Are we a country whose democracy is active, or are we at a point where our democracy is approaching a state of inaction?

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Trump presidency

American democracy

Country that elected Trump is not fit for Democracy.


Unanswered Love Bites

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From horse's mouth

From horse's mouth

No action will be taken against the tiger that bit the woman who tried to pet it.

The police said Ms. Eide appeared to be drunk or under the influence of drugs. They said she was taken to the Creighton University Medical Center, where she was aggressive toward the staff who later called the police. Ms. Eide was cited for criminal trespassing.”

Just in case you had any doubt, if you pet a tiger you will most likely get bitten.” said Omaha police department.

Holy crap! It would never have crossed my mind that if you try to be friendly with a tiger it will bite you. It is so unfriendly and cruel for a wild animal in a cage to bite a friendly (but drunk) hand that is trying to pet you. So uncivilized. The poor woman broke into the Omaha Zoo just to become friends with a tiger. She just felt lonely and full of love.(and alcohol). And what is a better way to show and spread love than to break into the zoo at night and hug a tiger?

And what is even more appalling is that the mean and inconsiderate animal, the tiger, goes unpunished!

And I would like to ask this brute, the tiger:  Is that how you treat a woman? Have you no manners? Even if she was drunk. What were you thinking? That she would bite you? What a pussy!

And the poor woman ended up in a hospital and was so distressed and disappointed in the tiger that she started to abuse the hospital stuff. And it is all your fault, you uncivilized brute!

So, here is my thinking. If this poor woman had stuck her head in the cage instead of her hand, would the tiger have been more understanding? And, if not, this drunken, drugged bitch would have had no need to go to a hospital without her head.


Google to the rescue.

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Our heads are getting bigger while our brains are shrinking.

Inept Iraqi army

Daily Wisdom

Did the 20th century make us big-headed? Maybe so, since forensic anthropologists at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville found that white Americans' heads are getting bigger and size, that is.

The researchers studied about 1,500 skulls that dated from the mid-1800s through the 1980s. They noticed that the skulls gradually became larger, taller and narrower. As a result, faces have become longer

Humans' brains is shrinking

Filled with hot air?

While the human brain is shrinking.

A new study has confirmed what scientists have long believed to be the case – the human brain is shrinking.  For more than 7 million years the hominid brain has grown increasingly bigger, almost tripling in size.  But for the last 10,000 years, the human brain has been shrinking at an alarming rate and no one really knows why. New research has attempted to answer this question by examining size changes in specific regions of the brain. - See more at:

More than 4,000 years ago, great civilizations existed around the world and the ancient

Technology makes us dumber.

Why do we need brains if we have "smart" phones?

inhabitants built incredible buildings and cities with great precision and beauty, often with astronomical alignments that we are only just beginning to realize. Nowadays, technology has taken over, rendering our need to apply skill, creativity and memory virtually redundant. Instead of memorizing navigational routes we switch on our ‘sat navs’ and rather than storing phone numbers and addresses in our memory banks, we have them all in hand on our iPhones and Blackberries.  Our technology is evolving rapidly, but sadly it seems that we are not.

So it seems that while our heads are getting bigger our brains are getting smaller. And why am I not surprised? And what fills the empty space in our heads? Marshmallows I think. Here are the facts: 20% of Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth

We do not need to think for ourselves anymore. Why bother? Just google it!

Smart phone use.

So why do we need brains?


D.O.J. Criminal Enterprise.

Posted by Horse

"Police Nabbing $5 Billion A Year From Legal Racketeering Called "Civil Forfeiture " -  See more at:

Criminal enterprise by police.

Daily Wisdom


To serve and protect

“Hey, here’s a great crime-fighting idea: Let’s give local police and prosecutors the authority to seize cash, cars, homes and other property from private citizens - without a court convicting those citizens of any crime. Without, in fact, even charging those citizens with any crime. Then let the authorities sell the goods and keep the proceeds for themselves.”

Takings: Few Americans are probably aware that law enforcement authorities are free to seize their property even when they've done nothing wrong. But it's a growing racket that needs to be shut down now.”

In recent years, policing for profit - which looks a lot like a criminal enterprise -has raked in the spoils. The Justice Department's forfeiture fund has gone from $94 million in 1986 to more than $1 billion today. State and local authorities also benefit richly, but it's hard to know to what extent, as not all report their 'profits'. We do know Philadelphia alone takes in about $6 million a year.”
Read More At Investor's Business Daily: 

So my friends please be safe and don't take money with you if you are on the road. Just in case you might be robbed or stopped by the police. If I would have to choose the lesser of two evils, I would prefer to be robbed. At least you can call 911!

Legally criminal

Legal bandits.


They know how to destroy, not to build.

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From the horse's mouth

Daily Wisdom

Looting by separatists

Brave Russian patriots

Russia instigated the violence

"Independent freedom fighters"

"Anarchy in Donetsk as security breaks down."

Putin demands that Ukraine stop the violence in the "Independent Donetsk Republic" and sends janitors to clean up after the Russian patriots. Because he, Putin, sent these brave patriots to fight for an interdependent New Russia, not to clean up the mess they created.  So, Ukraine, if you know what is good for, just start cleaning.


Coming of The Planet of the Apes.

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From the horse's mouth

Daily Wisdom

America the sick nation

Our priorities

Bad news, my fellow Americans.  As if Global warming and the Tea party weren't enough!
People are getting stupider.
"Man's brain has been gradually shrinking over the last 20,000 years, according to a new report.” 
The World Is Fat:  “Obesity Now Outweighs Hunger Worldwide”.
So if we put two and two together, here is the obvious conclusion:  while our brains are shrinking our tuches are getting bigger...the result of shifting priorities.  In the age of technological progress, most humans use their butts more than they use their brains.  The trend is especially pronounced in people with certain occupations:  We already knew that human brains shrink
Dumb politicians.

Planet of the apes.

GOP and the Tea party

The not-so-far future

as they age, but when we compared brains from today with brains from the 1930s, 1960s and 1990s, we noticed an alarming trend – human brains are shrinking.  ”People in the fields of politics, entertainment, blogging and the legal professions are experiencing even more shrinkage." 

So the brains of politicians, lawyers and entertainers are shrinking at an accelerated rate.  I am sure you all can find some other examples.
So my friends, if the trend continues, soon we'll be living on the planet of the apes.
Just great.Smart devices-stupid people

Twilight Dreams.

Posted by Nate

Dreams and reality A quiet peaceful evening.  We are walking slowly on the beach.  Late sunset, soft waves reflect the colored remnants of daylight.  Dark silhouettes of birds in the purple background of the low and tired sun.
Thoughts and dreams envelop me becoming one with this mysterious late dusk.
What was here in the past?  Thousand of years ago.  Was somebody walking on this beach just like we are now?  I am trying to feel, to see them.  How did they look?
In the twilight I see shades of the past, of the future.  Slowly floating, changing, mysteriously shifting shapes.  What was here a million years ago?  What does the future hold?  Will somebody walk here, watching the sunset, a million years from now?  Will people be here on this planet?  Some intelligent beings?
Maybe not people, some strange creatures that evolve from us, humans.
There are thoughts that past, present and future coexist.  That there is a multitude of realities.
Thoughts about past and future

Twilight dreams

My imagination unites the realities and I can see past the present and future in the changing shades and colors of twilight.  We are all walking on the beach watching the dying sun's last purple projection of clouds.  Who are they, these creatures?  What are their dreams, hopes, worries.  Do they think about us?
Sometimes at dusk when the world becomes surreal, filled with a soft ocean breeze and strange fleeting, changing colors, the reality changes as I am walking on the beach that is strangely the same and yet so alien, so different.
I am walking on the beach in a different time, in the past long gone.  Or maybe in the future.  Thousands of years from my time.  They don't see me, these beings walking beside me.
I do not want to separate dream and reality.  Their reality is real for them.  Do they feel us?  Think about other times?  Do they feel the mystery of the world?  Are they fascinated by it?
In Ray Bradbury's, “Martian Chronicles”, Human and Martian meet on Mars in a strange half dream, half reality.  Each in their own reality.  The Human and Martian cannot physically touch each other – they are just a shade, a mirage for each other.
The Human sees a dead planet with remnants of civilization long gone.  The Martian sees a vibrant and busy world at the height of his civilization.
And I wonder if millions of years from now our world, our dreams, our thoughts will still be here, somewhere in some form, a non-physical form, but in some other reality, real nevertheless.
Time and reality

Days of Past and Future

Have others, some intelligent beings, visited our world in the distant past?  Where did they come from?  What brought them here?  What secrets does Earth hold about epochs of another time?
Why are we here?  The oldest question.
Our lives are short.  Just one breath of the Universe and we, humans, have come and gone.
What great civilizations, what life was roaming the Universe millions, billions of years ago?  These questions, the mystery of existence in different times, other realities are fascinating to me.  What life will be millions, billions years from now after humanity is long gone?  And forgotten.  Forgotten by whom?

Martial Chronicles.

Mirage on Mars

Archeologists are finding old ruins, remnants of past cultures, civilizations vanished in the currents of time, a mirage now.  Scarce remnants of peoples who lived and loved and hated.  Their dreams, their struggles and aspirations are nothing but dust.  A thin layer of dust.
People whose reality, whose civilization was the most important in the universe.  Some were rich and powerful, some poor and powerless.  All that is left is just a layer of dust.
I wonder if, thousands of years from my time, archaeologists will find some artifacts in the dusty desert and will try to understand, to imagine what life was like in those long forgotten times.  And how the people of a long vanished civilization, us, lived and died.
Rich and powerful, poor and powerless, all equal.  Just a layer of dust in the desert.

Questions to Arizona.

Posted by Nate

Arizona anti gay law

Daily Wisdom


How do you see gay

Gay on the right!

Being a simple creature I am somewhat confused. If you are for religious freedom and don't want to serve gays, how do you identify them as gay people? Two guys walk into a bar. How do I know if they are gay? 
One guy walks into the bar. Now what? What if you, a freedom fighter, miss a single gay?
Everybody in Arizona knows that a single gay is even more dangerous for freedom-loving Arizonians. Because these sneaky gays, they are on the prowl looking for an innocent victim to convert him into "gayness".

Gays in Arizona.

Looks suspicious.

Do gays always come in pairs or do they come alone? 
Should you ask for their ID? Do gays have special IDs in the great state of Arizona? 
What if, God forbid, they don't have a gay ID? 
I did some research on the matter and you people, tell me please, if this is true:  you check their palms - please see the illustration.
Or if you see a guy in a dress walking into a bar? How do you prove that he is gay if there is no gay ID??
So from the horse's point of view this is a predicament.
Maybe the great state of Arizona should learn from the past experiences?  From the people who knew what they were doing?

Learn from the best - Arizona.

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