Daily Wisdom

Antisemitism and dual loyalty.

Some American Jews are being accused of dual loyalty.

And what is interesting is Russian Jewish immigrants whose only reason for deciding on the Presidential candidate is his/her treatment of Israel consider themselves American patriots.

At the same time a real hero, military man Alexander Vindman is being accused of dual loyalty by some trump supporters.


Dear Americans, Take the Fear out of Health Care.

If anyone thinks President Obama hasn’t done anything for America, let them look at my bills and the copies of the health insurance payments that Blue Cross will pay. Our out of pocket costs will probably run under $200 for co-pays.

My son is recovering from right hip surgery and will undergo left hip surgery in 6 weeks.  He is 40 years of age.  Both hip problems are due to a congenital malformation, unnoticed and asymptomatic at birth.  He walked fine until one year ago when he developed pain in both hips.  There was no trauma to his body nor is this a sports’ injury.  They are both pre-existing conditions.  Both surgeries will be covered by insurance but, had not President Obama demanded that “pre-existing” conditions not be a loophole for insurance companies to get out of paying for health care, both surgeries would have not been covered! Continue reading “Dear Americans, Take the Fear out of Health Care.”