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Like Father, Like Son

My main issue with the "whistleblower", Edward Snowden, is that out of all countries, he escaped to Russia.  I can accept that he did and I have no doubt in my mind that the Russians got everything that Snowden got.  No wonder Putin does not want to give this information to anybody else.  And please understand - Russia is not our friend.

Snowden if effect stole sensitive information for Russia.

Russia. A beacon of freedom.

I was born there.  So were my parents, my grandparents and countless generations of my relatives.  I lived there for 30 years.  I do not know everything about Russia.  In fact because I left over 30 years ago, I do not know a lot about this huge, dark and sad country.  But I know many people there.  I read and listen and watch.  So with a clear conscience I can say that Russia is the last country on this planet where one would go to find freedom and justice.

Here is an excerpt:  “Crimes unchecked, often cursorily investigated.  Crimes against freedom bathed in slothful impunity.  Many, many die, but few merit even a semblance of justice.  Of course, precise figuring in case after case isn't possible.  A more general conclusion, though, is inescapable.  Russia is one of the world's most perilous places to practice journalism or any kind of truth-telling.  Far outside Moscow, in the scattered republics, anything goes – and goes unavenged.  Inside Moscow, rulers who pay lip service to human rights parade only an indifference that makes them complicit in these crimes. Mr Kamalov died on the very day that Russia's journalist organizations had banded together to commemorate those of their colleagues who'd been slain.  Bitter irony.  How many more, Mr Putin?  How long are we supposed to mourn fellow journalists who died trying to tell us, and their fellow Russians, what a slack, slimy, savage state you run?”

That's what Snowden's father told during an interview:

“It is simply the behavior of our government.  I have lost confidence that they are operating in good faith.  Where, at this point, unless someone has been living in a cave or doesn’t have a TV, can my son get a fair trial? ... Make no mistake, they are speaking to the jury pool, the American people.  ‘He’s a traitor, he’s guilty of this, he’s guilty of that.’  It’s horrendous what they have done.’’

I wonder what Mr. Snowden and his father expected from Russian justice?  Also I am not crazy about the media in the US and elsewhere, the media grabbed the previous scandals and ran with them.  Watergate, the Pentagon Papers and so on.  So these are lame excuses.  The main reason, in my opinion, Snowden is hiding is because he is a coward and a fool.  And so is Snowden, senior.

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