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A Tale about Intelligent Species

Posted by Nate

Large scale structure of the Universe.


In the infinitely dark and mysterious Universe--somewhere in one of the billions of galaxy clusters in an insignificant region of the Universe--there is an ordinary galaxy. Humans call it the Milky Way.

Somewhere on the outskirts of this ordinary galaxy is an ordinary star. Humans call it the Sun. There are a few little specks of dirt rotating around this insignificant star, held by its gravitational field.

On one of the smaller specks rotating around the Sun, the dead matter, for reasons not yet fully understood, became organized, or self-organized. The dead matter became alive. It started to reproduce and change. Humans call this life.

Intelligent species

Eventually, due to strange circumstances, some forms of this live matter got an advantage and in time became dominant. And in a few short moments, by the Universe's measure of time, some of these forms became self-aware. Humans call this ability "intelligence."

So, that is how, unknown and invisible in this infinitely mysterious Universe, a little speck of dust became populated with intelligent species--Humans. In a few moments of Galactic time, humans invented tools that help them to survive and multiply. But most of all these tools helped these intelligent species to kill each other. The more humans killed each other, the more important they became in their eyes, and some of them who killed more became even more important.

Humans kill each other in name of God

Intelligent Species

As humans built better tools that helped them to survive, they killed more and more of their fellow humans. And, the most important of humans could kill thousand and millions of their own species.

So, on this insignificant, almost invisible speck of dust, the so-called intelligent form of matter became very busy killing each other and killing the other life forms that provide humans with means to survive. And, as some humans became more and more important (meaning, they could kill more other humans), they had less time to ponder on the mysteries of the great Universe. These humans were preoccupied with just one thing – how to become even more important, meaning to have more power over other humans' life.

But considering that tools helped humans to survive and multiply even faster then they could kill each other, human species infested the whole little planet they call Earth. And this little planet Earth got sick.

In the name of God

But the species, humans, were too busy fighting each other over many important things, like who is more important and whose God is more important--and by "God" they meant some entity that created the whole infinite, mysterious Universe just for them, humans. And this entity, this God, follows closely every human who lives on this little planet on the outskirts of an ordinary Galaxy. And this God, according to humans, checks how they dress, what they eat and how many other humans they kill in the name of this God.

So, during this short moment of the Universe's time, these intelligent species are busy killing each other and killing their little planet in order to become more important,

What have we done?!

meaning they will be able to kill more of their fellow humans.

And that is how this circle of life continues.

And the question comes up: Why do these species consider themselves intelligent?


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