Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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The plight of the super rich due to a growing tax burden.

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Rich are fine.

How are we going to pay for all this with huge(3%) tax hike!!??

The Super Rich are Falling on Hard Times.

 A Chicago Tribune story describes gut wrenching family hardship. A family is forced to demolish a super luxury home due to the lack of space. They must make a choice between living in cramped quarters of a miniscule 13 thousand square feet or demolishing a decrepit 20 years old mansion. In tears, the family decides to demolish the old house. I was almost in tears myself reading this sad sad story. So I decided to investigate. Result: the news is appalling. It is happening all over America.

Due to lack of living space, the  super rich are snapping up old decrepit mansions and then, out of need, must demolish them in order to build new ones suitable for decent living. Really how can a family live in less than 13 thousand square feet?

The super rich

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Will you let us in your servants house?

Will you let us in your servants house?

"Mega mansion frenzy: Buyer snaps up Pat Riley’s $16M home to level it,  and then rebuilds. 

Ultra-luxury homes in Miami are hitting record prices as the super-rich look for bigger and better homes with de rigueur waterfront views."

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Our poor overtaxed 1%, I feel your pain . And so do your and my Republican friends.  Together we will not disappoint you. This is America... this suffering must and will end!

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