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The Loop Part 7

The Universe

Meditation and enlightenment

Sometimes when I am awake at night, I do energy exercises. Chi energy, also called KI. Over the years, I have learned to feel and control this energy. And during the years, I kept wondering how the brain, or rather the mind, is able to control this energy. Is it possible for the mind to manipulate physical world?
Below are my thoughts on this matter.
String theory.
Everything is vibration. What causes vibration? If the universe on the basic level is information, how does vibration work?
Some physicists are convinced that the properties of information do not come from the behavior of information carriers such as photons and electrons but the other way round. They think that information itself is the ghostly bedrock on which our universe is built.”
Assuming that the very foundation of reality is information, or some call it consciousness, our minds are one with the universe. According to quantum mechanics, our consciousness affects the behavior of the elementary particles and eventually reality. So, there is no magic in the fact that our consciousness can control one of nature's forces that we call CHI energy.

“He was sitting in the lotus position meditating.
It was never too easy for him to push out the usual noise, jumble of thoughts clamoring for his attention, but eventually he almost succeeded. The world became quiet, the CHI was flowing as he controlled it up his spine and down his front. A sensation of well being filled him. His mind expanded, his consciousness became lighter, life energy filling his brain.
Suddenly the sky opened and he saw the universe, became one with it. Myriads of stars around, his body, his mind were not his alone, became dissolved in this vastness of space. The universe rushed into him and his mind opened and accepted it.
It was as if he was falling, weightless, into this vastness filled with darkness and light.
He gasped, frightened, and his world returned, he was in the room again, feeling frightened, excited and sad that the moment is gone. Bot he knew he will not forget this moment.”
Sometimes something out of ordinary happens in life and these memories are etched in our minds for as long as we live.
I think we share these extraordinary moments across realities.
And that explains, I think, this weirdness of realities and wave function collapse. And in a case like mine, it explains the realities interference when consciousness is interrupted.
Multiple realities theory may be possible, functioning, because of the unified field consciousness.
This consciousness is connected with every human mind and is acting and changing reality according to our thoughts and actions. But just one reality? What if for some reason our thoughts are not clear? Mixed up and confusing?
Entangled realities.
[The difference between the Multiverse and multiple realities. While multiple universes theory suggests that there are myriad independent and vastly different universes with different physical laws, alternate realities are closely related and all except one exist as a possibility. As I stated above usually there is just one reality based on one's choices that cause the wave function collapse.]
Meditation and mirage.
We were in Florida, as usual, in December. We love to walk on the beach and usually walk in late mornings and nights, when darkness made water and sky into one mysterious void full of sounds, real and imagined. Water, birds and occasional sounds of people talking hidden from us. And who knows what else.
This darkness. The space one could feel. It suggests, encourages imagination to expand, to fill the darkness with mysteries that my imagination creates and loves.
That evening after the walk, we came back to our apartment. Anna made tea and we were enjoying the view from the balcony facing the ocean. The moon was low at the horizon and its reflection in the water looked like a silver trail running to our building. This is the night when you expect the mermaid to show up in the moonshine and to sing something enchanting.
Anna went inside after a while but I felt so enchanted with the night. I stayed outside, sitting in my chair and meditating, hypnotized by the slight movement of the moon trail on the water.
Mirror mirror.
The universe opened and accepted me and my mind wasn't just mine anymore. I was one with something vast. I could sense something. Something I do not have words do describe. The intelligence, the consciousness, quiet and all knowing. I could sense somehow that this is everything there is. I did not drown in IT. I felt as part of whatever it is. An infinite small part and yet as vast as the whole reality itself.
And then there was a shadow, a glimpse, some image in this vastness. It was difficult to grasp, to see what it was. But through the euphoria of oneness, I saw. A jolt of surprise, astonishment and I was on the balcony, trying to breathe. My heart pounding and my body shaking, I could still see the image, the mirage in the backdrop of the universal void. I was looking at myself.
Meeting yourself

Alternate reality

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