Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Price of Freedom.

Guns in America

Another tragedy.

The price of freedom

Another massacre

Innocent people murdered

Lives cut short for no reason

The madman armed with a military arsenal

So sad, so infuriating.

The feeling of doom, helplessness.

So many innocent lives, hopes, loves

Brutally ended by evil.

Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, lovers and friends - gone.

Grieving families and friends, trying to understand.


Is that the price of freedom?

The price of freedom. Is that freedom?

Is being murdered in cold blood for no reason – freedom?

One moment full of life and joy, the next moment dead - is that what some call freedom?

So who is free and who is paying the price?

Is that freedom - to be able to murder at will, to end somebody's life?

And these people? The murdered.

They are us! Our families, friends. They are our children, our friends.

Are they free?

All these people who witnessed this horror - are they free?

As for these demagogues with their pronunciations about the price of freedom.

I wish you were there, in this crowd, under a rain of bullets from automatic weapons.

I want you to experience the horror, the pain, the panic.

I want you to see all this close up, to see the blood, to see death, to smell it.

I wish all proponents of “freedom” would be among the mass of screaming, running, falling, dying and dead.

I want all of you hypocrites screaming about freedom, freedom of buying arms, any arms to be there in this desperate crowd.

I want the blood of those murdered around you to be on your face and your hands.

But even if you were not there you have their blood on your hands.

I rarely hated anyone in my life but I hate you.

Heartless greedy monsters that are getting rewards for pushing, for allowing this “freedom”

Freedom to kill.

Why is the ability to take others lives considered “freedom”?

Isn't the ability to go to school, to a concert, to church, a synagogue or a mosque, to walk the streets and parks without fear – isn't that freedom?

To be free from fear for your life - isn't that what we call freedom?

Freedom to live. To live without fear for your loved ones being murdered for no reason.

No reason other than madness and the abundance of guns.


Source of profits for some, source of power for others.

Profits for gun merchants, power for Republican members of Congress.

Congress of the United States of America.

These power hungry, greedy, soulless monsters.

Are they representing us, The People? Are they?

Another massacre.

And another

Nothing changed

I feel desperation.

Anger, desperation and helplessness.

Death merchants always win. Always.

And more innocents die.

And more will die.

I cannot allow that

We cannot give up. It is not an option.

For our loved ones, for those that perished, were murdered.

For our sanity, for our freedom.

We will fight.

Gun lobby

Blood money

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  1. Will it ever be the right time to discuss reasonable gun control, background checks, and mental health issues in this country? 58 people in Las Vegas did lose their Second Amendment rights last week. At least the 500+ wounded and crippled for life still have their Second Amendment rights.

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