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The Last Leaf

Posted by Nate

Late fall

The last leaf

I am looking through the window

All is gray, wet and cold.

Droplets bombard the glass.

A black tree skeleton on the low heavy gray sky.

Air is mixed with water and dust and feels cold even from the inside

It makes my room feel warm and cozy.

Anticipation of winter in the air

Nature is ready for a long slumber.

Sleepy trees are shaking off their last yellow and brown leaves.

I noticed a single leaf

Still there, clinging to the black branch

Refusing to let go

The last leaf, it looked cold and lonely

The tree doesn't want it anymore

But for the leaf it is so hard to let go

It was born there

There is a desperate hope, an illusion

The last leaf

It does not want to die

It does not know - it is dead already

But the tree knows.

The spring will come again

It will wake up to a new bright sunshine

Sun will paint the sky blue

Eagerly anticipating summer

The tree will grow new leaves, a new beautiful coat

The last leaf does not know that it is dead already

It is holding on

It feels that the Universe will end if it let go.

The last leaf.

New leaves.

A gust of wind

The leaf falls now indistinguishable from others

Nobody noticed this drama except me

Life goes on

Nothing changed in the universe

There will be another stubborn leaf next fall

And I wonder about us humans.


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