An Exercise in Logic.

The Middle East
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What The “Two-State Solution” Has to Do with the Rise of Islamic Extremism: Zero

“What Kerry perhaps does not know is that the Islamic State is not interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at all. Unlike Kerry, Sunni scholars fully understand that the Islamic State has more to do with Islam and terrorism than with any other conflict.”

An exercise in logic.

Muslims slaughtering Muslims
Liberators of Palestine.

Some “intellectuals” and some not so- intellectuals are claiming that Israel is causing all the problems in the Middle East by oppressing the Palestinian people.

So the logical conclusion would be that Muslims in the Middle East are killing each other to help the Palestinians. I guess Shiites and Sunnis are killing each other to prove that they love their Palestinian brothers.

And Hamas is killing their Palestinian brothers and sisters to prove that only Hamas can liberate them

To rephrase Golda Meir: they hate each other more than they love their children.

As to those “intellectuals” and not-so intellectuals, I would suggest they think before they talk because they obviously cannot do both at the same time.

Jews don't want to be victims anymore
Not defenseless anymore.

Also, my intellectual friends, while you are quiet please think about this: How many countries in the Middle East recognize the right of Israel to exist? A two-states solution means the recognition of the state of Israel. How many countries in the Middle East are interested?

By the way, many super-nice intellectuals (some call them Liberals) love to fight for victims, for the oppressed. Guess what: I’M A JEW AND I DO NOT WANT TO BE A VICTIM ANYMORE!

And please stay quiet while you ponder these issues. Good luck.