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Shooting Mexicans with Drones.

Posted by Nate

Immigration bill

America the beautiful

Immigration bill

Daily Wisdom

Brilliant Strategy!

Republicans secretly decided to build the fence on the Mexican border just in case they win the elections and Americans will try to escape to Mexico.  So to finance the project of the century, severe fiscally-conservative Tea Party leaders decided to take money from the food stamps program.  This brilliant move will assure that money is not wasted on these gold diggers who are currently getting food stamps and that these free loaders will not escape to Mexico and embarrass sensitive and fragile Tea Party members.

Also, The Great Leader of North Korea demanded that the US stops reinforcing it's border with Mexico.  He is worried that this US-Mexico highly militarized border will overtake the North - South Korean border as the most militarized in the world.  The Great One cannot allow this.

Militarized border

Observe and learn North Korea!

I just wonder if these American Tea Party patriots would lead by example and go pick tomatoes instead of wasting time in Congress. It is strange human logic that, while cutting money on education, they are ready to spend 30 billion dollars on mostly unnecessary 700 miles of new fence and double the border security personnel.  Humans...


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