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Right to Choose

Posted by Lou


They just don't understand, women at times need abortions. Women at times want an abortion. Women want the freedom to choose their life pathway without the encumbrance of government which is controlled by men.

There are numerous reasons why women want this right to choose. Perhaps a woman did not know she was criminally raped but was plied with drugs and/or alcohol and had sex without her knowledge. It happens often at college parties. Maybe a group of men raped her and when she woke up, they vanished.

It happened to a friend of mine in the 1960's at a fraternity party. She woke up the next morning with pain in her groin and a messy bed. No one was around. She had no idea how many frat boys did her in but she knew she was in pelvic pain. The drug used was chloral hydrate, way before Seconal, Ambien, and the newer date rape drugs Rophenol.

Some of the date rape drugs are commonly found in any medicine cabinet. Perhaps the baby in the womb is already dead, should the woman carry the dead baby to term? Maybe the baby is brain damaged. Maybe the father is a drug addict. Let women decide, not the Fanatical Right Winged Republicans who can't distinguish a political party from a bible thumping religion.

Yes, we kill embryos, fetuses and if you like, we do kill babies all the time.

If Americans really want to save babies, why not stop creating illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and don't forget Vietnam. All illegal wars that killed lots of babies. The bigger picture goes way beyond abortion; the larger focus is the freedom to choose, constitutional rights for all and female power.



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