Answering Trump Supporter

He is not negotiating, he is a bully, which is very dangerous, because it makes China stronger economically and soon militarily. His friends are Putin, Kim, Orban – all dictators. He does not love Israel, he left it to Kushner. But, if the time comes to throw Israel under the bus, he will not hesitate. You’re probably not even reading all of this. So, I will stop right here.

Trump Supporter: Believe me, that never ever , for all eight years of this man’s “presidency”, did I say a bad word about him. Like all Americans we pinned our hopes on him. A young, energetic, charming , educated, family man … with new, wise ideas for the prosperity of our country … everything that the average American could know about him , and certainly not a politician. Eight years of hope and what are the results? The country’s economy continued to fall, the budget deficit grew by leaps and bounds … The question of racism in the country has always been, but during the years of the Obama presidency, it became an epidemic, and Al Sharpton was the main adviser on these matters for the president. Who he is? A handsome, slim, young, representative President of America in a yarmulke visited the most holy places of Israel. By the way, he was accepted with respect! I don’t even want to speak about the hospitality of Obama in relation to the guests from Israel. He was so penetrated with “love” for Israel that he was not even able to come to the meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and listen to his speech at the Congress. If you don’t love Israel , it means you don’t respect and hate jews… it’s called anti-Semitism . Obama carried out his plans regularly: His dealings with Iran and other similar countries, accepted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Muslim countries all over the world … What made these people leave their countries? And everything had to be done in 8 years. Yes, and he did not forget to send money to his “friend” on the last day of his Presidency .

You and I probably are of the same age, same religion, we even came from the same city long ago, brought our children to this country for happiness, for confidence in the future, etc. Tell me that I am wrong . Perhaps these eight years were wonderful and successful, that the previous president was honest and loyal to our country and people. Tell me your opinion.

Answer to Trump Supporter: Thank you for your passionate reply. Yes, I am from Lvov, came to the USA in 1979. Yes, I came here looking for freedom, choice, peace, opportunity and prosperity. We probably can find common friends, acquaintances, common interests, common love for Israel. I did vote for Obama, maybe for different reasons than you describe above. I was tired of wars with no end, with no purpose, I was worried about a destabilized Middle East as a result of these wars. I was worried about our economy because of military and wars spending. I was worried about our population because of so many lives lost in these wars, so many families suffering because of these wars, so many veterans with horrible wounds to heal, artificial limbs, because of these wars. And what did we achieve? Economic recession of 2007-2008. When Obama came to the White House his first test was to stabilize banks, to save the auto industry..The economy never fell during Obama, it was growing. Not as fast as it could, because of the bank regulations and other regulations put in place by his administration. The budget deficit grew, but only because of the recession caused by the Bush Administration. At the end of Obama’s time in the White House, the deficit was going down. The stock market was going up all the time steadily during Obama, not up and down like now.. I love Israel, but I am a Jew. I don’t look to non-Jews to love Israel, but I want them to respect the country and to understand why we, Jews, need our country. Obama understood the necessity of Israel. He signed a record financial package for Israel of $38B. He authorized to deliver to Israel the latest anti-missile systems. He could have done more, by better representing the US during meetings with Netanyahu, he could have be more forceful with Muslim countries in the region, he could have a different policy towards Libya and Syria, but it is a history now. He could have negotiated a better deal with Iran (but don’t forget that there were other countries involved). Now we don’t even have a plan after removing US from the deal. I do believe that Obama was an honest President, loyal, doing his best to represent and lead the country. History will judge him. He was not the best, he could have been more decisive, more compelling, less of a professor, and yes, he tried to represent everybody in this country: white, black, Hispanics, native Americans, poor, rich, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu and so on. Now, our new President, Mr. Trump, is an absolutely different personality. Yes, it matters that the President said publicly over 10K lies and does not care about that as long as the people cheer (and this is only in 2-1/2 years). It matters when the President supports KKK and white-supremacists, yes he condemns them only after he is forced by his advisers. It matters that the words of the President give strength to such hate groups, it matters that the President condemns anti-semitic deeds only after he is forced by his staff. It matters that the President is uneducated in government, history of this country, history of the world. He is not Republican, he is not Democrat, he is a populist and it is very dangerous, because he incites a mob mentality. He is dangerous President, because his words “press – enemy of the people” is the mentality of a dictator or a mob boss. He is bad for the economy, because he is an isolationist. It never worked, it has lead only to the recession. He is not negotiating, he is a bully, which is very dangerous, because it makes China stronger economically and soon militarily. His friends are Putin, Kim, Orban – all dictators. He does not love Israel, he left it to Kushner. But, if the time comes to throw Israel under the bus, he will not hesitate. You’re probably not even reading all of this. So, I will stop right here. 

All Is Great!

Although the American economy is chugging along, I am very concerned about the long-term effect of the Trump administration on our nation and the world.

Let me state that not everything is Trump’s fault. But his administration and Republicans are not dealing with problems facing our country and the world. And in many cases are exacerbating the problem.

Totally inept, unprofessional executive branch.

Unpatriotic, greedy, power-hungry Republican party.

Although the American economy is chugging along, I am very concerned about the long-term effect of the Trump administration on our nation and the world.

Below I tried to shortly outline my points and my reason for worry.


The econom affects all of us. Many factors affect the American economy. Considering the fact that it is global now and all developed countries depend on each other, it is crucial for the countries to work together in trade, security, climate change, migration.

Other things that affect our economy in the long run.

The growing deficit and Government debt due to sanctions, trade wars among other things, and the uncertainty due to American chaotic behavior.

“In two separate papers published over the weekend, some of the world’s leading trade economists declared Trump’s tariffs to be the most consequential trade experiment seen since the 1930 Smoot-Hawley tariffs, which were blamed for worsening the Great Depression. They also found the initial cost of Trump’s duties to the U.S. economy was in the billions and being borne largely by American consumers.”

Broken trade agreements – TPP, NAFTA leading to America being sidelined by China.

“Speaking at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last weekend, Xi said China would be happy to take over the leadership role in global trade that the United States has now relinquished. That will be good for China, but not so good for anyone else.”

“Leaving the TPP also undercuts U.S. leverage with China. While China was not a party to the agreement, the TPP had led to a fierce debate in China about prospects for joining it, as well as the type of economic reform it needs. That reform incentive, which could have led China to become a fairer player in the global market, has vanished.”

Alienating allies – Paris climate agreement, bashing NATO, praising bloody tyrants.

Trump hailed Kim as “a very worthy, very smart negotiator” and a “very talented man” who “loves his country very much,” and vowed to meet with him “many times.”

The remarks were unusual for a U.S. president. American officials have typically avoided such language to describe North Korean leaders, because of the country’s long record of human rights abuses and frequent threats against the U.S. and its allies.

US adversaries are watching us self-destruct as Trump foreign policy spins into chaos.

After a promise to restore America’s standing in the world, Trump has blundered into conflict with our competitors, insulted our allies, and generally has made the United States into a laughingstock. Why is this happening? Who’s in charge in Washington these days?

Adding to insults by Trump, key U.S. ambassador posts remain vacant. Over two years into President Donald Trump’s administration, U.S. ambassadorships to 52 countries and international organizations like the United Nations remain vacant. “By not appointing an ambassador to a country, you are saying that this country is not important to us, its issues are not important enough to us, we don’t care about it, and we are not going to bother to send an ambassador,”

Anti-immigration policies, dangerous hateful rhetoric,

Internal affairs.

Education: Lack of affordable education (despite promises during election campaign, no policies to combat shortage of technically skilled work force)

Price Of College Increasing Almost 8 Times Faster Than Wages

The average for all four-year institutions comes out to $26,120 per year. This brings the total cost of attendance to an astronomical total of $104,480 over four years. The comparable cost for the same four-year degree in 1989 was $26,902 ($52,892 adjusted for inflation). This means that between the academic years ending in 1989 and 2016, the cost for a four year degree doubled, even after inflation. Over that period, the average annual growth rate for the cost to attend a four-year university was 2.6% per year.

Many of the 6.8 million Americans looking for work do not possess the skills required to do most of the 6.0 million unfilled jobs. For a variety of reasons, many jobless Americans lack the skills necessary to do today’s unfilled jobs.

American farmers are in trouble.

The president’s trade policies have sent U.S. agricultural exports plunging, exacerbating already difficult economic conditions facing farmers. Average farm income has fallen to near 15-year lows under Trump, and in some areas of the country, farm bankruptcies are soaring.


Dangerous rhetoric from the White House leading to: Hate groups are multiplying.

US counties where President Donald Trump held a campaign rally saw a 226% increase in reported hate crimes compared to similar counties that did not hold a rally, political scientists at the University of North Texas said in a Washington Post analysis.”

Income disparity is widening and exacerbated by recent tax cuts.

“Income inequality in the United States is getting worse, and Trump’s policies have something to do with it, according to new research from Moody’s Investors Service, the bond-rating agency. While middle-income earners got a modest tax cut from last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, higher earners got a much larger windfall. And that comes as other forces have been widening the gap between the rich and the rest.” “Should inequality go unaddressed,” the Moody’s report asserts, “social tensions will continue to rise, leading to a more fractious political landscape that increases political risk, and with it a less predictable policy environment.

Irreconcilable differences between right and left groups that are moving in opposite directions.

The United States is driven by the politics of extremes. To paraphrase humor columnist Dave Barry, Republicans think of Democrats as godless, unpatriotic, Volvo-driving, France-loving, elitist latte guzzlers, whereas Democrats dismiss Republicans as ignorant, NASCAR-obsessed, gun-fondling religious fanatics. An exaggeration, for sure, but the reality is still pretty stark. Congress is in a perpetual stalemate because of the two parties’ inability to find middle ground on practically anything.

Undermining trust in American institutions and free press.

Calling the press “enemy of the people” is very dangerous.

“The phrase has old roots, even appearing in a Shakespeare play, but it became well known in the 20th century when it was adopted by dictators from Stalin to Mao, and Nazi propagandists, to justify their murderous purges of millions.”

Moral bankruptcy of current White House affects Americans. rots American society.

Disrespect of the office of President. This White House is a laughing stock for the world.

“The fish rots from the head”: a historian on the unique corruption of Trump’s White House

History will judge Trump, and it will not be kind.

I spoke with Dallek about the history of corruption in American presidential politics and why he sees the Trump administration as “a low point in our history.” What makes Trump exceptionally dangerous, Dallek argues, is how effortlessly he lies and what kind of tone he has set in this White House.

Danger of a major military conflict. The after war world order that includes United Nations, NATO and was created under the leadership of the United States. So disputes between nations are resolved by the World Trade Organization, not by military conflict.

NATO assured safety for Europe and is under assault by Trump administration.

NATO and the US problems –

Withdrawing from arms agreements – global arms treaty, treaty with Russia.

Populists win in other counties (trump example) While there is no clear answer to the reasons of rising populism around the world (and there are many), the fact that populist (Trump) is the President of the most powerful country in the world is a dangerous precedent that may lead to accelerating this trend and undermining the world stability.

Russia becoming more aggressive

China and the Western world tensions.

Broken nuclear agreement with Iran and plans to share nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia.

If Saudis get nuclear technology there are several dangerous possibilities: Iran will accelerate it’s plans to acquire nuclear weapons, Saudis might decide to blackmail Israel. Both are not good options for Israel.

Unwillingness of current administration to take cyber security seriously.

If anything, our enemies are only going to do more, not less.


Anti-immigration policies and some changes in countries like China, Brazil are turning away foreign students, graduates, scientists, engineers (?)

President inciting violence.

Saving America from itself: Trump is a symptom, not the disease. By Garry Kasparov.

It is therefore vital to produce a positive agenda for real action. We want to look to the past not for solutions, but for inspiration. Young people desire grand challenges and we have failed to offer them outlets for their ambition and creativity. The Founders believed that each generation would find ways to keep democracy alive and it’s time to prove them right. We must make building things up more attractive than burning them down. After you’re done watching “The Avengers: Infinity War,” it’s time to really save the world.

In conclusion I just want to state again that Democracy is fragile and in need of being protected by people. We need to be informed, to be willing to participate, to voice our informed opinions, to vote.

Democracy is not just politics. And those of us who have experienced dictatorships understand it.

Our Dreams of Freedom

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Viktor E. Frankl

To be free? Free from what?

Image result for dreams of freedom cartoon

You are not free from eating. We all have to.

But we would like to choose what we eat

We are not free from breathing.

But we would like to enjoy it. To choose the air we breathe.

We are not free from our bodies but we would like make the best out of it.

Are we free from love?

Most creatures have to love.

But we would like to make a choice. Of who and how to love.

Are we free from desires?

I don’t think so. Even if we desire freedom it is still a desire.

Even if we understand what freedom means.

Is nature itself free?

It is not. All living things strive to survive. Why?

Why are we all trying to survive?

Are we free to choose? To not survive?

Yes we are.

But if we choose freedom to make a choice to not live.

We die.

Are we free after we die? We will not know.

Is there freedom without us knowing, appreciating it?

So we have freedom to make choices in matters that we do have choices.

But is it complete freedom?

Or are we trying to make the best choices in life because we don’t have freedom not to make choices?

So what is life but a set of choices we have to make, even if it’s a choice to be free?

It is all in our mind.

You and only you can decide to be or not to be.

You are free if you feel free.

But we all have to make our choices.

Are you free?

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Viktor E. Frankl


I think that this “personal space” changing trend may be a result of increased population density in cities, our constant close proximity to each other and, as a result, the push-back or desire to distance ourselves from others, a claustrophobia of sorts.

Image result for human touch, mothers hands touching baby
Human touch is natural

When we are born, the first one of our senses available to us is the sense of touch. Even before we open our eyes, we can already feel a touch and physical contact. Experiencing physical contact plays a vital role in our physical and psychological health. A plea to letting a more physical connection into your life.

Strokes and hugs are being edged out of our lives, with doctors, teachers and colleagues increasingly hesitant about social touching. Is this hyper-vigilance of boundaries beginning to harm our mental health?

When I studied energy healing with my Korean Masters, one of the first things they taught us is the importance of interactions between people, the importance of touching each other, hugging. There was never anything sexual about it. (not sexual, only private space).

See each other, look in each other’s eyes, smile, don’t be afraid to get close.

That teaches us humans that we are social animals and that we do need contact with each other. Not by cell phone. No, real interaction. Looking in the eyes, hugging, putting a hand on another’s shoulders. It is healthy, it feels good.

We are social animals.

I think that this “personal space” changing trend may be a result of increased population density in cities, our constant close proximity to each other and, as a result, the push-back or desire to distance ourselves from others, a claustrophobia of sorts.

Invisible wall caused by phones

I think one of the reasons we are afraid of personal contact, of touching, is the cell phone. Unfortunately many, especially the younger generation, feel more comfortable communicating via the phone rather than face to face. Messaging, all kinds of social media, are replacing human natural interaction. Being trained by my spiritual teachers about the life energy (needs ending)

Fierce protection of personal space
We as a society are losing touch

“Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi, the life force energy which flows through the body pathways – known as meridians and chakras – of all living forms, all beings, in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

So Mike Pence was right when he stated that he will not be alone with another woman without his wife present. And it is a very sad reality where many women consider every friendly touch or gesture as a sexual assault.

We are coming to the point where every spontaneous human interaction is becoming dangerous for men and men. Actually, we will be adopting their behavior by treating women as toxic and treating them with suspicion.

I am not the only one seeing a problem with this new “untouchables” behavior. Here is a good article that is warning of long term consequences of the trend:

“The criticism of Biden has become so broad and so strident; instead of protecting girls and women from unwanted touching, it blurs lines between affection and aggression. It scares boys and men away from genuine expressions of caring. Having to constantly monitor themselves so they aren’t impulsively kind or supportive can cause alienation from these emotions — a disconnection already at the root of a toxic masculinity problem that can manifest later in physical violence, devaluing women — as well as male depression and suicide.”

I remember what a shocked old man told me a few years ago. He saw a young woman and said to her “you are beautiful”. And this young beautiful woman turned around and hit him with her purse. And to me it is a very sad story. And this young beautiful woman is sick. Paranoid. Maybe she was abused. But it is definitely not normal, not natural.

As far as this woman, Frorez and Biden? I feel sorry for her. She did it for purely political reasons, at the opportune moment, to discourage Biden from running for President. For Biden I think it was a huge disappointment in his “friend” Florez, and probably our society.

Fine People

Fascists, they look like regular folks,

Just like us.

Fine people marching: “Jews will not
replace us”.

Pittsburgh, PA, synagogue massacre.

Not important, just one crazy person.

White supremacy is on the rise.

“There are some fine people there.” Trump August 15, 2017 press-conference after Charlottesville, VA events.

Nazis marching in Charlottesville. “Jews will not replace us”.

Some “very fine people”: marchers with torches, swastikas, “Jews will not replace us”.

Fine people.

And I remember images:

Nazis marching in Germany.

With torches and swastikas.

Regular, everyday German boys,

Fine people,

Sons, daughters, husbands,


Regular forlks.

And I am sure some Jews were saying at the time:

“There are some fine people among them,

We know some of them.”

It will pass.

After all, there are some fine people there.


How could it happen?

Fascists, they look like regular folks,

Just like us.

Fine people marching: “Jews will not replace us”.

Pittsburgh, PA, synagogue massacre.

Not important, just one crazy person.

White supremacy is on the rise.

But in Charlottesville they just wanted to protect their dear confederate monument.

It’s part of history, so dear to white supremacists’ and white nationalists’ hearts.

Marching with torches and swastikas, “Jews will not replace us”.



Concentration camps,


Europe in ruins.

Millions dead.

There were some fine people among

Nazis…family people, regular guys,

Just like us,


And Jewish Trump supporters agreed.


To Our Jewish Community.

Trump has 80% support from Russian Jews and the same percentage of Russian Jews in Israel, but it is not a green light to smear the other 20% and he world majority that opposes Trump.

It is nothing less than destruction of bipartisan support for Israel in the US.

I want to start with moral perspective. We want to think that we are moral people. We love our families, we have good friends, we do not steal, trying to be nice to others. And yet, for some strange reason many ignore all terrible, totally amoral behavior of Donald Trump.

Trump cheated on his three wives and his deeply religious supporters love him.

Trump ignores and insults our national intelligence institutions while saying that he believes Putin and anti Putin Trump supporters totally love him.

Trump policies take migrant children away from their families and dedicated religious family loving Trump supporters approve.

Trump is a pathological liar, and this fact is undeniable. And yet people who teach their children not to lie ignore all these lies and still support this man.

David Brooks (a Republican) said it well.

“Normal people have moral sentiments. Normal people are repulsed when the president of their own nation lies, cheats, practices bigotry, allegedly pays off porn star mistresses.

Were Republican House members enthusiastic or morose as they decided to turn off their own moral circuits, when they decided to be monumentally unconcerned by the fact that their leader may be a moral cretin? Do they think that having anesthetized their moral sense in this case they will simply turn it on again down the road? Having turned off their soul at work, do they think they will be able to turn it on again when they go home to the spouse and kids?”

So why so many keep ignoring total moral bankruptcy of Donald Trump? I it willful ignorance, refusal to accept, to learn the facts, the truth?

Following Trump’s comments on Friday, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted, “Those who truly care about the Jewish community shouldn’t politicize #antiSemitism. No one should be grandstanding now. Elected leaders can best help us move forward by ending the blame game & genuinely committing to rebuild bonds & fight #hate in all forms.”

It’s no surprise that Republicans continue to try to make hay out of the Ilhan Omar controversy, even though, arguably, Democrats turned the tables on them by developing an anti-hate resolution which they unanimously supported, whereas 23 Republicans just couldn’t endorse such a sweeping condemnation of bigotry.

Characteristically, the leader of the GOP (Trump), one of the most skillful hate-mongers in major-party political history, is asserting that Democrats lost the battle over Omar while exposing their deep animus toward Jews and Israel.

Let’s look at the record.

There are 27 Jews currently serving in the U.S. House. Twenty-five of them are Democrats; 2 are Republicans. There are nine Jews in the U.S. Senate. All of them are Democrats (if you consider Bernie Sanders a Democrat). Republicans: zippo.

Are all these Democratic Jews in Congress self-loathing?

A look at Jewish voting patterns is equally revealing. According to the best available data, Democrats have carried the Jewish vote in 24 consecutive presidential elections, dating back to 1924. In six of the last seven presidential elections, the Jewish vote was more than 70 percent Democratic (the one exception was in 2012, when Barack Obama won 69 percent of the Jewish vote). Hillary Clinton trounced Trump among Jews by a 71/24 margin. 2018 exit polls showed 79 percent of Jews voting Democratic in the midterms.

From Nathan:

I voted for the party that fought for us, Soviet Jews to be able to come to America.

I voted for the party that cleaned up the water so now we can swim in Lake Michigan.

I voted for the party that gave us Medicare and Social Security.

I voted for the party that helped our parents come to America with us and helped us care for them.

I voted for the party that killed Bin Laden.

I did not vote for party whose president wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

I did not vote for the Nixon party.

I did not vote for the party that ignored 9/11 warnings.

I did not vote for the party who’s leader announced that our free press is an “enemy of the people”.

I did not vote for the party whose President was hostile to Israel: “With a possible peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians in the air, the 41st U.S. president (George H. W. Bush) refused to approve $10 billion in loans guaranteed to help Israel cope with a wave of immigration from the former Soviet Union, and subsequently demanded that Israel freeze its settlement building before agreeing to the request.”

Despite all the lies Democratic party DID NOT start the KKK. CLAIM: The Ku Klux Klan was formed by the Democratic Party.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The Ku Klux Klan was not formed by the Democratic Party.

THE FACTS: The Klan first emerged after the Civil War in an effort to intimidate Southern blacks to stay out of politics and to exploit their labor. It was created in Pulaski, Tennessee, by Confederate veterans.

I did not vote for the party associated with Nazis and the Alt-Right.

“In at least five state and national races across the country, the Republican Party is dealing with an uncomfortable problem. Their party’s candidates are either a card-carrying Nazi, a Holocaust denier, a proud white supremacist, or all of the above.”

I did not vote for the party who’s President announced that “there are good people” among Nazis.

“President Trump defended the white nationalists who protested in Charlottesville on Tuesday, saying they included ‘some very fine people,’ while expressing sympathy for their demonstration against the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. “

I did not vote for the party where the president’s inner circle is in jail or indicted.

My advice to Russian immigrants

Be informed, not misinformed.

Stop reading, listening to Russian propaganda.

Understand Democracy and how it’s supposed to work in America.

Read the American Constitution and all amendments to it.

Democracy is messy and many times we hear opinions we don’t like. But that’s what makes us strong – continuous debate, a multitude of opinions, our diversity.

America is a country of immigrants, that’s what makes it exceptional and I will do all I can to keep it that way.


And that is why it is so sad, so disturbing and disheartening to witness our current administration and it’s inhumane, mean-spirited and hateful anti-immigration rhetoric and policies.

Our Democracy is under attack.

We have lived in America for forty years. Our children, our grandchildren are first and second generation Americans. And what was strange and uncomfortable for us, new immigrants, is now a norm. We see people from all over the world anywhere we go. At work, in the gym, in the store. Our kids have friends who’s parents came from India, China, Korea and many other countries. And this is America. And I like it this way. I love to go to different ethnic restaurants, food stores and learn about ethnic food. To me, to our family this is just great.

And that is why it is so sad, so disturbing and disheartening to witness our current administration and it’s inhumane, mean-spirited and hateful anti-immigration rhetoric and policies.

On south border
Families detained at the border.

It is damaging to our Democracy, American economy, American leadership in the world. Trump’s hateful words, short sited policies are poisoning our society, destabilizing American institutions and are tearing the country apart.


Immigration, in my opinion, is the most troubling and the most important issue for our country. But especially crucial during the Trump administration. Starting with the undeniable fact that America is a country of immigrants. Here is a sample chart:

I will not go too deep into history because of constraints of time and space but below are a couple of US anti-immigration policies of the past. Here is a list of some people the US did not want in America:






Now it is almost everybody except Europeans (maybe).

To be sure I am not advocating unrestricted entrance for everybody who is trying to come to America. We do need strong borders and customs. People need to be vetted in order to get permission.

Anti-immigration attitudes in America are as old as the country.

“By 1924, the United States had constructed a web of legislation that effectively barred any Asian immigration. It would stay in place until World War II, when the United States was shamed into dismantling the ban by its ally, China. Still, Trump and his advisers look to the time when the United States locked its doors to immigration as a golden era. No wonder his rhetoric sounds so familiar.”

The adverse effects of anti-immigration policies of the Trump administration.

World opinion about America as a “shining city on the hill”, a great friendly Democracy. It is changing. No more “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.

Draconian anti -immigration policies destroying America from within. Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric energized all sorts of hate groups. On the right and, as counter, on the left.

Extreme shortage of skilled labor.The skills gap is widening, unemployment in the U.S. is at its lowest rate since 2000, and nearly 60% of employers struggle to fill job vacancies within 12 weeks. But if you think it’s tough to find great talent now, new research from the Korn Ferry Institutesuggests that things are only going to get worse.

Knowledge-intensive industries like financial services will be some of the hardest hit. These industries require a high volume of skilled workers—and as demand outpaces supply, competition for qualified candidates will soar. This is especially true in countries where unemployment is low, since employed workers have much less incentive to retrain, re-skill, or enter a new field.

Falling immigration causes companies to move abroad.Microsoft does not want to move jobs out of the United States but certain decisions out of Washington could potentially force its hands, the company’s President and Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith, warned. From a report: The Trump Administration’s tough stance on immigration has attracted a lot of criticism from big technology firms, which rely heavily on skilled foreign workers from around the world. Smith previously spoke out against efforts to stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — an Obama-era policy that provides legal protection for young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Microsoft has advocated the protection of DACA and more broadly supported immigration as a way to make sure U.S. companies are hiring talented people. “We do worry about a couple of the very specific immigration questions that people appear to be debating in Washington,” Smith told CNBC’s Akiko Fujita in an interview on Wednesday.

Competition for skilled employees will intensify. And the US was in a great position because people wanted to come here from all over the world to live and to work. And what do we do? The Trump administration is trying to discourage graduating students to remain here, and pushing away skilled people with it’s anti-immigration policies.

Because of concerns about high skilled people, some high tech companies are considering moving some of their operations abroad.

Farmers are suffering because of a shortage of farm workers.

A S maller number of low skilled workers come to the US creating labor shortages for farmers.

“The American Farm Bureau Federation projects $5 billion to $9 billion in annual produce-industry losses because of the labor shortages, which have become commonplace for farmers such as Torrey, who said there were 10 applicants for every job five years ago.”

Foreign students . Since Trump became president foreign students are having difficulties staying and working in US due to more hurdles created by the Trump administration that is trying to encourage companies to hire Americans. The problem is that there is a severe shortage of qualified people to fill positions in knowledge-based sectors like finance, computer science, programming and engineering.

Smaller number of high skilled immigrants coming to US.

“Many talented foreign students come to the U.S. to study and hope to stay for work. But they are leaving the country in droves after earning their degrees, deploying their knowledge and skills outside of America. The U.S. immigration system does not retain this talent effectively, and recent decisions have made the system worse.”

“Following the Trump administration’s executive order last spring encouraging employers to “hire American,” the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has requested further information from a rising number of H-1B applicants, lengthening their time of uncertainty as they wait for word about whether they can stay and work in the U.S. This includes international students like Huang, the UVA grad hoping to start her new job. There is no data available to show if this is happening more frequently to international students than it was under the prior administration.”

So here is an interesting contradiction in current administration policies.

On the one hand it started a trade war with China trying to stop it from stealing intellectual property from the US.

On the other hand the Trump administration created hostile policies discouraging graduate students from staying and working here. So we are teaching the best and the brightest in American universities and than Trump kicks them out to go and work for our competitors like China.

Does it makes any sense?

I sincerely hope that this situation is a temporary setback, that our democracy is strong and resilient and will survive.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Let’s be strong my friends.

One Extreme does not Make Another Extreme good.

Sometimes some of my friends counter my concerns about rising extremism from the right with the argument: “How about ultra liberals?” The extremists on the left? How about the BDS movement on university campuses? And these crazies with political correctness idiocy? And where is our freedom of speech?

What I do not understand is the argument of “just look at the left! They are just as bad!” It is like blaming a kid for doing something stupid and the kid points to the other kid and says, “He is doing it too!” In the corner! Both of you! One bad does not make another good!

So my short answer to my opponents is yes! They both are bad! We have to deal with extremism on both ends! But a clear and present danger today comes from the right.

One extreme creates the other. Below is a quote on the subject.

… since December 2015, he’s documented nearly two-dozen episodes in California where political events turned violent because of agitation on both sides, something he says he hardly ever saw before. Now, there are violent clashes on college campuses involving groups like Antifa, the anti-fascist group, taking on the alt-right; and aggressive anti-Trump rallies attended by membersof the Redneck Revolt, a new pro-minority, anti-supremacist group that encourages its members to train with rifles. Online, hard leftists increasingly discuss politics in dire terms, and rationalize violence as a necessity— even the true inheritor of traditional progressive activism. (Or, in the case of the “Punch a Nazi” meme, a fun game.)

No, I do not accept political correctness and I do not support the hateful and unjust BDS movement! Any extreme is prone to trample on our constitutional freedoms – freedom of expression, a free and independent press, freedom of assembly, an independent judiciary. We all know examples of the extreme left coming to power: Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Cuba, N. Korea and recently Venezuela.

And the far right? Currently they scare me much more than the left…Nazis, KKK, Ult-right and other white supremacists. Their goal? Genocide! Extermination of all “inferior” races. Jews, blacks, brown and so on. Physical extermination!

Here are more quotes: “If you had to Google Left wing violence, you’ve already lost the argument. No one and I mean no one really has to Google Right Wing violence because most of us can NAME two to three or TEN instances off the tops of our heads. This has nothing to do with the “Media” for those of you that want to use that excuse. This has to do with the extreme brutality, cruelty, and sheer terror of the crimes these Right wing extremists committed. “

“Terrorists inspired by Nationalist and Right Wing ideology have killed about 10 times as many people as Left Wing terrorists since 1992. Terrorists with unknown or other motivations were the least deadly. “

Many Americans support Trump because they are scared. Afraid of immigrants, afraid of LGBT. New technology threatens their livelihood. But white people don’t seem to realize that eventually the far right will come for them too.

“The real threat of violence comes from the right. The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism reports that right-wingers and white supremacists were responsible for 74 percent of the murders committed by political extremists in the United States over the past decade. Only 2 percent were committed by left-wing radicals. Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, has calculated that “terrorists inspired by Nationalist and Right Wing ideology have killed about 10 times as many people as Left Wing terrorists since 1992.”

Fascism in America
Pro-Trump Nazis.

Of course today’s statistic does not mean that we can ignore the far left extremism. We know that unopposed it leads to red terror. And by red I mean communism, not the GOP.

Again here are reasons to be aware of danger from both sides! So the argument “how about them?” does not fly in my opinion.

So what do we do?

Who do we vote for? Who is better at fighting hate in America? And I am not talking about the current president who, in my opinion, has greatly contributed to this wave of hate, especially on the right.

I am talking about our political parties now…Republicans and Democrats. As I stated before currently far right hate groups are far more dangerous than far left, especially considering the 2018 midterm results when Democratic Socialists did poorly.

A little more about the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

..the end goal is, (for DSA) ultimately, like social control of the means of production,” said Joe Cernelli, a founding member of that West Virginia DSA chapter. “You know we don’t just want to improve capitalism, we will ultimately want to get rid of it.”

I do not support this party. It reminds me too much of my old country – USSR. Fortunately, “Far-left candidates did poorly in the Democratic primaries. The vast majority of democratic socialists lost to candidates approved by the party”

So although I consider myself an independent, today I am supporting Democrats, not Democratic Socialists – Democrats.

And what are the root causes of these extremes? Now let’s try to get to the root of the problem. Why is the country so polarized? Why this divide, this polarization, why is the extreme on both ends growing?

There are several reasons in my opinion and according to research: Demographic reasons. White people are becoming a minority due to low birth rate and the majority of immigrants now are from Asia, Africa and Latin America. This trend in turn is tied to wars, climate change and the explosion of global migration as a result.

Technology – automation, resulting in many jobs becoming obsolete and a portion of the population being squeezed out of the labor force, threatening their way if life. One robot at the automobile line substitutes six workers.

Trump rhetoric and his election as President. San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón slammed President Trump after the release of Tuesday’s report, directly blaming his actions and words for the worsening climate (hate crimes) documented in the federal report. Trump has repeatedly denied such accusations.

Widening income disparity in America, but not only in America.

“We may not want to believe it, but the United States is now the most unequal of all Western nations. To make matters worse, America has considerably less social mobility than Canada and Europe.”

Currently, the richest 1% hold about 38% of all privately held wealth in the United States. while the bottom 90% hold 73.2% of all debt. According to The New York Times, the richest 1 percent in the United States now own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent.

Capitalism is losing it’s popularity among young generations.

The anti-Communist organization, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, was alarmed to find in a recent survey that 44 percent of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist country, compared with 42 percent who want to live under capitalism. For older Americans, the collapse of Communism made it seem as though there was no possible alternative to capitalism. But given the increasingly oligarchic nature of our economy and influence of money on politics, it’s not surprising that for many young people, capitalism looks like the god that failed.

Uncontrolled, unregulated capitalism leads to extremes, to unstable society and extreme governments – Venezuela, Nicaragua, Russia, Problems in Europe, or the election of populists like in Poland, Hungary, Brazil and yes, in the United States.

The same people that are accusing Democrats of trying to install socialism in America by trying to control capitalism, reducing giant and increasing wealth gap between top 1% and the rest of population and improving social programs, in reality these people are contributing to social unrest and the rise of extremists on both sides – left and right.

So what can and should be done to prevent major social upheaval in America?

Education. There should be education about experiments with socialism, the history of countries like Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba. History of what started WWII, why the Nazis came to power in Germany. What is a Democracy and what does it take to preserve a Democracy. The Constitution of the United States. The balance of power between the major parties. How checks and balances are supposed to preserve our rights, our democracy. It is very dangerous when one party controls all three branches of Government.

Law enforcement.

America is a country of Law. The law enforcement agencies should not be politicized. Unfortunately president Trump is politicizing these institutions and undermining the reputation of these institutions.

In conclusion, I want to stress the thought I started with: all extremes are bad, all extremes are symptoms of problems in our society, extremes cannot be ignored or excused.

The worst extreme of today is Trump and his party in Congress. So please be informed, read, listen to, view different media outlets, learn. And please vote. It is our duty, our obligation to participate in our democracy. To preserve it for the next generations.

Antisemitism and Trump “ Partisans asked: Isn’t Mr. Trump an ardent supporter of Israel who moved the US embassy to Jerusalem? Hasn’t he condemned this heinous crime? Doesn’t he have Jewish grandchildren? All that is true. But Mr. Trump has also engaged in constant, vociferous attacks on minorities, immigrants and critics; he has given credence to fringe conspiracy theories and retweeted internet posts that are directly linked to antisemitic groups; he had to be dragged into disavowing the support of KKK leader David Duke; he tweeted an image of a Star of David over a pile of money; and he has described neo-Nazis who march chanting “Jews will not replace us” as “very fine people.” The Pittsburgh shooter, though critical of Trump for not having gone far enough, was clearly motivated by his attacks on immigrants.