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Anger and Shame.


An impostor.

Trump Land, it was called America once.

Seems like a long time ago.

Land of the free. Beacon of the world.

People have dreamed about this land, the land where they would not be afraid to speak, to walk, to live; the land where one can start a new life, fulfill a dream; the land that accepted, welcomed the oppressed, the hungry; the land for the dreamers; the land that has been loved and respected around the world.

America - hope for humanity; America - the leader of the free world.

This land, this America, that accepted, welcomed those looking for a new beginning.

This America is no more.

I feel anger, anger and shame. How come the land of the free elected this man - a pathological liar, a con man, an impostor, a man totally devoid of human virtues, of all that makes us human.

Sometimes I try to imagine how it feels being Trump, how our so-called President sees the world. No compassion, no understanding, no knowledge of the world, no desire to help your fellow human.

How does it feel to not have any friends, real friends? How does it feel to live in a world it which the only reality is TV ratings and money? How does it feel when your world conforms to your lies, to your reality? How does it feel to live without a rudimentary understanding, a knowledge of how this world functions?

Trump has no morals. He is not a Nazi, or a member of the KKK. He is not a fascist or a communist. But he can be any of these. He approves of anybody who supports him.

That is why Trump will not condemn those who support him. He will love Nazis, communists, alt-right, alt-left. All that matters to this mentally impoverished person is who supports him, him - the Trump - the greatest, the smartest - Trump - the beautiful. Whatever, whoever, as long as they improve his “rating”.


Now what?

This caricature of a human being is now in the Oval Office, pretending to be the President. Just pretending. He will never become one, because everything is about him, for him, for his benefit. And, if not, he will stab you in the back, no matter who you are.

And this person, a phony, an empty shell of a human, has the power to decide the fate of millions.

I am trying to express what I felt when I read that Trump wants to end DACA, the Dreamers Act.

The Dreamers. What could be better, more noble then these young people, who were brought here. Yes, their parents came illegally. But for their children, America is the only country they've ever known and love.

And a cruel, heartless force decides to throw these young people out of their country, to send them to a place they never knew, to exile them, through no fault of their own.

Forget for now the economic impact on this country (which will be significant), but the ability, human ability of fairness, compassion - where is it? My heart breaks when I imagine these kids being devastated, their lives, their dreams shattered by an evil, merciless man, the man who by an unlikely set of circumstance is occupying the Oval Office.

Now imagine what the world thinks about our beacon of the free world, that destroys the lives of millions of innocent kids.

I feel anger and shame. My dreams are gone.

Trump supporters

Trump army.

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  1. Trumpeters carrying the Confederate flag, symbol of traitors, bigots, and racists. USA is no longer a beacon for the rest of the World, today more of an embarrassment thanks to the Evil Orange Clown and his followers.

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