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FEMA and Oklahoma

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Oklahoma disaster.


True Fiscal Conservatives.

Nearly four months ago, Oklahoma Senators Tom Coburn and James Inhofe both voted against H.R.152, the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act that eventually sent $50.5 billion in relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. And in the flurry of last night's devastation in Moore, Oklahoma, it was impossible not to forget that fact, knowing the federal government would soon rallyto the cause.

Coburn spokesman John Hart on Monday evening confirmed that in 2011 both senators opposed legislation that would have granted necessary funding for FEMA when the agency was set to run out of money.  Sending the funds to FEMA would have been "unconscionable," Coburn said at the time.

 Tom Coburn and James Inhofe

Awkward !

So let me explain to you liberals and FEMA sympathizers what true conservatives do to really help their constituents.

"My thoughts and prayers are with those in Oklahoma affected by the tragic tornado outbreak." Said Senator Coburn, "We all, he said, are providing the most important disaster relief - our prayers."

But in case prayers are not enough, Senators Tom Coburn and James Inhofe insist on immediate money transfer from school lunches money to Oklahoma disaster relief for their state.

Also Senator Coburn will seek to ensure that any additional funding for tornado disaster relief in Oklahoma be offset by cuts to the FEMA disaster relief fund.

The fiscally responsible Oklahoma Senators also demanded that neighbors whose houses survived the tornadoes refuse Government's relief money and allocate a portion of their incomes to help their less fortunate neighbors.  “This should not be called a tax because fiscally conservative Senators demanded the money, not this Socialist Obama and his big Government.”

In conclusion we want to express our outrage that “Nature” is in cahoots with these liberal, godless scientists and their loony, godless “Climate Change” nonsense. Let's pray to our fiscally conservative God, Grover Norquist. 

Grover Norquist

In God we trust

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