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Never Again

Posted by Nate

I have to write it.

Another conflict between Gaza Palestinians and Israel.

Rocket s are falling on Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Rockets have been falling on Israel since Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza.

Rockets that target the civilian population.

It is the duty of any government to protect its citizens.

My fellow Americans:  Please imagine rockets falling on your land. 

On your towns, businesses, schools and homes.

What would you do? 

Bomb shelter

Bomb shelter

What would you demand our Government to do?

The Fate of Jewish people. 

Tragic and enlightening;

Sad and brilliant;

A past replete with unspeakable horrors and triumphs of the human spirit;

A future full of hopelessness and hope;

Sorrow and happiness.

An incredible story of a small tribe that, for reasons unknown, is unique among human civilization.

These are a people whose contributions to humanity supersedes its numbers. 



These are the people who gave the world the Bible.

Jews survived, while the mighty Roman Empire is long gone.

Jews survived the Spanish Inquisition and Russian pogroms.

We Jews were forced from Israel, our homeland, a thousand years ago, and yet we managed to survive and to preserve our unique identity.

Russian and European antisemitism and the Holocaust are just the latest tragedies for us Jews.

Our people have contributed so much to this hostile and cruel stepmother-world that refuses to accept us.

And yet we survived.

Survived,  wandering in the hope of finding a home, a permanent home, a country that will accept us Jews.

And not finding it. 

Nazi occupation


And being hated and persecuted again and again.

Local populations continually resentful of our ability to excel and succeed in spite of hostilities.

Yet there was always hope.

Hope that maybe, finally, Jews will be accepted as equals among other peoples.

And again and again, hopes destroyed, the tragedy reoccurs, lives lost.

And we start again.

Homeless and desperate and hoping, again, to find a home.

Always hopeful and always remembering our ancient home, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem that is sacred for every Jew.

The only home we ever had. 

Albert Einstein, a Jew

A Jew

The home that Jewish people were forced to abandon, but where our hearts have remained forever linked to Israel, to Jerusalem.

“Next year in Jerusalem”...

How hard it is to put into words how we Jews feel about Israel.

Thousands of years of persecutions, wandering without a homeland at the mercy of strangers in strange lands.

Thousands of years, trying to adapt, to become one of them, doing our best to excel.

To finally settle down, to stay.  Our children were born there and felt at home in this, our land.

And every time the tragedy, the forceful reminder,  the realization - we Jews do not belong. 

Charlie Chaplin. Sad and brilliant

Expelled once again.

But we survived as people, we kept our unique identity:

Sad and brilliant and an immortal tribe.

There is no country on Earth where Jews feel at home.

Except Israel, the only Jewish state. 

The state that was created in the place of our birth.

After the Holocaust.

The land of our fathers which a guilty world allowed Jews to come back to. 

After the Holocaust. Never again

After the Holocaust.

“Never Again”...

Never again will we be defenseless against the world.

We will defend this land.

Never again will survivors of the Holocaust let their enemies slaughter us.

Never again!

And again rockets are falling.

And our enemies rejoice, determined to finally annihilate us.

But not anymore. Not again!

We have our own country now.

We are not defenseless anymore. 

Jew will defend their only homeland

IDF soldiers.

Jews will defend the ancient land of their forefathers.

A little enclave of the 21st century surrounded by the 7th century mortal enemies.

This land is the worst place on Earth for a Jewish homeland.

This land is the only Jewish homeland

And Jews around the world are tied to Israel by the umbilical cord of spirituality, love, hope and safety.

Jews know that Israel will accept them, Israel's children, unconditionally.

No matter how much we love the countries we live in, there is a special spiritual connection to Israel, the only fatherland.

And Jews will defend it from a hostile and unfair world.

There is this eternal, unshakable optimism.

We just outlived our enemies through thousands of years, and we will survive again.

Because unlike our enemies, we love Life, not death.

But never again will we be defenseless.

Violence and Peace

Palestinians celebrate "victory" while Israelis celebrate peace.


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