Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Common Denominator

Posted by Horse

Assault weapons ban.

Daily wisdom

Sacrificing the future

America the Beautiful

Two firefighters dead, two injured in Webster, N.Y.; shooter found dead. Here we go again. Children, teachers, firefighters. What was the common denominator with all these killings? These people were shot! With guns. Different places, different circumstances. The only thing in common was guns. Guns. So what would be the next sensible thing to do?  Maybe enact better gun laws? What an enlightening idea! As for those who scream that outlawing assault weapons is limiting your freedom: Drop dead. Maybe that will save some innocent lives.




The definition of insanity

Posted by Nate

Definition of insanityThe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When I am trying to make sense of some actions and statements by members of the Republican Party, some interesting parallels come to mind.

A few examples:

Taxes and the GOP

Republican supporters


Let's cut taxes for the rich and the economy will grow.

Republicans tried it again and again with disastrous results.

So what is the new approach adopted by the GOP?  CUT TAXES!

Gun control laws

More people are shot in America than in the rest of the developed countries combined.

The GOP proposed solution?


So Americans buy more guns.

And more people die.

NRA solution

NRA solution

And now after 20 little kids were killed by a gunman, Republicans came up with the brilliant idea: Let's arm teachers.

In order to do that, all teachers will have to complete firearms training.

Here we come, Police Academy!


Republicans lost the election because a sensible candidate could not win the GOP primary.


Is it just stupid stubbornness or is it a pathological case?

Crazy fringe of the GOP

Way to go, GOP!

But we've got to get rid of these nuts, so go ahead, Republicans. Just continue to be stupid.

We'll see if that will help you win the next election.

Make my day!


The Irony of Fate

Posted by Horse

.From Horse's Mouth

Daily wisdom


Obsession with guns in America.

Guns for him?

Mother got shot by her own gun that she kept for safety. Stupidity kills. Considering the sheer number of stupid in America the guns should be outlawed. 


Freedom and Fear

Posted by Nate

Shooting in CT


shootingTragedy struck.


It hurts.

Little kids. Young lives ended violently and mindlessly.

It hurts to think about this.

Why? It doesn't make sense.

So many kids.

Young and beautiful souls, our future, extinguished.

Brutally killed with military-style guns and bullets.

Yes, it happened again.

And you want to scream, “Stop!”

And the anger rises, anger at those who sell death for profit.

Anger at the hypocrites who kill abortion doctors and who refuse to outlaw weapons of mass killing.

Anger at our inept and cowardly politicians who are getting paid with blood money.

Paid with profits from the death of our children.

Young kids with guns

Stupidity is forever.

Anger at the stupidity of the talking heads, whose answer to this tragedy is more guns.

So many innocent lives lost.

It is so easy.

It is so easy to buy guns.

Why is it easier to buy guns then to get healthcare in the USA?

Anger boils as I feel helpless.

How helpless we are stop the paranoia!

Our children are being killed again and again,

And we are unable to prevent the senseless tragedy.

Sometimes I feel like we are prisoners in our own country.

Freedom is a popular word in America.

Guns and fear

Fear rules

We love freedom--the freedom to bear arms.

Is that freedom?

Are these little kids free now?

Free to live their lives?

Are their parents free--free to raise and enjoy their kids and grandkids?

Are the teachers free? Those who died and those who survived?

Teachers who are now afraid for their lives and for the lives of the kids they teach?

Teachers who survived, who gave so much to these kids--kids whose lives were ended by a deranged maniac armed for combat?

Are we really free?

Do we feel free knowing that the stranger next to us may pull out a gun and start shooting?

Do we feel free living in fear?

Fear for our children, fear for our loved ones?

Can we as a society understand that we are in a downward spiral of madness and paranoia?

Is that the freedom that we love so much?

Selling weapons and death.

Blood money

Are we as a society being sacrificed for profit and a Wild West philosophy?

Fear rules in America!

And to deal with the fear we buy more guns.

And we fear even more, knowing that any of these people around us may start shooting.

In parks, in movie theaters, in schools, anywhere.

And the fear gets stronger, more powerful.

Fear takes over.

You are not free!

Fear separates us, fear poisons our society.

And the society breaks apart.

Fear poisons our souls, and destroys our happiness.

We need to stop guns


We need each other.

We are made this way.

Guns don't just kill us.

Guns kill our union, our country.

Fear overwhelms. You need better protection, more guns, bigger guns.

And the madness continues.


From Horse’s Mouth: The Ultimatum

Posted by Nate

Upper 2% and fiscal cliff

Horse took a day off.

Republicans sold their souls to Grover Norquist

The Great Wizard of GOP OZ

The rich gave Obama an ultimatum. They will jump off the cliff if he raises their taxes. The great wizard of GOP Oz,  Grover Norquist, told them to do so. And they will. And this has nothing to do with the golden parachutes they are taking with them!


Posted by Nate

Daily wisdom

Daily wisdom


My fellow rich Americans. This country is galloping towards the “fiscal cliff.”  We, the select top 2% of horses  in America, we, the "Romney" horses challenge you to impress and demonstrate to that  remaining 98%, you know, those insignificant and less American Americans, that while we are proud of and deserve our superior status, we are willing to increase our tax rate by 3% out of  the goodness of our hearts.  We are also cognizant that if we don't, that inept, lowly 98% may just drag us with them over the cliff.  Please tell our show horse, Mr. John Boehner, to get busy and start pulling the wagon away from the cliff's edge. 


M. Romney - Champion Show Horse


Energy dependence and food waste

Posted by Nate

Coming food crisis
Food shortages

Coming global food crisis

World grain reserves are so dangerously low that severe weather in the United States or other food-exporting countries could trigger a major hunger crisis next year, the United Nations has warned.
Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Research Center in Washington, says that the climate is no longer reliable and the demands for food are growing so fast that a breakdown is inevitable, unless urgent action is taken.

On the one hand, more than a billion people are encouraged to consume too much of the wrong foods and become obese, while on the other hand, there is a scourge of hunger and nearly a billion people are severely malnourished.

We ought to be able to solve this problem.

Billions are starving while some sre getting obese

UN warns of food crisis in 2013


Food crisis in 2013

Presently, there is theoretically enough food on the planet to provide each person with 3,500 calories per day, which is 1,000 calories more than necessary. But the problem is distribution:  monumental waste of food that is discarded in the fields or at sea, or is thrown away by rich consumers; the diversion of human food to livestock feed; and the burning of good food as biofuels for cars and so-called ‘green energy’. And all of this industrial commodity production is carried out at the expense of the environment and the livelihoods of people who depend on the land and coastal waters 

Drill, baby, drill! 
More energy needed for crop production, storage and delivery.
More fertilizers.
Genetically engineered crops.
increasing water consumption for irrigation--watering the fields.
And all this is going to waste--30% of it!
What can we do to reduce energy consumption in a sensible way?

America's energy dependence.

Humanity . . . wasted 

Food waste

Colossal food waste in the world

Recent spikes in food prices have led to increasing concern about global food shortages and the apparent need to increase agricultural production. Surprisingly little discussion has been devoted to the issue of food waste. We found that US per capita food waste has progressively increased by ~50% since 1974. Food waste now accounts for more than one quarter of the total freshwater consumption and ~300 million barrels of oil per year.

A study revealed that Americans throw away 40% of the food supply annually, a 50% increase since the 1970s that totals roughly $165 billion annually. The average American family of four throws away $2,275 each year in food alone. Even a 15% reduction in losses in the US food supply would save enough to feed 25 million Americans a year, and almost 20 million Americans are struggling to put food on the table.

Where is food wasted?

Farms--picking crops





Avoidable food waste

A recent study by the Food and Agriculture Organization (Gustavsson, et al., 2011) reported that one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, amounting to as much as 1.2 billion metric tonnes annually. This also inevitably means that huge amounts of the resources used in food production are used in vain, and that the greenhouse gas emissions caused by production of food that gets lost or wasted are also emissions in vain.

Food shortages and obesity epidemicOverall, on a per capita basis, much more food is wasted in the industrialized world than in developing countries. We estimate that the per capita food waste by consumers in Europe and North America is 95-115 kg/year, while this figure in Sub-Saharan Africa and South/Southeast Asia is only 6-11 kg/year.

"We have a cheap food policy in America. When things are cheap, people don't care so much about wasting it."

Research shows that energy consumption can be reduced by around 50 percent by the adoption of traditional farming and following a healthier diet pattern. The energy required to produce junk and processed foods is much more than what is used to produce staple foods. If Americans reduced their junk food consumption it would affect fuel consumption in a major way and also help in improving their health. 

Producing food locally reduces waste

Local markets

The overall cost of all this loss easily totals hundreds of billions of dollars. Simply thinking more about conserving food could make a big difference. Unlike our ancestors, most of us aren't involved in producing our own food. We just buy it from the store. That distances us from the work that it takes to make food and, therefore, its value. Many people don't understand that leftovers can be saved or frozen. A surprising number think it actually goes bad at the end of a meal! Simply adjusting the way we think about food could make us try harder to conserve it.

A lot of food for thought.


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