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“Lord protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies”

Posted by Nate

A good example of when fanaticism and idiocy of an organization that calls itself “friends of parks" caused great damage to a great city. You are not "friends of parks". You are militant fundamentalists who needed to show to the world that you matter. I agree that you matter. You matter the same way as ISIS or Hamas matter. You are a destructive force that does more harm than good.


Well meaning idiot?











Friends of parks

What parks? One on the left?

Juanita Irizarry is a homegrown leader who brings years of advocacy and community-based organizing experience to the cause. Her expertise and energy will be applied to staying the course charted by the organization’s board of directors to protect public trust land and promote and preserve Chicago’s parks.

“The butt-ugly expanse of asphalt where the museum would have gone is Soldier Field's south lot, located on prime lakefront real estate between the football stadium and McCormick Place's monolithic Lakeside Center.”

"At a time when Chicago needs an organization like yours to protect actual parks, please do not waste the time and resources generously donated to you to protect a parking lot from the fate of becoming a world-class cultural institution".

So was Friends of the Parks' opposition to the original Lucas proposal a case of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good? Or is the group the spiritual heir to mail-order tycoon Aaron Montgomery Ward, who famously fought to keep Chicago's shoreline "forever open, clear and free"?

Preserve Chicago's parks!? What parks? Is this a park?

Soldier fiels lot

That is what these "friends" protecting from Lucas museum.

The future goan

What could have been


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