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Balancing the Budget on the Backs of the Poor and Our Children

Posted by Wally



There have been recent proposals to cut funding for Head Start as part of an overall federal spending reduction. What ever happened to the concept of “Leave No Child Behind”? Did we really mean “Leave No Rich Child Behind”?

Where are our priorities? We can give billions of dollars in tax cuts to the richest in the country and spend hundreds of billions of dollars trying to democratize the world, yet we cannot afford a few million dollars to help the poor in this country – not even to help their children get off to a good start with their education. We’ll lock’em up for 20 years if they get caught shop lifting a few times, but not a dime more for education and the possibility of a better life.

Most people understand that Head Start is a great program, but for those unfamiliar with the program the Macgraw-Hill dictionary has the following definition.

Compensatory education designed to provide children from low income families the opportunity to acquire the skills and experiences important for school success.”


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