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Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Posted by Nate

A recent report revealed almost a quarter of women aged between 40 and 44 with a master’s degree don’t have children and that the more educated and successful a woman, the less likely she is to become a mother. 

Childless by choice.

Emotionally challenged.  “But, as therapist Marisa Peer says, the women who believe they are too clever for children will cost future generations dearly.  ‘Recent studies show intellect is passed on through females not males.  So for very bright women not to pass on those genes is a great shame.’ "

I personally think that women whose life purpose is their career and self-indulgence are deprived of spirituality and the understanding of life in general.  Intelligence is not just the ability to do math or to run a business.  Intelligence is understanding Life.

Love, sacrifice and the joys of parenting are much deeper and stronger than superficial and selfish materialism.  Yes, sometimes it is exhausting and frustrating.  Yes, it is not easy.  But that is why children make your life fuller and more rewarding.  And I don't mean in a material sense, but participating as your child grows, physically and spiritually.


Rewording and enlightening having kids

Joys and hardships and love.

To be, affection.  To know that your kids need you.  That you gave life to another human being.  No work, no career can substitute for love. To have your loved ones near you when your journey, your life nears the end. And yes, leaving somebody behind when you are gone.

The reason that “intelligent” women do not want to have children is that they rationalize their lives.  They basically are finding "intelligent" excuses for not wanting to have kids.  And rationality is not one of the strong human traits.

People don’t realize the extent of human irrationality.  We are emotional creatures.  Our emotions are a part of us.  Our emotions shape us.  Yes, we also have rationality, but emotion and subjective experience is not controlled by rationality. ”

Here is a beautiful quote: Yes, having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit. ~ Bill Cosby, Fatherhood

Childless and clueless.

Just stay there!

In conclusion I think that people who don't want to have kids probably shouldn't because nature is wise.  And these people are just not parent material. 

"Ladies who are too clever for babies should not have any.  Such a shame their own mothers didn’t feel the same way, no?"


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