development, education, Medicare and healthcare, it reminds me of the Soviet Union.  The Republican Party is promising that we all will have a full stomach at the price of reduced salaries, increased working hours, increased air pollution, reduced healthcare access.  And, by the way, we will have more guns on the streets, more bigotry and more religious fanatics, less educated people.  Why?  Because big money holders want more money, more power.  The less educated people we have, the more people have to work, the less they think, the easier it is to influence their brain.

I have heard from Republican supporters:  Let's fix the economy, let's put people back to work, then we will worry about our freedom.  It’s like saying one step forward, two steps backward, especially if all three branches of the government are Republican.

Back to the economy:  Considering what the country had to go through in four years after the worst economic recession of our time, it does not look that bad.  Yes, promises were made.  Yes, mistakes were made.  But the majority of experts agree that we are on the right path.  So, why go back to the same rules and policies that created this recession in the first place? And what happened to the idea that the economy grows independent of policies?

So, please educate yourself and vote with your conscience, not your stomach.


For the Love of Life

Posted by Nate

By William Lazarus


Todd Akin has it right, if he just weren’t such a wimp. Okay, forcing raped women to carry their baby to term is a step in the right direction - freedom and human respect for all human life! The rapist must be punished, but never the fetus. Murderess mothers who would destroy the human life they bear must be stopped.

Do they really value human life?

Personhood white knights

After all, rapists are rapists. Rape is a terrible wrong. No question about that, and, of course, we all sympathize with those who are the victims of rape, at least legitimate rape.

But we must always remember that rape is not murder. Murder is murder. And a woman who chooses an abortion commits murder.

We’ve got to keep things in perspective, and retain our sense of balance. The woman who destroys the rapist’s child is far worse than the rapist. She ought to be, must be, put to death. Only in that fashion will we have a society that shows its respect for the sacredness of all human life.

Sure, some will squawk, and wimps like Todd Akin undoubtedly will be unwilling to join the struggle for equity. But it’s time to call a spade a spade, and dig up those burial plots that are strewn with the remains of dead babies -- babies who died simply because they were born of a mother who opened her legs and undoubtedly became pregnant because, deep down, she really wanted it (otherwise her natural defense mechanisms would have taken hold, as Akin noted before he wimped out). The rightful fathers of those children must have their rights recognized. These men, even the rapists among them, wanted to be fathers, and yearned for life for their unborn children. Their rights must not be defeated by abject murderers.

Remember what the bible teaches us: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a limb for a limb and, yes, a life for a life.

The rapist gives life. The abortionist mother snuffs it out. We need not ask about a moral comparison. There simply is none. In fact, we should have some compassion for the rapist whose child was murdered; sure, the rapist ought to be punished, but we must ask ourselves – Hasn’t he suffered enough?

So put the murderers to death! This, admittedly, may seem at the outset a harsh penalty for a woman who did not wish to be impregnated, and who had no choice in the matter. Only by imposing the ultimate punishment for destruction of human life can we prevent further murder, and, thus, protect life.

Without the vision, and the guts, to keep life sacred, millions of unborn children will continue to be murdered. We must act to prevent this holocaust. We must act now.

 William Lazarus,, is an attorney and sometimes playful writer who practices law and lives in Flossmoor. 


What makes us strong

Posted by Nate


The microcosm of the World

I was watching the Olympic Games, following the American Team.

I think I understand why this team is the strongest, most successful team in the world.


I could see white, Asian, black, Christians and Jews, Muslims and Hindus, immigrants or children of immigrants from all over the world representing the United States of America

DIVERSITY made our country exceptional.

Not the Ku-Klux Klan, not the white supremacists, not hateful groups of any kinds.

America is exceptional despite all of these.

Beauty in diversity.

Strength and beauty in diversity.

America is exceptional because it is a microcosm of the world.

America is exceptional because it welcomes the best and the brightest, regardless of religion or skin color.

America is exceptional because people from all over the world come here to fulfill their dreams, and America welcomes them.

People do not come to America for guns and violence.

Immigrants come here for a free and peaceful life, they come here to live in a democracy.  They come to America to build lives for themselves and their children.

And I was watching these children, the Olympians, the pride and the future of this country.

They will build this country.  They will make sure that this society is free.

Guns did not build our freedom, hatred did not create our country, fear did not create our Constitution, money did not buy equal rights for all.

divided we fall

United we stand

We, the People, built and support this country, we the 99%.

Scientists and engineers, dreamers and artists, builders and teachers, all of us together.

Throughout the history of mankind there has always been a struggle between us and those who want to divide us for their benefit--divide and conquer.

But sooner or later, they fail.

Fanatics of all kinds.

And forces of greed and bigotry.

Humanity will survive the next crisis. And those whose only motivation is money and power.

They will fail--like those before them.

No matter what crisis awaits us, humanity will prevail.

What makes us human will prevail.

Humanity, the Olympians, will go on.


American Hero

Posted by Horse

Daily Wisdom

Daily Wisdom

Finally. Somebody followed my advice and acted! Our hero freedom fighter took the concealed gun to the movie theater to protect himself and his family. He really put his butt on the line! The NRA should be proud. My fellow free Americans! I urge you to follow this true American and please bring your guns to the movies. But as a precaution please wear bulletproof underpants. To protect the center of your intelligence.

SPARKS, Nev. - "Police say a man accidentally shot himself in the buttocks at a Nevada movie theater during a showing of "The Bourne Legacy."

How ironic.

The man told officers the gun fell from his pocket Tuesday night as he was adjusting himself in the seat and that it discharged when it dropped to the floor."                                       

Smart bullet! It found the right place.


Ryan is a pre-Roe vs Wade Republican.

Posted by Lou

Social Darwinism

Death panel CEO

If Republicans are trying to appear to be "mainstream" and appeal to as many Americans as possible, they erred off the charts on Saturday by making Rep. Paul Ryan the vice presidential choice.  Poll after poll, for years and years, show that only 15-25% of ALL Americans want abortion always illegal.   More Americans want greater restrictions on abortion access, but Ryan's rigid stance on abortion parallels conservative Christianity more than American political thought.  Ryan stated he would NOT ALLOW a woman to have an abortion if she were raped or was the victim of incest.  This includes being raped by criminals such as Charlie Manson.

Destructive policies

Paul Ryan policies .


Ryan's thoughts on abortion are not mainstream America, this is paddling upstream and the top down thinking Republicans are noted for, "I know what is good for you" (God told me so).   It is obvious from the following Gallup and Pew polls, that Americans want Government far away from the personal choice of whether or not to carry an embryo or fetus to term.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall….

Posted by Nate

An older man looks at me from the mirror.

It is I.

Imagination sees a different image.

A child

A child.

Shy and cross eyed.

Next, a young man with glasses and black hair.

And then my imagination refuses to play and an older man looks at me again.

I am almost 65.

Some people are asking me if I feel old.

Do I?

Yes, sometimes.

No, sometimes.

How do you define “old”?

I watch romantic movies sometimes.

And sadness creeps in.

Realization comes--it is all in the past for you, old man.

Romance is over.

Falling in love.

The joy of it and the heartbreak.

Be real.

What is the purpose of this all?Just look in the mirror.

But something in me keeps forgetting.

You are old,” my mind reminds.

And my body agrees with pains and aches.

An older man stares from the mirror.

I don't like him.

Time is my enemy.

It goes by faster and faster.

As if it got tired dealing with me.

Summer, fall, winter, spring, summer.

And the next winter is closing in.

TimeTime is rushing me.

You are old.

Your body is tired

My world is not as bright and vibrant anymore.

The seasons keep changing as if in a time warp.

Summer, fall, winter, spring, summer.

But my life does not change much.

It seems sometimes that I am just a passive observer.

My mind is restless.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

What is the purpose of this all?

The eternal question.

And the mind hesitates, not knowing.

The mirror is silent.

You figure it out, old man.

I am trying.

A bittersweet feeling.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Who is the luckiest of them all?

I think of my wife.

Mother of my children, my best friend, my lover.

My trusted companion in this short life's journey.

I think of my kids.

All grown up smart and beautiful.

My grandkids who call me grandpa.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

I see a husband, a father and a grandpa.

An older man.

But not old yet.

Not yet.

My soul is resisting.

It ignores the mirror.

It disregards the mind, the logical arguments.

It dismisses the body's aches and pains.

My soul refuses to grow old.

It wants to be young and full of hope.

Young forever.

All the mysteries and the beauty of this world.

I want to know more, to see more, to experience more.

Something in me wants to believe in miracles.

What if....

I want to see the unseen, to feel the life force of the world.

Without the limitation of Mind and Body

I am afraid that my imagination is getting old.

It is not as flexible anymore.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Show me the wisdom of this all.

I want to see the young man you showed before.

I want to be young again.

Do I?

Do I want to read old chapters of my life again?

I did not enjoy it the first time around.

Would I rewrite some of these painful chapters? Maybe.

I am the Writer

But I cannot.

There is just one chance, one version available.

And I am still here, the book is still open.

There are some blank pages left to write.

I don't know how many.

I don't want to know.

Life is a mysterious journey.

I don't want this book to end too soon.

And I am the Writer.


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