Blue Hands

Inept Republican party
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The face of the GOP
The face of the GOP


After the State of the Union, you could recognize Republicans by their blue hands.  Why?  You try to sit on your hands for an hour!  On the other hand the GOP should have gotten used to it.  They have been sitting on their hands for over two years now.

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Author: Nate

We emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1979. I am proud of my children who grew up here in America. America is truly a great country and I am trying to do what I can to keep America great. We the people need to participate in a Democracy. I think that in a Democracy we need to constantly be vigilant and work to uphold our way of life. I am fighting for the freedom of speech and expression and against all kinds of extremes including political correctness.

2 thoughts on “Blue Hands”

  1. Yes! And the minute President Obama declares he will use whatever executive power he has to pass certain legislation, the Republicans cry, “Obama refuses to work with us to heal the divisiveness in the Congress.” Give me a break!!

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