I think that this “personal space” changing trend may be a result of increased population density in cities, our constant close proximity to each other and, as a result, the push-back or desire to distance ourselves from others, a claustrophobia of sorts.

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Human touch is natural

When we are born, the first one of our senses available to us is the sense of touch. Even before we open our eyes, we can already feel a touch and physical contact. Experiencing physical contact plays a vital role in our physical and psychological health. A plea to letting a more physical connection into your life.


Strokes and hugs are being edged out of our lives, with doctors, teachers and colleagues increasingly hesitant about social touching. Is this hyper-vigilance of boundaries beginning to harm our mental health?


When I studied energy healing with my Korean Masters, one of the first things they taught us is the importance of interactions between people, the importance of touching each other, hugging. There was never anything sexual about it. (not sexual, only private space).

See each other, look in each other’s eyes, smile, don’t be afraid to get close.

That teaches us humans that we are social animals and that we do need contact with each other. Not by cell phone. No, real interaction. Looking in the eyes, hugging, putting a hand on another’s shoulders. It is healthy, it feels good.

We are social animals.

I think that this “personal space” changing trend may be a result of increased population density in cities, our constant close proximity to each other and, as a result, the push-back or desire to distance ourselves from others, a claustrophobia of sorts.

Invisible wall caused by phones

I think one of the reasons we are afraid of personal contact, of touching, is the cell phone. Unfortunately many, especially the younger generation, feel more comfortable communicating via the phone rather than face to face. Messaging, all kinds of social media, are replacing human natural interaction. Being trained by my spiritual teachers about the life energy (needs ending)

Fierce protection of personal space
We as a society are losing touch

“Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi, the life force energy which flows through the body pathways – known as meridians and chakras – of all living forms, all beings, in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”


So Mike Pence was right when he stated that he will not be alone with another woman without his wife present. And it is a very sad reality where many women consider every friendly touch or gesture as a sexual assault.

We are coming to the point where every spontaneous human interaction is becoming dangerous for men and men. Actually, we will be adopting their behavior by treating women as toxic and treating them with suspicion.

I am not the only one seeing a problem with this new “untouchables” behavior. Here is a good article that is warning of long term consequences of the trend:

“The criticism of Biden has become so broad and so strident; instead of protecting girls and women from unwanted touching, it blurs lines between affection and aggression. It scares boys and men away from genuine expressions of caring. Having to constantly monitor themselves so they aren’t impulsively kind or supportive can cause alienation from these emotions — a disconnection already at the root of a toxic masculinity problem that can manifest later in physical violence, devaluing women — as well as male depression and suicide.”


I remember what a shocked old man told me a few years ago. He saw a young woman and said to her “you are beautiful”. And this young beautiful woman turned around and hit him with her purse. And to me it is a very sad story. And this young beautiful woman is sick. Paranoid. Maybe she was abused. But it is definitely not normal, not natural.

As far as this woman, Frorez and Biden? I feel sorry for her. She did it for purely political reasons, at the opportune moment, to discourage Biden from running for President. For Biden I think it was a huge disappointment in his “friend” Florez, and probably our society.

Author: Nate

We emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1979. I am proud of my children who grew up here in America. America is truly a great country and I am trying to do what I can to keep America great. We the people need to participate in a Democracy. I think that in a Democracy we need to constantly be vigilant and work to uphold our way of life. I am fighting for the freedom of speech and expression and against all kinds of extremes including political correctness.

2 thoughts on “Untouchables”

  1. This is a very timely article, particularly on the heels of Vice President Biden’s recent accusations of inappropriate behavior with women. The “Me Too” Movement was welcomed and heralded as a very positive step toward women coming forward with unwelcome sexual transgressions. The message was no longer needing to be afraid to reveal the details of who, what, where and when these terrifying events occurred. However, the “Me Too” Movement has brought to question what constitutes inappropriate sexual behavior. As social beings we tend to get uncomfortable when someone invades our “private space”; i.e., defined as 12-18 in. from our face and body. Our instinctive response is to step back…move away. But consider whether compliments or offers of assistance are inappropriate. Comments like: “You look very pretty today.” “Can I get the door for you?” “Can I help you carry your packages?” At face value these comments seem harmless. What can alter the meaning depends on how the message is given (flirting, sexual overtones) and received (hearing a sexual message or intent). I would caution all of us to question the intent of these communications because, if a woman has a history of physical or sexual abuse, there is an increased sensitivity to behaviors that can be construed as sexual. Having experienced some unwelcome sexual experiences as a child, I am in no way belittling or questioning those who have been abused. I am only concerned about the “overreactions”…the misinterpretation of intent. In no way do I think that Senator Joe Biden’s behavior was sexual in nature…I believe that it is his nature to be friendly, sociable and he uses touch in a way that is meant to be reassuring. Of course I don’t know this for a fact, but I believe it to be so. This dilemma calls upon ALL OF US to be mindful of the problem, curb behaviors that are subject to interpretation and QUESTION the response, if only to clarify the misunderstanding. Without better face-to-face communication, we will become even less engaged and sociable than we already are.
    Respectfully, Susan Laub

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