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Fire Proof Pants

Posted by Nate

Liar liar pants on fire

Lies by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

GOP fashion.

GOP candidates' Mitt and Paul security team had fire extinguishers ready during the speeches.

But every lie, and there were many - more than the number of minority delegates on GOP convention – went on without incident.

The “pants on fire” law was not enforced for several reasons:

The speeches were fool poof meaning there were enough fools among GOP candidates to create a force field (fool field) and to prevent the candidates pants from combustion.

And I want to salute our fearless GOP candidates.

Agents of change. Back to the fufure.

They lied again and again ignoring the danger of igniting their pants in order to save America!

And the audience cried out of happiness and pride for their fearless leaders and their pants.

Only later I found out that all Republican Convention speakers were required to wear fire proof pants.

And the pants are patented by the Republican party.

And now Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are ready for the campaign armed with patented fire proof pants and arsenal of lies.

America's fire proof saviors!

Watch out the socialist Muslim Kenyan communist Barack Hussein Obama and his Christian preacher Jeremiah Wright! The white knights armed with lies and fireproof pants are coming to save America!


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