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Hostage Situation or “Death to America”

Republican party infighting.

GOP in shambles.

Breaking news!

Tea Baggers hold America hostage.

They hold America hostage.

A hostage situation.

Professional hostage takers otherwise known as House Republicans are holding America hostage.


They threaten to kill America if their demands are not met.

They demand:

Kill Obama's baby called Obamacare because it is the Devil incarnate conceived by a communist Muslim Kenyan Hussein Obama and this “child” will kill you if allowed to grow up.

Kill the Department of Education because it makes people smart and smart people are dangerous for America and for Congress in particular.

GOP House is a disaster.

Kill Obamacare or else!

Full of compassion the hostage-takers who proudly call themselves, “Warriors of the House's Outraged Republican Elite” or WHOREs demand to take money away from these freeloaders gorging on food stamps and school lunches and force feed our starving, anorexic Military Industrial Complex.

The Republican-led House of Representatives on Wednesday rejected a measure to roll back spending on B61 nuclear bombs deployed and stored in Europe. ”

In addition hostage takers demand to cut more food stamps programs that discriminate against the rich and give the proceeds to them (the rich).

If their demands are not met, these brave WHOREs will kill this country full of freeloaders to end the suffering of the minorities in America (the rich).

At this time negotiations between the WH (White House) and the WHOREs are under way.

Details to follow.

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