I am Not Sorry.

Ss my American experience advanced and I started to participate in political discussions I noticed a frightening and familiar trend, especially in the liberal part of the country.

Sometimes when I post on Facebook I don’t check the facts before posting. And I am sorry for not being more thorough and not spending more time checking the facts.

But I am not going to apologize for saying what I think, for not being politically correct.

It is very rare for me to say that I hate anything or anybody. But I do hate political correctness.

And it started not here but in my country of birth. The Soviet Union.

Over there we had to be very careful what we said and how we said it. There were words and expressions that were appropriate to use and otherwise. And otherwise was dangerous for your health.

And one of the reasons I am here is that I don’t have to think about every word I say anymore.

But as my American experience advanced and I started to participate in political discussions I noticed a frightening and familiar trend, especially in the liberal part of the country.

To me it is frightening and disgusting. These people are inventing their own language that is their correct way to speak. But that is another story. I have written about it in a previous article. http://democracyinactionblog.com/2015/08/18/political-correctness/

So I may have to disappoint some of the people that read my comments on Facebook and in my blog.

I stopped commenting on Facebook for a while because of the comments I was getting from my super liberal friends and conservatives. But later I came to the conclusion that I was wrong not to comment. I will not be quiet. I will do my best to check the facts but I will continue to express my opinions in the way I like and as my limited English vocabulary will allow.

Some of the people that I know are criticizing me for being “all over”. I guess in their opinion if I side with conservatives on one issue then I must side with conservatives on all issues. The same goes for my liberal friends. I am not sorry to disappoint both sides. Nobody is right or wrong all the time. So I may agree or disagree with a particular view without regard to the label assigned to the author.

Yes, and one more thing I hate…labeling people.

According to some you are either a conservative or a liberal. As if one has to think according to the label assigned. I will not volunteer for the bed of Procrustes.

I love to disappoint both sides. I am not a “Conservative”. I am not a “Liberal”. I have opinions on some subjects and I express these opinions without consulting Conservative or Liberal manuals.

And it is fine with me that sometimes I might agree with either side.

(Sorry for too many “I’s”)

Yes, Jewish struggle for survival is very important to me…much more important than to some American Jews because of my experiences.

And if some of my liberal friends think that if they would love Muslims, they (Muslims) would love them back, then my liberal friends grew up in a nice comfortable bubble with a silver spoon in their mouths. There is widespread Islamic terrorism. Islamic fundamentalism is a world-wide phenomenon and is a grave danger for Western civilization. So there, Mr. Obama and my liberal friends.

The invasion of Iraq was a crime against humanity. Bush (W) and Cheney are war criminals and should be in jail, my conservative friends. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, the Great Recession and the chaos in the Middle East, among other things.

Many blacks in our country are to blame for their violent and tragic situation…“Black Lives Matter”.

Yes. Just like white lives or Asian lives or any other life. But most blacks are killed by blacks. It is not all “black and white” of course, but liberals cannot blame it all on “white skin privilege”.

Gun madness in this country is the result of a devastating paranoia and it is a symptom of a sick society. And conservatives who blindly follow the NRA are either stupid or are paid by the NRA.

The antisemitic BDS movement in universities is largely based on ignorance and out-of-control liberals who would love to feel sorry for dead Jews or at least beaten-down Jews. And these liberal “intellectuals” disgust me and should be condemned for crimes against humanity. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/06/08/jerry-seinfeld-politically-correct-college-campuses

I think that current wealth concentration in very few hands is a danger to Democracy and is creating an unstable society. Do I want socialism in America? God forbid. I came from there. But I do want higher taxes for the very wealthy. I want an end to “Citizens United”.

So who wants to label me a “liberal”? Or a “conservative”? A bigot? A racist?

Sure! Be my guest! Did all of this make you angry?

Good! Thanks!

Now please, take your labels and shove it!

Hypocrites and Babies in the Shower

Sick society and false puritanism.

Political correctness madness
Why are hypocrites so loud?

Hypocrisy of closet child molesters.

Perez Hilton is certainly no stranger to controversy, but it seems as though even he couldn’t have predicted the amount of backlash that he would receive after revealing that he and his two-year-old son, Mario, sometimes share a shower together.

Commenting on the snap, some users wrote: “IS THIS A JOKE? THEY’RE BOTH NAKED?”, “Kinda creepy”, and “That’s just odd”, with one particularly nasty comment reading: ‘This is child abuse.’ ” http://news.yahoo.com/perez-hilton-under-fire-for-sharing-a-shower-with-104630320.html

I don’t know who this guy is and I don’t care. It seems like he and his son were having a good time.

In my not so humble opinion, only professional child molesters would think of this as something inappropriate…or very stupid “child protectors”. For the rest of the world, it would simply look cute and fun.

So my suggestion to these outraged puritanical hypocrites – check yourselves into a mental institution and confess the impure thoughts you are having while watching naked babies.

But, most importantly, just shut up and go away!

Political Correctness.

I find political correctness highly offensive partly because it reminds me of growing up in the Soviet Union where one had to be very careful about what he/she was saying.

“The two pillars of ‘political correctness’ are: a) willful ignorance b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth.”  George MacDonald quote

I find political correctness highly offensive partly because it reminds me of growing up in the Soviet Union where one had to be very careful about what he/she was saying.

I personally do not see any difference between militant liberals and communists in the free speech area. They both love to slap labels on you the moment they find something “incorrect” in what you said.

What is appalling is that some universities have become the center of political correctness and intolerance. Mixed with ignorance this becomes very dangerous and damaging to a free society. 

Being an engineer I have some issues with logic in politically correct definitions:

Preferred: person living at or below the poverty line, people experiencing poverty. Definition: “lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.” https://www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&site=&source=hp&q=definition+of+poor&oq=definition+of+poor&gs_l=hp.3..0l6j0i10j0l3.1963.8439.0.14616.….0…1c.1.64.hp..1.18.1456.0.MuIcFOetDns

Problematic/Outdated: poor person, poverty-stricken person. (So what politically correct nuts are doing is replacing the word with it’s dictionary definition).


Preferred: person of material wealth (isn’t it relative? And what exactly is “material” wealth?)

Problematic: rich (Why is that problematic? I wouldn’t mind being “rich”! I would not be offended at all)


Preferred: people of size (The size of what? Shoe size? Large size or small size?)

Problematic/Outdated: obese*, overweight people (you mean “fat”?)


Preferred: person who is blind/visually impaired (what exactly is the difference between “blind person” and “person who is blind?!)

Problematic: blind person, “dumb”


Preferred: person who is deaf or hard-of-hearing (same as above!!)

Problematic: deaf person, Deaf-and-Dumb, Deaf-Mute


Preferred: U.S. citizen or Resident of the U.S. (and why is the politically correct definition always longer?!)

Problematic: American.

Note: North Americans often use “American” which usually, depending on the context, fails to recognize South America. (No it does not! This is United States of AMERICA, you morons! People in Brazil call themselves “Brazilians” and people in Argentina call themselves “Argentinians” and so on.)


Preferred: North American or South American. (It seems your definitions are for idiots (sorry “logically challenged”) who are not capable of figuring out the context unless it is spelled out)

Problematic: American: assumes the U.S. is the only country inside these two continents.


Preferred: use the specific name of the country on the continent; Africa; e.g., Egypt, Ethiopia. (Oh yeah?! You tell me how many Americans – sorry – “US citizens”- can find AFRICA on the map?! And you want them to find Ethiopia?!)

Problematic: Africa, which is a continent of many countries. (But “African-American” is not problematic? You just stated that “American” is problematic and “African” is problematic! But “African-American” is OK?)


Preferred: White people, European-American individuals. (OK. Then can I call “African-Americans” “black people”? Also don’t we insult black Europeans by assuming that ALL Europeans are white??!)

Problematic: Caucasian people


Preferred: International people (International means local people also. Too long again)

Problematic: Foreigners (And why is that problematic?)


Preferred: Sexual Orientation, Sexual Identity

Problematic: Sexual Preference. (Oh yes! Is it politically correct for “vegetarian” to be “vegetable-oriented”?)


Preferred: Children who are gender non-conforming, Children who are gender variant

Problematic/Outdated: Girlie or Tomboy. And where is the exact description of what is conforming to girls’ behavior and what is conforming to boys’ behavior? Each new generation behaves differently and dresses differently. Jeans for girls were unthinkable a couple of generations agohttp://www.mediaite.com/online/universitys-bias-free-language-guide-is-a-cornucopia-of-inoffensiveness/

In today’s society we are so afraid to be insensitive, afraid to “hurt somebody’s feelings”, to offend a super-sensitive person that the  self appointed speech police are now attempting to control not just what we say and how we say it, but what we think. It seems according to this politically correct Gestapo, we folks (or should I say Y’all) will crumble and fall into a depression at the sound of a “problematic” word.

I suggest that all of the above be described with one word: IDIOCRACY.

Pigs, Sausages and Silliness.

Do not mention the dread words “bacon” or “pork,” for you may offend “you know who!” https://pubsecrets.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/do-not-mention-the-dread-words-bacon-or-pork-for-you-may-offend-you-know-who/

Cowardliness of Oxford Publishing
We mean no harm

A letter sent from the Oxford University Press (OUP) to an author warning not to include “pigs plus sausages, or anything else which could be perceived as “pork” in their book.
The move meant not to “offend” Muslims comes after British Sky News refused to show Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover that features Mohammed, in a surprising act of censorship that comes as world media has in general rallied to support freedom of speech after the attack.” http://virtualjerusalem.com/culture.php?Itemid=15672

They don’t like me anymore 🙁

A letter from the Three Little Pigs to the Oxford Press.

We, the Pigs, are offended that the publisher banned us from their publications. We the Pigs are outraged at being discriminated against by the Oxford University Press

We sacrifice ourselves and are made into sausages for the benefit and well-being of the fine members of the Oxford publishing community who love to consume our brothers and sisters, especially in the form of sausages.

So it is totally unfair to ban us Pigs, loyal and peaceful citizens, from this enlightened publishing house especially considering that we, the pigs, do not threaten anybody and never seduced innocent Muslims or Jews. Nor are we planning to do so considering that we, the Pigs, have plenty of fans ready to enjoy our company and our sausages.

Oxford silliness
Big Bad Wolf

Signed: Big Bad Wolf

Signed for the Three Little Pigs who are busy building their house.

Political correctness caught up with fairy tales.

“Besides “Frozen”, there’s “Brave”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — the list goes on. Why couldn’t the main characters in these films have been a panoply of diversity? The beauty and ease of diversity in fantasy is that it requires no explanation.

Relax people! Not everything is politically correct.

Political correctness in fairy tales.
From the horse’s mouth

On November 7, I stumbled on this article in the Tribune: “Why are fairy tales so white?” By Amina Lugman.

“Besides “Frozen”, there’s “Brave”, “How to Train Your Dragon”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” — the list goes on. Why couldn’t the main characters in these films have been a panoply of diversity? The beauty and ease of diversity in fantasy is that it requires no explanation. It’s fantasy, after all. Just as you don’t have to provide a metaphysical explanation for the existence of a talking snowman, neither would you need to explain why one sister in “Frozen” was Latina, the other white and their dead mother Asian…a fantasy world just is. The strength of the story is all that matters.

Well, Amina Lugman, if it really does not matter for kids who is black and who is white, why does that matter in your case?

“As a black parent, it saddens me that my son is faced with these tired racial confines. I also worry about his willingness to so readily accept the injustice of white cultural privilege. As an adult, I know things can be different. I know that somewhere there’s another adult sitting in a boardroom right now, deciding that the next big fantasy heroes, the next “Frozen” sisters will be white, as if it’s some set rule of the universe.” http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-frozen-harry-potter-fairy-tale-perspec-1110-jm-20141107-story.html

“Just The Facts”

  1. Disney would now have to make classic fairy tales politically correct and informative to children of the 21st century.
  2. Snow ‘White’ would have a hell of a time shacking up with the seven vertically-challenged men. Maybe Snow White could be played by Miley Cyrus, her pops are open-minded.
  3. Snow White would be liable to charge the prince with sexual assault for waking her from her beauty sleep, in a glass box at that, by kissing her.”

Read more:http://www.cracked.com/funny-4802-if-disney-remade-snow-white-and-other-disney-classics/#ixzz3J4H1xJno

Political correctness madness
How do I know if this story is fair to minorities?

So I think that the “Frozen” characters should be changed according to politically correct standards.

The King is a gay and the Queen is a lesbian. They adopted two daughters. Anna is a black transgender and Elsa is an Asian paraplegic.

Kristoff is an environmentalist, deaf mute and communicates with his reindeer, Sven, using sign language.

Sven grew up in an abusive family and is on an endangered species list.

Hans, instead of the “Prince”, should be a community organizer that fights local oil drilling.

And snowman, Olaf, is a white straight guy whose nose is an organic, locally-grown carrot.

According to Mrs. Lugman the racial representation in fairy tales should reflect the actual population in the country where it is written.

So the brothers Grimm tales are not acceptable anymore considering today’s racial diversity in Germany; and in the US because American kids are reading these tales. Where are African Germans? Asian Germans? How about sexual orientation?

Have you read about any Muslims characters in these fairy tales?

Oh..my apologies! In the “Arabian nights” they are all Arabs! Even the genie is an Arab! My wild guess is because the tales were written by Arabs in an Arab country.

I would like to ask the author of the Tribune article to do research to determine if all fairy tales are reflecting all diversity in the world. And please don’t forget Native Americans and gender neutral people.

And on more suggestion to Mrs. Lugman: Why don’t you write politically-correct fairy tales? Lead by example so to speak? You are a writer, Mrs. Lugman. Why don’t you write a story with all the diversity you can imagine? After all it will be a fairy tale. Kids wouldn’t be asking questions like why are there two mommies? And where is daddy? And of course the children would take it as a given that in your story these mommies have black and Asian and maybe even white kids.

While I was writing this, a disturbing thought crossed my mind. I am Jewish. I remembered all these fairy tales like “Frozen” and “How to Train Your Dragon” and I do not recall seeing any Jewish heroes. Not even a reindeer! No one wearing a kippah!

Would kids be questioning if Kristoff or even Olaf wears a yarmulke? After all it is not any stranger than a black or Asian Norwegian princess.