Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Trump and Putin.


Alexander Factor.

Epithets and heartfelt feelings… Epithets like “no words to describe it,” “inconceivable,” “ungraspable,” ”unimaginable” and so on… are NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH to describe the feelings of betrayal and perfidy our President brought to us with his abominable behavior in Helsinki this morning.

• Yes, Trump is Republican and we are Democrats. But patriotism, country-first, unity, and our life principles are not partisan concepts
• Yes, our Constitution is not conditioned or inured to deal with High Treason by… our own President. But, there are values, philosophies, ideologies, doctrines and human ethics that this country has founded and evolved over centuries... that the President is expected to live by…
But, apparently, not this President!

But why? WHY?

• Why is this man, representing the most powerful country in the world, the most admired morally inspired nation, the biggest donor of goodness in history…?
• Why is he kneeling before a thug, a KGB officer, a dictator; of the country that has given nothing to anyone…?
• Why is this man tarnishing and cursing this country’s legacies and its intelligence services…?
• Why is this man slandering our allies, blasting the European Union & NATO – our most reliable allies and friends, the most democratic, liberal and economically-successful countries in the world…

My answer (theory, hypothesis et al) is simple: MONEY!

• Trumps knows that President cannot get a capital punishment in this country, High Treason or not.
• Trump knows that whatever he does, his base – dumb and deplorable as they are – will still support him… all the way to a Civil War.
• Trump also knows that he owes hundreds of millions of dollars to Russia, overtly or covertly. We know that too but still have not put our finger on it.

SO? By doing Putin’s bidding, in the most “inconceivable,” “ungraspable,” ”unimaginable” ways (epithets from above), he may earn his forgiveness of loans he owes to Putin and Russia. Perhaps, this is what he and Putin discussed for 2 hrs and 10 minutes without witnesses this morning. And both emerged triumphant... the deal is made!

Once again, no capital punishment, no shame (who doubts about that), good acting (he has experience) and a $Billion or so are written off by Putin. For good behavior, for attempting to break international order, for insulting everyone on behalf of Russia, for (well, you continue this list.)

This is the biggest con ever done in the world. Bravo, Trump. You exceeded all forms of wonder and shock, all science & political fiction imagination.

And how easy was it? Just by betraying his country!

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