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Hypocrites and Babies in the Shower

Posted by Nate

Political correctness madness

Why are hypocrites so loud?

Hypocrisy of closet child molesters.

Perez Hilton is certainly no stranger to controversy, but it seems as though even he couldn’t have predicted the amount of backlash that he would receive after revealing that he and his two-year-old son, Mario, sometimes share a shower together.

Commenting on the snap, some users wrote: “IS THIS A JOKE? THEY’RE BOTH NAKED?”, “Kinda creepy”, and “That’s just odd”, with one particularly nasty comment reading: 'This is child abuse.' ”

I don't know who this guy is and I don't care. It seems like he and his son were having a good time.

In my not so humble opinion, only professional child molesters would think of this as something inappropriate...or very stupid “child protectors”. For the rest of the world, it would simply look cute and fun.

So my suggestion to these outraged puritanical hypocrites – check yourselves into a mental institution and confess the impure thoughts you are having while watching naked babies.

But, most importantly, just shut up and go away!


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