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“Legitimate Rape”

Posted by Lou

Extremely large polls often demonstrate present day attitudes of Americans.  The smallest poll that has any validity is a poll of 30 subjects.  Compare that "N" to  a poll of 3,130 adults, both men and women, concerning attitudes about abortion.

Only 15% of both men and women of these 3,130 subjects polled believe abortion should be illegal all the time.  A handful.  The significance of this large poll clearly shows two things:  (1) Preference for abortion is not just a women's issue and (2) Republicans are way out of step with the norm of American values.

Does she want to carry his child?

Legitimate Rape?

Stupidly, the Republicans showed their ultra-conservative hand when Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin remarked that there is such a thing as legitimate rape.  Does he actually believe American fathers want him deciding the future of their daughters' lives instead of the humanity of the likes of Obama and his followers? And to make matters worse, Akin declared he is still in the race and getting stronger.  He is within 1-3% points of Sen. McCaskill.

No wonder Mr. Obama's lead is getting wider over.  The ultra-conservative Republicans are scaring the daylights out of men, women, mothers, daughters and fathers all across America.  The abortion issue is not just a contraceptive matter.   It is a basic human right to be able to decide if and when one wants to raise another human being.  It is a basic human right to relieve oneself of an embryo or fetus obtained thru a violent crime.  It is a basic human right to control one's own body and future.

We often hear that the economy is more of an election issue than contraception.  What is basically wrong with this premise is that once contraception is mentioned, Americans may believe that the type (RU 486) or type of payment (covered under the Affordable Care Act or not) is being discussed.  The above huge poll shows Americans without any question want the ability to undergo an abortion or have a female relative have one--end of story.

Thank you, Todd Akin, for the Democratic Presidential victory in November.  Keep on talking about legitimate rape.


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