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Breaking News! Obama is a Muslim!

Posted by Horse

Daily wisdom

Daily Widom


Obama is a Muslim. And here is the proof: Obama killed more Muslims than Bush. So why is that a proof? Well we all know that most Muslims usually are killed by Muslims.


Never Again

Posted by Nate

I have to write it.

Another conflict between Gaza Palestinians and Israel.

Rocket s are falling on Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Rockets have been falling on Israel since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza.

Rockets that target the civilian population.

It is the duty of any government to protect its citizens.

My fellow Americans:  Please imagine rockets falling on your land. 

On your towns, businesses, schools and homes.

What would you do? 

Bomb shelter

Bomb shelter

What would you demand our Government to do?

The Fate of Jewish people. 

Tragic and enlightening;

Sad and brilliant;

A past replete with unspeakable horrors and triumphs of the human spirit;

A future full of hopelessness and hope;

Sorrow and happiness.

An incredible story of a small tribe that, for reasons unknown, is unique among human civilization.

These are a people whose contributions to humanity supersedes its numbers. 



These are the people who gave the world the Bible.

Jews survived, while the mighty Roman Empire is long gone.

Jews survived the Spanish Inquisition and Russian pogroms.

We Jews were forced from Israel, our homeland, a thousand years ago, and yet we managed to survive and to preserve our unique identity.

Russian and European antisemitism and the Holocaust are just the latest tragedies for us Jews.

Our people have contributed so much to this hostile and cruel stepmother-world that refuses to accept us.

And yet we survived.

Survived,  wandering in the hope of finding a home, a permanent home, a country that will accept us Jews.

And not finding it. 

Nazi occupation


And being hated and persecuted again and again.

Local populations continually resentful of our ability to excel and succeed in spite of hostilities.

Yet there was always hope.

Hope that maybe, finally, Jews will be accepted as equals among other peoples.

And again and again, hopes destroyed, the tragedy reoccurs, lives lost.

And we start again.

Homeless and desperate and hoping, again, to find a home.

Always hopeful and always remembering our ancient home, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem that is sacred for every Jew.

The only home we ever had. 

Albert Einstein, a Jew

A Jew

The home that Jewish people were forced to abandon, but where our hearts have remained forever linked to Israel, to Jerusalem.

“Next year in Jerusalem”...

How hard it is to put into words how we Jews feel about Israel.

Thousands of years of persecutions, wandering without a homeland at the mercy of strangers in strange lands.

Thousands of years, trying to adapt, to become one of them, doing our best to excel.

To finally settle down, to stay.  Our children were born there and felt at home in this, our land.

And every time the tragedy, the forceful reminder,  the realization - we Jews do not belong. 

Charlie Chaplin. Sad and brilliant

Expelled once again.

But we survived as people, we kept our unique identity:

Sad and brilliant and an immortal tribe.

There is no country on Earth where Jews feel at home.

Except Israel, the only Jewish state. 

The state that was created in the place of our birth.

After the Holocaust.

The land of our fathers which a guilty world allowed Jews to come back to. 

After the Holocaust. Never again

After the Holocaust.

“Never Again”...

Never again will we be defenseless against the world.

We will defend this land.

Never again will survivors of the Holocaust let their enemies slaughter us.

Never again!

And again rockets are falling.

And our enemies rejoice, determined to finally annihilate us.

But not anymore. Not again!

We have our own country now.

We are not defenseless anymore. 

Jew will defend their only homeland

IDF soldiers.

Jews will defend the ancient land of their forefathers.

A little enclave of the 21st century surrounded by the 7th century mortal enemies.

This land is the worst place on Earth for a Jewish homeland.

This land is the only Jewish homeland

And Jews around the world are tied to Israel by the umbilical cord of spirituality, love, hope and safety.

Jews know that Israel will accept them, Israel's children, unconditionally.

No matter how much we love the countries we live in, there is a special spiritual connection to Israel, the only fatherland.

And Jews will defend it from a hostile and unfair world.

There is this eternal, unshakable optimism.

We just outlived our enemies through thousands of years, and we will survive again.

Because unlike our enemies, we love Life, not death.

But never again will we be defenseless.

Violence and Peace

Palestinians celebrate "victory" while Israelis celebrate peace.


I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Posted by 00tj8jh3


The election is over.  Obama won; Romney was shellacked.   The New York Times' Nate Silver has been showered with accolades and declared adept. Fox News' Dick Morris was pummeled with ridicule and labeled inept.  The majority of my family members, self-proclaimed liberals, are both elated and relieved.  My conservative friends and family are surprised, deflated and scared.

Who's Dick Morris?

Yes, It's President Romney

The electoral vote has been tallied; Obama: 332, Romney: 206.  But we all know it's not over.  This is a deeply divided country.  Where do we go from here?  It is readily apparent that many Americans are living in alternate and incompatible universes.

In 2012, eighty-four percent of our states voted just as they voted in 2008.  The talking-heads blamed Romney's defeat and credited Obama's victory on: rural vs. urban, old vs. young, single women vs. marrieds, takers vs. makers, black vs. white vs. brown, the top one percent vs. food stamp recipients.

"Versus" was, and is the dominant theme of American politics.  Opposing beliefs are so strident that talk of secession abounds.  Incredibly this extreme action is being supported by seemingly credible politicians.

The 2012 election did not take place in fifty states; it took place in just nine: Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  Less than 20 percent of our states were bombarded with ads and/or visits by the candidates.  Forty one states were simply taken for granted; they were simply ignored.   Illinois or Hawaii citizens rarely saw Presidential ads; Obama and Romney visited them not for the purpose of earning their votes, but rather to garner cash for  the purpose of  cajoling swayable voters in those nine anointed states.  Likewise, Mississippi and Alabama were ignored; their voting preferences were assumed.   Not surprisingly, they voted overwhelmingly Republican.  Why would they not?  They never heard from the Dems.

Since four out of five states in election after election are considered irrelevant, the citizens of these deeply blue or red states are self-educated; they are political home-schoolers.  They are introduced to and confronted with few new ideas.  Rarely are they challenged to question their belief system. Views are reinforced by neighbors who share their political preferences, religious beliefs and prejudices.  They may watch Fox, or MSNBC, but seldom both. They listen to either Rush Limbaugh or Ed Schultz, and confirm what they "learned" over a beer at the local bar, the church potluck, or while playing bridge.

The more Internet-savvy, younger Blues and Reds post tidbits from The Drudge Report or The Daily Kos.  They self-select, share, and agree.  The result: opinions harden, mistruths remain unchallenged, and our nation's divide becomes less bridgeable.

We read what we want to read, see what we want to see, and listen to what we want to hear.  Is this dilemma insolvable?  Pompously, I propose a solution.  In the 1950's there was a well-intentioned but now fingernail-scraping-on -blackboard uncomfortable program called, "Take a Negro to Lunch Day."   As repulsive as this now sounds, its intention was well-meaning.  It was a crude attempt to facilitate communication between peoples of different life experiences for the purpose of bringing them together.  I suggest a similar program, but with the more acceptable name, the I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours Program.  I outline the program's steps below:

A.  Find a person you can tolerate on a personal level, but with whom you have diametrically opposing political beliefs. Simply put, you consider him or her a political moron but a nice person and he or she feels the same about you.

B.  Set aside one two hour session per week for four consecutive weeks when both parties can meet alternately in each other's living room, den or home theatre.  Avoid conflicts with Monday Night Football, or Celebrity Apprentice.

I am unbiased

C.  At each session, the host will choose a politically charged show to view.  The conservative host might choose Sean Hannity,and the progressive's choice could be Rachel Maddow. The host also gets to choose pork rinds or imported brie as a snack,

D. Watch the show together, unarmed, and in SILENCE.  Following the show, discuss what you have seen and heard.  Calmness and lack of violence would truly help.

I am fair and balanced

Perhaps just perhaps, somebody might learn something.


One last word:  It is my strongly held belief that truth rarely lies squarely in the center between the extremes… Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity may both be dramatic and strident, but one of them is more often factually correct.   I leave that for you to decide when you and your friend agree to participate in I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours.

Where's the Brie


Posted by Nate

Daily wisdom

Daily wisdom

Peneral Petraeus with the mistress

All In

To err is human. But only a General can F#@k up so badly.


Nate Silver’s Truth Serum

Posted by ed

My friend Sherry Laten has captured the essence of Nate in this beautiful piece.--Ed McManus

Correct predictions

Science works.

Nate Silver, the New York Times' statistical election forecast wizard, really saved my sanity these last six months. The election for me, and I'm sure for many others, was a vindication that right (fair, just thinking and action) makes might, and that "doing the math", the alchemy of making gold from an expanding rainbow, really counts.

The election was my Passover Process, feeling the repression personally and politically, having taken many quicksand laden steps over several decades to finally reach another horizon toward the promised land. Nate Silver was my hefty staff, my divining and dividing rod, that pointed my heart and mind toward the mountaintop, giving me strength and calming my spirit during my daily journey.

Nate's great statistical mind, sculpted by his parents' commitments to political science and activism, became the guiding light for many anxious liberals like me. Every day, like others living underneath the cloud of financial and civil rights uncertainty, I sought his truth serum, my Valium, his carefully crafted dose of hair-splitting sunlight.

Relief and optimism after Obama reelection.

Hew hope

Then finally, several weeks before most pundits and politicians woke up from their long, loud, snoring snooze, I sighed. . . . Electricity tingled throughout my spine, raised the hairs on my head, and settled my mind. I knew from Nate's analysis that President Obama had a very high probability of being re-elected. Nate's rich, mellow, salty, barbecued, baked, refried, stir-fried, boiled, black, brown, green, red, white and navy statistical bean count told me so. These beans sprouted up from all over the swinging cities and states of Cleveland, Charlotte, Detroit, Des Moines, Denver, Miami, Madison, Minneapolis, Nashua, Norfolk, Nebraska, and Nevada.

I knew that some of the cloud would now be lifted. I knew that, again, Obama's presidency would bend the arched rainbow just that much closer toward a more inclusive, just, economically stable and perfect union. And I knew that, again, I would feel safe and loved--and that politics is really personal.
--Sherry Laten, L.C.S.W., Ph.D., clinical social worker, special educator & advocate

Article on Nate:


Horses for Romney

Posted by Horse

Daily wisdom

Daily wisdom



Back in the barn

Well . . .we horses underestimated Barack Obama and overestimated the power of the old white angry men. Mitt was preparing us for the victory dance. Instead we got stuck in the barn. We would have won if not for women and students and minorities and Sandy and those smart liberal people. And those liberal Catholic bishops. But there is one black hero who fully supports Mitt and us: Allen West. A pure breed. In a July 2011 post on the website Red Country, West wrote, “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” But don't despair, Allen. We are with you. With your help we will keep the gene pool pure.



Posted by Nate

We Americans are so proud of our Democracy that we want to export it to other countries.

Do you want to show to the World what Democracy is all about?



The last word from our contributors

Posted by Nate



Please vote to lessen the likelihood of us going off the cliff, not the "fiscal" cliff, but rather the environmental cliff, the knowledge cliff and the equality cliff. The goal of an amoral Romney and the G.O.P. is simply to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of a few. If they prevail, I fear they will do whatever it takes to preserve their riches and dominion. The preponderance of voter suppression and misinformation by the G.O.P in this election should provide fair warning to all of us that oligarchs do not give up power easily. This may be our last chance.



Obama wins, popular vote within 1%, Obama 290 +/- 5 electoral votes. Republicans are desperate.

Wally about the danger of electing Republican President



When asked to provide a brief paragraph regarding final thoughts on the election, of course I said yes. What a great idea! Let’s start with the fact that our two-party system is broken, probably beyond repair. That’s why I’ll be looking at alternatives in the future. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that it looks more like a Fascist Party to me. “Let’s round up all those illegal Hispanics and put them in camps.” I don’t think I’ll be voting Republican any time soon. And although the Democrats are certainly the lesser of two evils, they are far from innocent regarding the gridlock in Congress and the current partisan politics. Maybe it’s time to look at the Citizens Party, the Green Party, or even independent candidates like Ron Paul. You say a wasted vote. At this point what’s the difference? The Republicans and Democrats are both owned by big business and money. Something has to change. The partisan politics has to stop. The filibusters have to stop. Were there really over 300 filibusters by the Republicans during the Obama administration? It’s about time our leaders learn how to play nice together in their little Washington sandbox. I believe this could happen if Obama is re-elected, the Democrats maintain a majority in the Senate, and they pick up a few seats in the House. With no more focus on just destroying Obama at the expense of the nation the Republicans might come to their senses. They might even reflect on the changing demographics in the country and come to the realization that the party will not survive if it doesn’t become a little more inclusive.

Nate about the Tea Party



In my opinion, if Romney wins and the Tea Party will dictate policies, we are in for a huge crash. The crisis of 2008 will look mild in comparison. Too many zealots in Congress create a real dangerous situation. We cannot allow the ignorant fanatics to control America.

Susan about the Chicago Tribune endorsement of Obama



Once again, President Barack Obama will enjoy his hometown Tribune's seal of approval, the newspaper has announced. The paper lauded the president for his careful projection of military power abroad and pragmatism as the country's economic "dominoes toppled."  The Tribune editorial reads:

Four years ago, when we endorsed Obama’s run for the White House, we said he would act with decisiveness and intellectual rigor. Ironically he has shown those attributes most where Americans might have expected them least.

The right-leaning paper admitted that Mitt Romney's policies should have made him a more obvious choice for their endorsement, but they described the GOP nominee as "astonishingly willing to bend his views to the politics of the moment: on abortion, on immigration, on gun laws and, most famously, on health care."

The most recent polling on the presidential race showed Romney narrowly leading Obama nationally, while Obama maintains an edge in the key battleground states.

Anna about Romney and Tea party combination



No matter who is elected President, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, the country will continue to live and strive. The economy will grow. If Obama is re-elected, he will take credit for putting policies in place that allowed the economy to improve and grow. If Romney is elected, he will takes all the credit for the next good economic years.

The difference, we as a country will experience, will be in our social policies, in the shape of our society. Are we going to have a society with equal rights for all, or one that focuses on individualism? Are we going to be an equal partner in the world or will we protect our society from the outside world? Are we going to have a government for the people or a government for the highest bidder?

These are the choices. Hopefully, after Nov. 6, we will get back to being Americans, we will smile at our neighbors, shake hands with those with whom we disagree, help those who need our help, celebrate together.

The best is still in our future, not in our past.



There is much discussion on TV about what a close race it is, and little acknowledgment of Nate Silver's analysis of the battleground states.  At last word, Silver gave Obama an 85.5% chance of winning the electoral college.  I hope he is right, because if Romney wins the election, it will be a very, very sad day.  A Romney win will be a win for the Tea Party, which represents everything bad about America.  The most disturbing thing going on, to me, is the racism--the fact that enormous numbers of people will vote against Obama because of his color, not because they like Romney or even because they care about issues. 

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