Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Jon Stewart about Ted McCruz

Posted by Horse

Government shut doun

Daily Wisdom

Republicans holding America hostage while Tea Baggers holding Republicans hostage. They are concerned that Americans might like the Obamacare. And the world looks in disbelief at the infinite selfishness and ignorance of the GOP. If we horses would behave like that we would have been skinned and converted into boots.
Is it a comedy - drama or a drama - comedy? Or just a plain domestic terrorism? Surreal!


Hostage Situation or “Death to America”

Posted by Nate

Republican party infighting.

GOP in shambles.

Breaking news!

Tea Baggers hold America hostage.

They hold America hostage.

A hostage situation.

Professional hostage takers otherwise known as House Republicans are holding America hostage.


They threaten to kill America if their demands are not met.

They demand:

Kill Obama's baby called Obamacare because it is the Devil incarnate conceived by a communist Muslim Kenyan Hussein Obama and this “child” will kill you if allowed to grow up.

Kill the Department of Education because it makes people smart and smart people are dangerous for America and for Congress in particular.

GOP House is a disaster.

Kill Obamacare or else!

Full of compassion the hostage-takers who proudly call themselves, “Warriors of the House's Outraged Republican Elite” or WHOREs demand to take money away from these freeloaders gorging on food stamps and school lunches and force feed our starving, anorexic Military Industrial Complex.

The Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a measure to roll back spending on B61 nuclear bombs deployed and stored in Europe. ”

In addition hostage takers demand to cut more food stamps programs that discriminate against the rich and give the proceeds to them (the rich).

If their demands are not met, these brave WHOREs will kill this country full of freeloaders to end the suffering of the minorities in America (the rich).

At this time negotiations between the WH (White House) and the WHOREs are under way.

Details to follow.


Letter from a GULAG Camp in Vikhorevka. New Year, 1955, Night

Posted by Nate

Catching up with the Present

Older than my father

By my father Isaac Kagan

Dear Riva and kids,


Better times

The first page of the new calendar 1955 is open already.

Despite the accepted rules for good wishes at the end of the letter, I start my New Year's letter exactly with these.

Let this new year be the year of happy reunion, happy family life!

It’s really time now for it. (It is long overdue.)

Although last year was so full of happy hopes of reunion; hopes that in the new year we will be together, but the time is not here yet, I guess. In reality, the time came a long time ago, but we were not successful yet in proving my innocence, although it is like proving the obvious that 2+2 is 4.

So far, the time stretches as in the past. My head is heavy from all kind of thoughts, assumptions, dreams.

The letter from GULAG

1951. Our family before the arrest of my father

Only in my dreams at night, there are happy moments that I am finally home, next to my dear family. Everybody together, you my dear wife Riva, my dear children, myself, walking on the streets of Bobruysk, in the center - prematurely gray-haired father and mother, on each side - kids. People smile at us, friends, relatives. My happy little son, shows me his school. And suddenly, seeing his teacher he says whispering - "This is my teacher." People say about my daughter - " How good she is, how lovely she looks."

The blood pulses faster in my temples from such thoughts, and I feel endless happiness.

It is evening, home, everybody is here. The whole family is together at night. My son is sitting at the table and doing his homework. My good "old lady" Riva is fixing some cloth.

Grandma is busy in the kitchen. I am next to my dear wife reading a book to her aloud, combining pleasure with necessity. How wonderful everything is around me! Every corner of the house, every piece in the house has this sense of a warm feeling of family, the feeling is so warm, so joyous, we should live like that for thousands of years.

But... somebody knocked. I open my eyes, was this a dream? How fleeting was the dream!

I am forcing myself to close my eyes - come back, come back my sweet, happy dream. What a wonderful feeling I had 2 minutes ago, how good I felt!

Before freedom


Baba Riva

Mom 1998

But I cannot fell asleep again. And again different thoughts are taking over me. I start to dream, try to continue my dream. But my heart is heavier and heavier, I feel harsh reality - my dear house, my dear family is far away, a thousand kilometers from here.

New Year night is here. What is awaiting me, what paths, what kind of life?

I am telling myself with trepidation: "My health, the most important thing, please do not let me down, help me to see my beloved wife, my dear children, my relatives and close friends."...

My dear friend, New Year, please bring health and happiness to all of us, to all who are close to my heart, let our dream of aaast reunion become true.

Be healthy my dear!

Big kisses. Your Isaac.


Weapons, Not Food

Posted by Nate

House votes to keep increased spending on ‘unneeded and unwanted’ nuclear bombs (via Raw Story )

The Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a measure to roll back spending on B61 nuclear bombs deployed and stored in Europe. Democratic Reps. Jared Polis (CO) and Mike Quigley (IL) proposed an amendment to a water and energy…


God, the Ten Commandments and Free Will.

Posted by Nate

 commandment (kəˈmɑːndmənt)

Following the Ten Commandments.

Fear rules.

1. a divine command, esp one of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament

2. literally any command
I have a question.
If people obey the Ten Commandments because they fear God, what does that say about people?
What does it say about God?
Which person has a higher moral standing:
1. One that follows God's orders to be good out of fear?

2. Or one that is good because of moral convictions?

Or maybe these Ten Commandments are just suggestions?

Do believers follow the Bible out of fear?

Fear or free will?

Are some believers just selfish and follow God's suggestions to get rewarded “in heaven”?

Do we humans have free will?
And if we do have free will and choose to ignore the Commandments, do "God's suggestions" fall on deaf ears?
The Omnipotent God?
Or just a Santa Claus?  If you have been good, you will get a gift when you die.
Asking God's forgiveness just in case.

I must have sinned! Sorry!

During prayers on Yom Kippur, Jews ask for forgiveness of a long list of sins they may have committed.

When I asked someone what sins they had committed, they were not sure but were asking for forgiveness anyway...just in case.  So are we learning
anything from our mistakes?  Or are we just asking for forgiveness wholesale?  Just in case?
I have an idea: we should write down our sins and compare them to the list in the Bible to see if ours are on the list.
If yes than ask for forgiveness.  On the other hand if God is all-knowing, why bother with the list in the first place?  God knows your sins anyway.
So God please forgive me this sin – asking stupid questions.

Experts, Criminals and Liars.

Posted by Nate


Still defending Iraq invasion?

Talking heads

War criminals becoming "experts"

Today on Fareed Zakaria one of the “experts” he invited to his discussion about Syria was Paul Wolfowitz.

Why is it acceptable for hosts to invite “experts” who have proven to be dead wrong every time?  Talking heads that became caricatures, buffoons and demagogues.

Experts like Dick, the grim reaper, Cheney, Paul, the “conqueror of Iraq”, Wolfowitz, Donald (duck) Rumsfeld, Bill, "bomb them all", Kristol.

Why in the world would I listen to these “experts” who, while living comfortably and free of danger, helped to push our country into a disastrous war...these same “experts” who caused death and suffering and economic disasters?

Experts are the ones who screwed up and consult others.

Loud speaker to a demagogue.

And I am accusing hosts like Zakaria and Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell and others for pretending to talk to experts while inviting the lying, selfish bastards to their shows.

And another “expert” whom I call the "war criminal", Richard Perle.

I am asking you, TV and radio hosts that claim to be impartial and responsible reporters, why are you undermining your credibility by inviting known, lying criminals whose only agenda is to give excuses for their crimes and their stupidity?

Just listen to this one trying to weasel out of the responsibility of the Iraq war.


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