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Arab Boots on the Ground?

Posted by Nate

To Our “Partners” in the Middle East - Get off your Butts!

King Abdullah

Abdullah said groups such as IS "expose themselves daily as savage outlaws of religion, devoid of humanity, respecting no laws and no boundaries".

"So therefore we must act fast and holistically to tackle and respond to the interconnected threats whether it is in this region, Africa, Asia or in Europe," he said.

They were eager to fight then.

On May 15, 1948, the day the British Mandate over Palestine ended, the armies of five neighboring Arab states invaded the new State of Israel, which had declared its independence the previous day. The invasion, heralded by an Egyptian air attack on Tel Aviv, was vigorously resisted. From the north, east and south came the armies of LebanonSyria, Iraq, Transjordan and Egypt.

I agree with Bernie Sanders.

"The United States cannot do it alone," Sanders added. "In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has the third-largest military budget in the entire world. They're going to have to get in and take on ISIS as well as other countries in that region. The United States should be supportive. We should be working with other countries. But the United States cannot always be the only country involved in these wars."

Where are they now?

Why don't Arab armies wipe out Daesh?

They did not hesitate to invade Israel several times that did not pose any physical threat to them.

But Arab states are not in a big hurry to put boots on the ground to fight Daesh who are an imminent threat to Arab states.

And yet these states spend huge money on military. Why don't they fight their enemy, in their region?

My guess is they are counting on Europe and the US to do the job for them. And that is why our “friends” and “partners” should be encouraged, pushed to do their duty to get rid of ISIS and other nuts. After all Saudi Arabia started this by spreading Wahhabism around the world.

Under no circumstances should Western countries put their boots on the ground in the Middle East and pay with their lives for lazy, rich cowards like the Saudis and Golf states. Let them do their fair share.

I have a suggestion that will make it easier for Arabs to send their troops to fight ISIS. Just imagine that ISIL stands for Independent State of Israel Liquidation. Use your imagination, you cowards.

But on the other hand, Israel defeated you every time. much for that idea.


Unanswered Love Bites

Posted by Nate

From horse's mouth

From horse's mouth

No action will be taken against the tiger that bit the woman who tried to pet it.

The police said Ms. Eide appeared to be drunk or under the influence of drugs. They said she was taken to the Creighton University Medical Center, where she was aggressive toward the staff who later called the police. Ms. Eide was cited for criminal trespassing.”

Just in case you had any doubt, if you pet a tiger you will most likely get bitten.” said Omaha police department.

Holy crap! It would never have crossed my mind that if you try to be friendly with a tiger it will bite you. It is so unfriendly and cruel for a wild animal in a cage to bite a friendly (but drunk) hand that is trying to pet you. So uncivilized. The poor woman broke into the Omaha Zoo just to become friends with a tiger. She just felt lonely and full of love.(and alcohol). And what is a better way to show and spread love than to break into the zoo at night and hug a tiger?

And what is even more appalling is that the mean and inconsiderate animal, the tiger, goes unpunished!

And I would like to ask this brute, the tiger:  Is that how you treat a woman? Have you no manners? Even if she was drunk. What were you thinking? That she would bite you? What a pussy!

And the poor woman ended up in a hospital and was so distressed and disappointed in the tiger that she started to abuse the hospital stuff. And it is all your fault, you uncivilized brute!

So, here is my thinking. If this poor woman had stuck her head in the cage instead of her hand, would the tiger have been more understanding? And, if not, this drunken, drugged bitch would have had no need to go to a hospital without her head.


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