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The Last Leaf

Posted by Nate

Late fall

The last leaf

I am looking through the window

All is gray, wet and cold.

Droplets bombard the glass.

A black tree skeleton on the low heavy gray sky.

Air is mixed with water and dust and feels cold even from the inside

It makes my room feel warm and cozy.

Anticipation of winter in the air

Nature is ready for a long slumber.

Sleepy trees are shaking off their last yellow and brown leaves.

I noticed a single leaf

Still there, clinging to the black branch

Refusing to let go

The last leaf, it looked cold and lonely

The tree doesn't want it anymore

But for the leaf it is so hard to let go

It was born there

There is a desperate hope, an illusion

The last leaf

It does not want to die

It does not know - it is dead already

But the tree knows.

The spring will come again

It will wake up to a new bright sunshine

Sun will paint the sky blue

Eagerly anticipating summer

The tree will grow new leaves, a new beautiful coat

The last leaf does not know that it is dead already

It is holding on

It feels that the Universe will end if it let go.

The last leaf.

New leaves.

A gust of wind

The leaf falls now indistinguishable from others

Nobody noticed this drama except me

Life goes on

Nothing changed in the universe

There will be another stubborn leaf next fall

And I wonder about us humans.


Posted by Nate

Happy Holidays to all!   Let's celebrate life!


Ukrainians Decided they don’t want Putin as their Tsar.

Posted by Horse

From the horse's mouth

Daily Wisdom

Putin aspirations.

Russia stuck with another Tsar.


It seems that Ukrainians told Putin to go f%$k himself. Putin promised to share his experience. Ukraine declined.

Putin imperial aspirations.

My Greatness.


21st Century: The End of the Dinosaurs.

Posted by Nate

Corporate consolidation

An alternative to competition.

We all know this.  The feeding frenzy.  Corporate cannibalism.  Walmart, Monsanto, Comcast, Google.  All sectors of the economy:  automotive, retail, food, electrical power, communications, computers.  Gobbling up competition.  Swallowing it whole.
Corporations do not want competition.  They want domination.  We call them “multinationals” global reach, global influence, global logistics, global profits – that is the goal.
The consolidation process continues.  Corporations are swallowing each other, getting bigger.  Like dinosaurs.  Will these corporate giants have the same fate as the dinosaurs?  And just like after the dinosaurs, will the new era come?  New economy?  More versatile, more adaptable and efficient.
The purpose of this article is not to spread gloom and doom but rather to try and figure out the options we have to change our ways to save our civilization from extinction.
The more complex the society, the more difficult it is to solve problems and avoid catastrophe.  Sustainability advocates the need to take a fresh look at the challenges, if they are to plan effectively for real-world outcomes.
Vulnerabilities of centralized production and distribution systems.

Blue Hands

Posted by Nate

Inept Republican party

Daily Wisdom

The face of the GOP

The face of the GOP


After the State of the Union, you could recognize Republicans by their blue hands.  Why?  You try to sit on your hands for an hour!  On the other hand the GOP should have gotten used to it.  They have been sitting on their hands for over two years now.

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The Odd Couple

Posted by Nate

McCain and Graham fools

Tough guys. Sacrificing lives of others

“While many Iraqis are responsible for this strategic disaster, the administration cannot escape its share of the blame,” the senators said in a joint statement.  “When President Obama withdrew all U.S. forces … over the objections of our military leaders and commanders on the ground, many of us predicted that the vacuum would be filled by America's enemies and would emerge as a threat to U.S. national security interests.  Sadly, that reality is now clearer than ever.”

"The administration's narrative that Iraq's political leadership objected to U.S. forces remaining in Iraq after 2011 is patently false,” said McCain and Graham, military hawks with an active interest in Middle East affairs.  “We know firsthand that Iraq's main political blocs were supportive and that the administration rejected sound military advice and squandered the opportunity to conclude a security agreement with Iraq."

Sound Military advice?  Sound military advice?

For you, Mr. McCain and for you Mr. Graham, my advice would be to regain your long-term memory and also some thinking abilities and accept that you two are irresponsible chicken hawks.

Talking heads

War criminals responsible for countless death's and sectarian violence.

And it would serve you well to remember that you supported this unlawful invasion in a country that posed no threat to America. And, the two of you, considering your frequent advice to President Obama, should have known that invasion and destruction of the Iraqi society would lead to sectarian violence.

And now, after this totally unnecessary and criminal war caused mayhem and destruction in Iraq, with thousands of Americans dead or injured and a ruined economy, you have the nerve to blame President Obama for ending the war, ending the disastrous campaign that could not be sustained anymore?  Have you no shame?

Military advice?  Military's function and duty is to execute orders of the Commander In Chief, not to make policy.  It is your job, your duty, to conduct sound policy here and abroad.  And both of you have failed!

And it would be a sound policy for the two of you to shut up and go away...for the greater good of our country.


World Domination

Posted by Nate

Tea party wants world domination

Ted Cruz and John Boehner


Tea Party hack

Ted Cruz the Brain

Tea Party controls the GOP

Boehner the Pinky

Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are hellbent on World Domination and are ready to sacrifice the GOP, the country and the whole planet.  They intent to show these liberal inept humans who is the boss around here on this miserable planet.  And you - you little schmuck, Boehner, you can cry your eyes out in awe of Ted Cruz, the Brain and the Teabaggers' infinite brilliance.  Obamacare, Shmabama-care - who cares!  The Brain Cruz aims higher!

World domination!  Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  The Brain is here!



The End of American Exceptionalism.

Posted by Nate

Tea Party fools

We are refusing to accept Government health!

The Day of Reckoning is here!


Daily Wisdom


Tea Party Fools

Free but not Obamacare

The day that our most patriotic Americans feared is upon us. This day is an end of American exceptionalism and Freedom. Obamacare invaded the country and America provides health care for it's citizens...just like everybody else.

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