Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Posted by Nate


Hail Drumpf!

Here it begins...

The rise of stupid in America.

Donald Trump, the new Fuhrer!

A scary thought

I was born after the War but I've read history, the rise of the Nazis.

The mob angry at the world, the mob full of poisonous hate.

Ready to follow the “leader”

The Somebody who will point to the enemy, the culprit, the source of all the problems

These outsiders who are responsible for the suffering of the “great people” of this great country

Bigots of America support Trump

Drumpf and KKK

Hail Hitler

Hail Trump

History is about to repeat itself

Another country, same mentality

The mob is the same throughout the ages

He, the Leader is promising to make America great again!

And who are the supporters of this new “great leader?”

Who is going to make America “great again”?

The Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists, all denominations of bigots and misguided or just ignorant middle class schmucks.

These useful idiots are not interested in the details of Trump's plan on how to “rebuild America”

These rednecks, Trump followers, will not know how to build bridges and space ships.

They don't know nor are they willing to invent, research, use science or any of the “smart” liberal things.

They are anti-smart, anti-education, anti-intellectuals.

A Superior race.

It is a mob, my friends.

And the mob does not have intelligence or reasoning or compassion.

The mob is soulless, mindless, a cruel organism that can do one thing: follow the leader.

It kills, exterminates, destroys, builds concentration camps.

Remember the Third Reich?

I am thinking about all of this and it is hard to believe.

Hard to believe that it can happen again.

But I know it can. People have not changed.

Not at all.

This sinking feeling, this dark and cold fog creeps up inside me

Fascism is alive in the world.

It was just waiting for the right moment to take over power, to rise again

And now is this moment, the moment it has been waiting for.

The world is rapidly changing around us.

Rapid technological changes, global economy,

A disintegrating Republican party, the anti-intellectual culture promoting ignorance

The Trump moment.

And I want to ask Trump and his supporters: what does the phrase mean, the Greatness of America?

The good old time of slavery, no women rights, among many other “perks”

You cannot invent and build. You destroy.

Just like Muslim terrorists you are promising to annihilate.

Some rich Jews support Trump

Trump Supporter.

And lastly to these Jews that support Trump.

I don't know your motivations but, to me, it is a nasty way to commit suicide.

And murder.  Jews for Hitler.

Because by voting for Trump, you are subjecting the whole world to grave danger,

In conclusion I have to say that I am ashamed, embarrassed for our country

This great democracy...dissolving into fascism.


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