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I am not advocating a new arms race. But countries do need their own defense capabilities that will serve as a deterrent and more responsible relations between neighbors.

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How to end the world’s dependence on America.
Some are arguing that the US should get more involved in world affairs and be more active in keeping the peace around the world. And I totally agree. To a point.
US should not be the policemen of the world. That creates an unhealthy dependency.
This US dependence should be reduced and eventually phased out.
The world population is growing and getting richer and should and can assume the cost and responsibility for international affairs.
There is a difference between being a leader and being an enforcer.
Europe statistics.
GDP (current US$) – $16.66 trillion 2012
Population (Total) – $505.6 million 2012

It is very convenient for the EU to rely on the US. It saves money and lives…less headaches and if something goes wrong you can blame America.
Here is an indicator of a totally inept European response: “On May 8, Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, passed through the Netherlands’ exclusive economic zone. Although the Dutch Navy had spotted the Kuznetsov days earlier, it was unable to provide an escort for the Russian warship as it passed through their
territorial waters.“
This failure of the Dutch to escort a Russian ship through its own territory underscores a wider failing within Europe to maintain a state of military readiness. NATO members are meant to budget at least 2% of their GDP every year on defense spending, although only four member states reached that goal in 2013.
The average defense spending of European NATO members fell from 2.5% of GDP between 1990 to 1994 to only 1.6% of GDP by 2013.
In comparison, the U.S.’ defense spending remains over the NATO minimum at 4.1% of GDP.

Short-term profit over long-term security.
The recent crisis in Ukraine is a good example. European businesses do not want a confrontation with Russia because it may affect the bottom line.
So the Europeans let Putin do whatever he pleases right under their noses.
“The head of one of the biggest German engineering companies, Siemens, went to Moscow the week after the annexation of Crimea and met with Putin assuring him that they would continue a long term relationship with Russia. And that was a signal to me that the German business community is clearly concerned about maintaining its investments and even broadening them in the future.

Time to share the responsibility.
“The former Solidarity leader(Lech Walesa) said that when he meets Obama in Warsaw, he wants to tell him that the U.S. should inspire and encourage the world into positive action.
“The point is not in having the States fix problems for us or fight somewhere, no,” Walesa said. “The States should organize us, encourage us and offer programs, while we, the world, should do the rest. This kind of leadership is needed.”

The U.S. military alliance with Japan no longer serves the best interests of either country. Washington subsidizes Japan’s defense at the expense of the American taxpayers. That subsidy, which has amounted to approximately $900 billion (in 1995 dollars) since the early 1950s, is a powerful incentive for the Japanese to continue their free ride on this U.S. security guarantee. And Japan’s much-touted host-nation support of $5 billion a year actually pays only a small fraction of the total cost of the U.S. security commitmen

There is another consideration. USA superiority on the seas is based in large part on the aircraft carriers. Only a few countries in the world can afford this type of vessel. But there is a high probability of the air carriers becoming obsolete.
So smaller faster ships with advanced weapons will be much more effective and much cheaper so America’s allies will be able to afford them.

I am not advocating a new arms race. But countries do need their own defense capabilities that will serve as a deterrent and more responsible relations between neighbors.
The US will remain the preeminent military force for now, but it is getting increasingly difficult and costly for the US to bear responsibility for the world.
Diplomacy in close cooperation with it’s allies and rapidly coordinated military deployment and action capability should replace
dependence on the only superpower.
Besides, a smaller US defense budget will improve the economical situation in the country. That will free resources for a peaceful influence around the globe.
It is kind of hard to apply pressure on China when we owe China a trillion dollars.
Speak softly and carry a big stick? Well it is true. But as a team, not a lone giant.

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